Does Smart Cart Really Work?

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Does the Smart Cart work?The Smart Cart is supposed to be something that you could use to tote around your groceries, or they say that you could use it to move your laundry as well. It’s supposed to make things easier by being on wheels, having a retractable handle, and folding down for easy storage. We were intrigued so we had to get this and try it out.

If you’re always on the lookout for products that can make your life a little easier, you might have considered something like this. It resembles a piece of roller luggage but is designed to be top loading so that you can easily put things into it and take them out. The thought is that you can use this while you grocery shop, and you’d eliminate the need to bag your groceries, or lug around heavy loads while you shop.

The Claim
The makers of the Smart Cart say that it can hold up to 110 pounds, yet weighs less than 3 pounds. They say there is a lot of convenience in the way that it collapses and stores away without taking up much room. The major draw to this would be to keep it in your trunk or the back part of your SUV and then use it for grocery shopping, or to get the groceries from the car to your home. They say it’s built to last, and is durable and waterproof so you can put it through the ringer and it will be fine.

The Hype
The hype comes from how much they say you’ll use this, and how much it’s able to hold. Maybe it can hold 110 pounds, but the size is so small you’d be hard pressed trying to find something dense enough to put in it to reach that weight limit.

The Cost
The Smart Cart is $24 on Amazon. You might think that the cost is justified because you won’t be using so many plastic bags, and this would be a good product to help reduce your carbon footprint. At least that is how they pitch it, even coming out with special Whole Foods branded carts. But after we tested this out, we found that it isn’t able to replace any bags, and still required us to use bags and carry our groceries the old way.

The Commitment
You’d really have to resolve yourself to remember to use this, but really, it doesn’t hold enough in it to make it a practical solution for anything. You’re not going to wheel this around the grocery store so you can hold all of 5 groceries. And if you tried using it for your laundry you’d have to make several trips.

The Smart Cart fails on the ease of use and practicality meter. There just aren’t enough common uses that the average person would find this useful for. The reason is that it doesn’t provide enough room to hold most of the things that you’d want it to. You definitely could fit a cart full of groceries in it. It can hold about what you can fit into a hand basket. And therefore it’s usually light enough that you wouldn’t need to have a cart on rollers to help you.

If they would have made the storage area bigger and let you store more in it, it would be good. For some people though this might be the answer they needed. If you are in walking distance to a grocery store and have been looking for a way to tote your daily groceries home, this might do it for you. However, we found that their claim of being well built and durable might be a bit flimsy. The handle is a bit wobbly on the model we tested, and seemed like it could bend or break at any moment.

Final Smart Cart Review

The Smart Cart would be a whole lot smarter if they made it so you could put more into it. They’ve got the right idea, or at least they’re barking up the right tree, they just didn’t execute well enough to make it a practical solution. Only under very specific circumstances would this work and be useful enough to put a smile on your face. Most of the time you’ll just be frustrated with it and wonder why you bought it.

Our Recommendation
Take a pass on this, unless you go shopping every day or every other day and are able to walk to the grocery store. Other than that you are better off buying the reusable bags they sell at most supermarkets so you don’t use so many plastic bags, and so you have something that is reliable and won’t break while you’re carrying your groceries the way plastic or paper bags can.

What do you think? Does Smart Cart work or not?

Customer Review on “Does Smart Cart Really Work?

  1. After watching your video review I have to agree with you that this one’s probably not the most ideal thing for shopping groceries unless you’re a single person. Another thing is if you’re a man you’d much rather just carry your grocery in a bag than to carry them in a cart like this. However, if you’re a woman living in the city and if you happen to be single, I think because it’s lightweight and because it can be folded, it could actually be of good use. It’s less than 30 bucks so I think I might give it a try.

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