Does Licefreee Really Work?

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Does Licefreee work?Licefree, often stylized as Licefreee!, is a series of products designed to get rid of head lice. They are billed as the top seller in the industry, so we had to check out if it’s worth all of the hoopla.

If you’ve been battling lice for some time now, or if this is your first foray into getting rid of it, you’re probably noticing that it’s not the easiest thing to do, and not all products live up to their claims. Between the products that flat out don’t work, and the ones that can be very harsh to the scalp, there is a strong need for a product that is both gentle yet effective.

The Claim
Licefreee claims that their products can finally put an end to your lice woes, and that it’s the best-selling brand of anti-lice products in America. They also say that it’s non-toxic, which is good for parents that don’t want to expose their children to pesticides that are contained in other products and solutions that are on the market.

The Hype
The hype comes from the cooties that are often associated with having lice. You don’t want your kid to suffer the trauma of being the one that had bugs crawling in their hair. It’s really tough to live down and is something that can stay with you for your entire school life. This creates a strong desire in parents to handle this as quickly as possible, and without causing any harm to their children. Also, if you get to this quickly you’ll have a better chance of stopping the spread to other parts of the home and other family members like brothers or sisters.

The Cost
The price of Licefreee varies depending on which kind of product you go with, but overall they’re reasonably priced with the average price coming in at around $10. When you compare the cost to other lice products you see that it is priced at about the same level, and maybe even a bit better. You also have to consider that it could save you from having to spend money on products that don’t work, and also from products that won’t work as quickly.

The Commitment
Some of these products are supposed to be used only a few times as needed, while others are meant to be used as a form of maintenance so that the lice doesn’t come back. Either way you go, you are using this as needed, and it does not require daily upkeep once you have gotten rid of the last louse as well as their eggs. Sticking with it long enough to get results is essential, as sometimes it takes perseverance to get to the finish line.

Starting with the shampoo you start to attack the problem right at the source. There’s also a comb you can use to filter out the lice from the hair follicles. We suggest using a combination of their products for the best results, especially if you’ve been having an exceptionally tough time getting rid of them.

We’ve looked at a lot of products that are aimed at killing off lice and their eggs. What we’ve noticed is that the best ones are those that combine a safe cure with fast results. This is really the best of both worlds and we’ve only seen it a few times before. It’s a matter of trying out different highly rated products until you find one that does the trick. In this case we’re saying that the Licefreee! line-up is worth your consideration, and worth a trial run.

They have a rather extensive answer section for their products, so if you’re having any concerns with how to use it, or what it contains, like gluten for example, you can find out the info you need and know exactly how to use it and how it’s working. You’ll also know what not to do, which is sometimes just as helpful as knowing what to do.

Final Licefreee Review

Licefreee is getting our Thumbs Up rating, as most of the feedback we’ve gathered on it has been positive, and there’s a high likelihood that it will work for you as described. You should peruse their different offerings to see which format would work best for you. They have sprays and combs and gels and each one is designed for different types of hair and different types of problems.

Our Recommendation
Getting rid of lice entails a comprehensive approach, and this includes using products just like these. Consider using a series of products until things return to normal. You’ll want to make sure that you eradicate them from the rest of your home, including sheets, pillowcases, couches, sofas, and chairs that are in common areas to prevent a recurrence, and to prevent them from spreading to other members of the house.

What do you think? Does Licefreee work or not?

260 Customer Reviews on “Does Licefreee Really Work?

  1. We had our first ever case of lice a couple of weeks ago. With having 3 kids, and my oldest being almost 12, I’m surprised we made it this long without someone getting it. Anyways, my 7 year old went next door to play with her friend without us being informed of their lice infestation which had apparently been going on for months. A couple of days later, my daughter asked if our dog had fleas. I told her no and immediately checked her head. As soon as I saw the first bug, I sent my husband out to get some sort of lice treatment. He came back with the Licefreee spray. I did as directed and saturated her scalp and all of her hair. As soon as I started combing through it, I found tons of dead bugs. I combed out 28 total. I left the spray in her hair to air dry as directed as well. I treated everyone in the house including my 2 year old as it says it is safe to use over 6 months. Luckily, no one else had any signs of the lice. I stripped my daughters room and washed everything in hot water. I have gone through her hair every day since and pulled out nits which are an inch from the scalp meaning they are dead. I haven’t seen any signs at all of any more lice since that day. I HIGHLY recommend this product! The spray smells just like black licorice which isn’t the most pleasant but it makes the hair so easy to comb through with absolutely no tangles. As a plus, the hair was still tangle free after several washings. I’m crossing my fingers, but it looks as though the spray worked after the first try at ending the cycle.

  2. My step daughters have had headlice for 6 YEARS thanks to their mother.
    I have done olive oil, vinager, diataneouse earth, lice shampoo, tea tree oil, and licefree spray. Nothing works on the nasty mutant lice

  3. I have to say, this product is amazing and a total lifesaver!!! I have dealt with lice over the years beginning back in the 1990’s and back then they still wrote prescriptions for something called Kwell, that was highly toxic and didn’t work anymore on the lice, since the lice had gotten resistant even back then! During one outbreak, my Dad was passing away and because we were only “weeks” into treatment and lice are so highly contagious, I wasn’t able to hug him and be physically close due to fear of passing lice to him in his chemo weakened condition! due to that, I have a especially strong reason to hate lice with a passion!!

