Is Quit Nits Going To Put An End To Head Lice That Is So Annoying?

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Quit Nits For LiceOne of the common problems that many school kids end up with is lice. Most parents will attest that they have to deal with this problem at least once during the time their kids have been in school. The problem they are faced with is what do they use to get rid of. Some families have turned to Quit Nits but did it work for them.

 Making Beds In Your Heads

Head Lice and Nits

Wikipedia commons

Head lice can be a problem and Quit Nits promises a solution.  The insects suck the blood from your head and make your head very itchy.

Once these mangy parasites get into the hair they will start nesting. They will lay eggs and multiply. Transmission of lice can be through sharing hats, brushes, combs etc.

Hair Shaft

Different from dandruff which will flake off a hair strand the eggs from lice will basically stick to the hair strand. Pulling the strand right out is ideal but you cannot get every single one.

 Quit Nits To The Rescue!!

Quit Nits Directions

Quit Nits has been on the market for many years, coming in a few different ways to attack this problem! As children tend to be the most likely to contract these pesky gross parasites through school, daycare etc. and  as a result they can bring them home to a sibling, nursing or pregnant mother, this product DOES NOT use any pesticide or damaging chemicals.


This product is available at a manageable cost!  When the entire family has been infested the best bang for your buck is purchasing the kit at approximately $70.00 as opposed to the single use container.


Single Head Louse


When trying to control this issue it is most important to be quick and on top of the problem, as lice will multiply very quickly! No, lice is not going to give you a disease but just the thought of these bugs crawling through your hair should make you want to fix this irritating and easily spread problem.

Claims For Fixing This Problem

If you have the time the best route is to use the cream and leave this in your hair overnight.  Alternatively, you can apply to your dry hair and rinse out roughly 10 minutes later.  This will wash away nits and using a comb supplied after the treatment.

Other Means To Control Lice

  • vacuum regularly
  • disinfect and deep clean bedding every day
  • sanitize brush, combs, curlers, anything that is in contact with your head

 Essential oils

Essential Oils

Quit Nits Contains 4 Essential Oils

-Geranium oil and lavender oil. These fight off bacterial infections, are an anti-inflammatory, relieves itchiness and fragrant

-Eucalyptus Oil acts as a natural repellant and Sandalwood oil fights bacteria

Overall Assessment

  • Fast Solution
  • Effectiveness
  • No Chemicals
  • Smells Good



  • Lice is related to being dirty or of poor hygiene, lice like clean hair and can affect any person
  • Lice can fly, lice cannot fly they don’t have wings
  • Adult lice can survive on articles in the home but only for 2 days
  • Most people think heat from a hair dryer kills lice when in fact it does not kill lice but actually blows them into the air to spread to others
  • Head lice can be spread by pets, not true due to not the same environment and the same hair for them to live in

Head Lice Solutions Not To Use

  • Kerosine
  • Gasoline
  • Alcohol

These are toxic and flammable!

 How To Check For Head Lice

Head lice like warmth, so check behind your ears and the back of your neck to start.  Check for anything crawling or nits on the hair strand.

Sometimes what you think are nits, are NOT

  • Could Be Dead Or Empty Nits From A Previous Bout
  • Dandruff, Residue, Beads Of Dead Hair May May You Think That They Are nits

The Head Louse

Male Head Louse


A head louse is tan/gray, the female makes a sticky excretion that sticks the egg to the hair shaft.

Cycle Of Life

  • Egg hatches in 9 days
  • Nymph (an immature louse)
  • Adult after 9-12 days
  • Adults live for 3-4 weeks

When To See A Doctor

It is recommended that if your child’s head is infested with Lice you should check with your health care provider.

ACCORDING to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

  • Infestation with head lice (pediculus humanus capitis) is common in pre-school and elementary school
  • Head lice does not spread disease, secondary bacterial infection from scratching can happen with any lice infestation
  • An estimated 6-12 million infestations happen each year among kids 3-11
  • Some studies show that girls get head lice more than boys due to more frequent head to head contact
  • Head lice is less common in African-Americans than other races




Quit Nits has had some positive feedback from various sources.

Some have reported that Quit Nits is very effective and non-toxic, also applying essential oils for prevention is a good approach.

