Does Fat Magnet Really Work?

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Does Fat Magnet really work?If you’re considering Fat Magnet you are most likely wondering if it can do what it says and allow you to basically eat what you want and still lose fat. A magical diet pill like this is definitely in demand and there will be countless companies that try to bring it to market. As a consumer, you don’t have to worry about missing out if this pill ever gets invented, because the buzz around it will be too big to ignore.

It’s no surprise that fat loss pills exist, because there will always be a desperate person out there that is at their wit’s end trying to lose weight, and having had no success in the past. The urge to lose fat will overcome these individuals, and they end up taking products that are potentially harmful, or they try to trick their body into losing weight fast.

The Claim
Fat Magnet is just one of many diet pills on the market that claims that it can stop the body from absorbing the fat in food, and therefore not having it stick around, making you fat.

One difference is that they claim to use a natural fiber in the supplement in order to whisk the fat through your body without it being absorbed and making you fat.

The Hype
Any pill that says you can eat whatever you want and still lose weight or lose fat is automatically going to receive its share of attention. The companies that create these products know this, so they are feverishly at work trying to create the perfect drug to accomplish this goal.

The Cost
You can pick up a bottle of Fat Magnet for around $23 and this gets you 60 tablets. If you’re following their suggested use, you’ll go through this in 10 days, making this quite an expensive way to lose weight. That’s $69 for a one-month supply.

The Commitment
Like any weight loss product you actually have to take it as directed if you plan on seeing any results, or getting the best results for your time and money. Fat Magnet requires you to take two pills 30 minutes prior to eating a meal so that it can be ready to carry the fat through your system.

You are expected to eat a healthy diet while taking the medication, but most people won’t do this because they want to eat the same foods they’re eating without getting fat. This is one problem that diet pill makers face, is that consumers will use the pills in a way that is not recommended and therefore will complain about the product not working or not giving the desired results.

Your body actually needs fat in order to function properly. It’s not eating fat that makes you fat, it’s not getting enough healthy foods into your system, not getting enough exercise, overeating of all types of food not just fat, soft drinks, alcohol, poor sleep, and a backed up digestive system.

By taking a pill that makes the fat in foods group together so they can’t be digested, you are robbing your body from the good qualities in the fats, and creating an unnatural condition in your digestive tract. If you eat a balanced diet, you won’t have to worry about fat being absorbed by your body. If you include enough fiber in the form of fresh fruits and vegetables, you’ll be able to easily pass the unused fat from your system, once your body has pulled all that it needs from it.

Many consumers have an unrealistic idea that it’s eating fat that makes them fat. That’s why you see so many products on the market that are fat free. There are even potato chips that use Olestra so that they can be fat free but taste like regular potato chips. If you read the warnings on these packages, you’ll see that they cause loose stools and other digestion problems. This is a clear sign that it is upsetting your system and is a very unnatural thing to do to yourself.

Even Alli, the popular weight loss system, is known to produce loose, liquidy stools. And still many people buy and use it because they want to lose weight. There has to be a line in the sand that you won’t cross on your pursuit to weight loss. It’s OK to want to lose weight, but not if you have to sacrifice your health or put yourself in danger to do so.

Final Fat Magnet Review

Those that use Fat Magnet may see a shift in their body weight, and even in the amount of fat that’s in their bodies, but it will only be short term benefits that are quickly lost once they stop taking the pills. Since the product is tampering with your body’s ability to digest food, it cannot be considered safe, even when taken for a short amount of time.

Additionally, the theory behind Fat Magnet is not sound, since it is not fat that makes you fat, and indeed your body needs good fats in order to be at its best.

There are no shortcuts for long-term fat and weight loss. You also don’t need to do anything drastic to achieve the results you want. Small changes in your lifestyle and a gradual increase in activity is the best way to get where you want to go.

Our Recommendation
Diet pills like Fat Magnet are never the best option for losing weight. Anything that alters the human body to the point of it not absorbing things like fat from the food you eat can’t be good for the system as a whole.

The other problem is sustainability. At some point you’re eventually going to have to ween yourself off of it, and what will you do then? Since it doesn’t promote eating healthy foods or changing your lifestyle, you’ll simply return to your former size and weight once you stop taking it. Hopefully you can’t see yourself taking this pill for the rest of your life, so don’t start.

Best Alternative to Fat Magnet: The Diet Solution Program

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What do you think? Does Fat Magnet work or not?

7 Customer Reviews on “Does Fat Magnet Really Work?

  1. My Good God! ‘FAT MAGNET”? Are they kidding? Wow. That’s just a horrible, horrible lie. There is no such thing as a fat magnet, people. If there were, there would be no fat people in the world, everyone would be lean because they would be given to people who have become obese and are at risk of heart disease. It’s like pills that supposedly make your penis bigger. It is complete fiction, created as a cynical and mercenary method of extracting money from a corrupt system. That’s all. Any weight loss is because the drug will induce your body to expel waste and water quicker than normal. Then your weight will go back to normal. This is a lie.

  2. I agree with Sally! I’ve just started the pills last night too. I have already lost nearly 1kg! But I have also incorporated short bouts of exercise (20 min in the morning and 20 min at night) everyday and started eating right…healthy low fat foods, I just needed something to give me a boost so I see a huge improvement and keep going with the diet even after I stop the pills! It’s hard to keep going with something when it is very slow.

  3. well ive just started using them i just wanna see what all the fuss is about .. can i really loose alot of weight in a short amount of time ?? well idk but i will give these pills a try and see if it does. even when you stop taking the pills.. theyres no need to go back to eating fatty foods. im gonna stick to my healthy living. NO MORE JUNK FOR ME 🙂

  4. This website is supposed to say whether or not a product works. Instead, this article has talked about the problems with weight-loss pills. While I agree with what’s said, it hasn’t actually answered the question.

    What is mentioned are the obstacles, but on a site called “does it really work”, one should assume that the question is whether or not the product works, not whether or not the people using the product are using the product correctly.

  5. Another bad review from me for Fat Magnet.
    The same as the comment above i started piling the weight back on when i stopped them.
    And yes, i had ‘toilet issues’ too!

    I’ll be taking my money and signing up to a gym to do it the proper way.

  6. I’ve tried these and they’re horrible!
    Without getting in to too much detail they have a similar affect to laxative!
    Whatever it is that stops you absorbing the fat also makes you go to the toilet pretty quickly too!

    As the article says, you will see a change in weight, but on temporarily.
    I started adding weight back on as soon as i stopped the pills 🙁

    Not worth it.

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