    We tried ever single product out there and finally just started using homeopathic, Listerine (to kill the lice), white vinegar (to loosen the glue the nits are attached to the hair shaft with) and olive oil to aid in combing the hair, and would painstakingly comb for hours daily, also fumigating the house, vacuuming like crazy, changing sheets daily, putting sheets over sofas and chairs and washing/changing those each day and wearing shower caps until we were sure we had removed all possible residual lice and eggs. That was literally the only only only way to be sure you could get rid of a lice infestation without a re-occurrence!

    My Grandkids came over both with a a full blown case of lice infestation, and found out that Mom who is legally blind had had her Dad bring over “rid” the week before, (which they thought would work, “laugh”,) and had no idea that the kids were in a full blown reaccurance, since Rid of course did not work. At that point, we had all been massively exposed and I was so angry the this product
    Rid” is still allows to spread its false advertising. False claims like this are what causes lice infestations to continue out of control, because parent are falsely lurred into using a product that doesnt work. Then what happens is “Rid” gets to sell its crappy product that doesnt work, to even more unwitting parents since the name is so well known, they think that its the product to buy, thinking it will work. There should be a law about false representation especially when its helping to cause a health epidemic that it stands to profit off of hugely!!! I did some massive research to see if any new products had come out since my last bought with lice which was back in 2006 and ran across licefreee. Read all the reports, all the review (independent of the licefreee website of course, so I could get unbiased feedback) and went to “ I decided the data was looking good and we purchased the product in the spray form and treated the kids (and everyone else). Amazing results is all I can say and what a lifesaver!!! I wasn’t looking forward to weeks of daily combing, and guess what? After the first treatment, we combed the kids hair with a lice comb, found no live lice and the eggs/nits were disintegrating and obviously not viable! We went ahead and nit combed all the eggs just to be on the safe side but I think we have this problem beat on the first day of treatment. We are remaining cautiously optimistic, but I have never used a product that literally killed 100% of the live lice with one treatment! And its not toxic, and it smells like black licorice, which we love. There are literally no downsides that I can find right now! Thank you Thank you Thanks you! I would love to be your biggest advocate and want to take this to the streets and shout it off the highest rooftops so every parent is aware that there’s a real product out there to save you from weeks and months of anguish!!!!
    (oh, by the way they also have a maintenance shampoo, which the kids will start using and continue to use through the school year and these products are highly affordable so stock up my friends, there is no false advertising here, just results and happy kids and parents (and grandparents!!) =)

  4. The shampoo is just a preventative. You really do need to comb out the dead bugs and nits to prevent re-infestation. If you use the spray you need to spray it on dry hair until saturated and then let fully dry naturally. I’ve never hear of using Dawn as lice aren’t usually effected by soap at all.

  5. Eh I’m not a fan. Three days ago I found out I had lice. Then I checked my daughters hair and she also had it. I put dawn dish soap in our hair and wrapped it with bags. This did wonders on me. Didn’t kill every single one but when I pulled the towel out of my hair after drying there were TONS of dead bugs all over the towel. Then the next day I used this stuff. The gel and the shampoo. Nothing. Literally nothing. I stopped itching after I rinsed out the gel. But it didn’t last long. I still have them. I used the shampoo yesterday (because it recommends to use shampoo a day after using the gel) and still nothing. So now I’m here trying to look online to see if the shampoo is actually SUPPOSED to kill bugs or if it’s just supposed to “keep them away” lol. And I have sprayed and cleaned the entire house before and after using this stuff!

  6. Some people say you don’t have to be particular about combing out nits. Did you? My daughter has thick hair down to her butt.

  7. I have never wrote a review on any type of product, but really need to let the moms out there that this product works!!My daughter got lice from school. My youngest daughter shares a room which ment they both got it. The first time around I used Nix. I did nothing!! I went back to the store one week later for more lice treatment and saw this product. I got two bottles one for each girl. I saw a dead bug die and literally fall out!! This produts works wonders! I sprayed thier dry hair and yes I saturated it from scalp two tip, let it dry overnight then rinsed it out!!! So glad I bought this product!! Thank you so much

  8. This is the best product and smells like black licorice so not to bad. I mix it in my daughters hair strangler spray that she uses daily and it has worked for 2 years acting as a lice repellent. Elementary schools always has the lice epidemic but not in this house!!!!!

  9. Getting lice or finding it in your home is easily one of the worst nightmares I have ever had come true. They are difficult to kill, you have to wash every fabric in your home, and throw away every teddy bear much to your child’s chagrin. When something like this happens all you want is a save- your- day- Prince- Charming product. Licefreee! thankfully gets the job done in a timely, easy manner. The formula is non toxic, which is great, and the price is incredibly affordable. If you have lice in your home (God forbid!) then this product should do the job helping you get rid of it.

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