Quit Nits Spray Is a very good remedy for prevention as preventing lice is much easier that dealing with lice

Moms Of Babies12 of 14 moms agreed that Quit Nits kit was easy to use and all 14 moms were satisfied with this product and also commented about the “pleasant smell”

US FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION states that this product is safe and proves to have the potency for customers to get the best results with no ill effects.

 Feedback from the Quit Nit site includes comments such as:

Kirsten – Tried another product (Nix) with no success, decided on Quit Nits and was very pleased.  Couldn’t use a chemical product for 2 days decided to try Quit Nits which is all-natural no chemicals. We ended up pulling 18 bugs in one night, most dead.  I think your packaging should read in large letters that it kills lice and eggs right after the treatment.

Diane– This product works and smells great.

Suzette- An innovative and effective product.

Jules– Love the fact that no combing is required and has a nice fragrance.

Jeanette– After having re-occurring head lice on our children the products we used didn’t work and the creams stung their heads.  After using your product we had the best results.

Julie– I am a hairdresser, one of my daughters came from daycare with lice.  I bought your product and was very happy with the results.  I also use the preventative spray and we’ve had no lice to date.

Wendy– We have been fortunate enough to have had little experience with head lice, but just last week my 6-year-old boy picked them up we believe from our vacation.  When I read that this product actually suffocated the eggs, meaning a single application I was really impressed.  It is a great product to hit the market, I will definitely re-use if required.

Quite often it is thought that feedback that appears on an actual site may be biased. For Quit Nits their feedback on Amazon is fairly supportive. Out of 175 reviews, it has been given a four-star rating. This seems to back up the information that supports the product on the site.

An Alternative


It is always beneficial to have an alternative choice or at least one to compare to. In this case another option is Licefreee. This too has good feedback coming in on Amazon with a 4.5 star rating.








51 Customer Reviews on “Is Quit Nits Going To Put An End To Head Lice That Is So Annoying?

  1. I have had the same experience the product cost $24 and stated once only treatment, NO COMBING hallelujah (why does the product come with a comb I wondered?). I left the treatment in both children’s hair overnight and washed it out as per the boxes instructions the next morning. The nits and lice are all still very alive. I could have done the same with a cheap conditioner. very disappointed.

  2. My whole family used the Quitnits kit. We followed the directions carefully and used the spray followed by the shampoo. It was totally ineffective. My youngest child had just as many eggs and lice as before the day after treatment,as did I. I had washed absolutely everything in the house, only to find that we still had lice after the treatment and I had to start all over again. Have tried a different brand tonight in hopes that it will work better. Very disappointed in the Quitnits product. Washing young childrens hair is an absolute nightmare at any time. Having to wash it night after night using different products is just awful, not to mention the expense involved.

  3. Dont waste your money! I brought the combs which were ineffective on my young daughter’s hair. I asked for a refund and they tell me they dont do refunds! $14 wasted!

  4. Quit nits does work. I used it on my daughter with excellent results, wish it was around when I was a kid. The pesticide junk made my hair fall out. Simon is mistaken, don’t listen to him.

  5. Wow… this is the biggest load of rubbish ever. You will get the same result from using cheap hair conditioner with the instructions suggested by Quit Nits. Another false statement in this is in regards to vacuuming and other cleaning. Lice are a human parasite. They do not live off of humans for long at all. Stop spreading nonsense.

  6. This is an awesome product. I didnt have to sit my kids down and fight to comb out their hair after the product went on. We are finally lice FREE!!! I had tried everything from Rid, to LICE MD, to home products such as olive oil, vinegar, and so on and so on. I hope to prevent any reinfestation by using their prevention spray but if we do get another episode this school year. I will be in much brighter spirits knowing there is something that finally works!!!

  7. This stuff works VERY well. I’ve tried other products and did not have the results that this product delivers. I’m glad to have found it.

  8. Im trying it as we speak. Im 33, stay at home mom of a 7 mth old, no other children in the home & i have no clue where it came from! My husband keeps his hair shaved & doesnt have it. In fact, Id been trying to treat this intense itch for 4 wks w/expensive medicated shampoos. I had NO IDEA that it was lice until yesterday! So i tried the NIX yest & it killed a few but not all. Wish me luck! I feel like a madwoman!

  9. Quit Nits rocks!

    A few years ago my daughter picked up lice from somewhere, that’s the first time i used it.
    Last week my other daughter managed to get lice (probably from School) and again Quit Nits did the job fantastically.
    A couple of applications and no sign of lice any more.

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