Does CLA Really Work?

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Does CLA really work?CLA is conjugated linoleic acid and is used as a supplement for weight loss. CLA is designed to decrease body fat while increasing lean muscle mass. It interferes with fat storage, uses any existing fat for energy, and increases lean muscle tissue.

This is not a quick fix diet supplement, it is more a healthy daily supplement that will reveal results within a couple of months, not days. So if you’re looking for a fast diet fix this is not for you.

The Claim
CLA is basically a modified Omega 6 Fatty Acid which decreases the risk of breast cancer, increases metabolism and promotes a healthy heart. CLA is known to decrease body fat and increase muscle growth, but did you know it also lowers cholesterol, lowers your insulin resistance and improves your immune system?

It is said that you need to take three grams every day for a minimum of six weeks before you start noticing any changes. The three grams should be broken into one gram per serving taken with every meal.

You will not lose weight fast. You need to bear in mind that any fat lost is replaced with lean muscle, which is actually heavier than the fat. This is why it’s suggested you try it for six weeks before you decide whether it’s working for you or not.

The Hype
The excitement about CLA is that it is a health supplement which adds the benefit of weight loss. Not everyone takes this supplement for weight loss alone. It offers so many benefits that it is best used as a health choice for the long term and the weight loss is an added bonus.

You will only notice changes regarding your weight if you take CLA every single day for a few months, you may notice some small changes within six weeks but you will not notice dramatic changes within a short period.

The Commitment
As with any diet or supplement you need to follow through and ensure you take it every day over a long period. The best way to ensure CLA will work for you is include it as part of your daily routine. It is a lifestyle choice to improve your health, and should not be seen only as a weight loss supplement.

If you are expecting quick weight loss, you will be disappointed if you use CLA. If you are overweight you run the risk of getting diabetes if you use CLA. There are a number of side effects which need to be taken into consideration before you commit to long-term usage.

There are many positive reviews regarding CLA. It’s difficult to ignore the few side effects which can occur. Not everyone achieves good results with this supplement and some people may experience rash or hives, nausea, diarrhea, heartburn, indigestion and fatigue.

Other people thrive on this medication, being able to take it as a health supplement incorporated into their busy lifestyles. It offers them decreased body fat and increased muscle growth while reducing the risk of breast cancer, increasing metabolism, and lowering cholesterol.

Does CLA Really Work?

CLA does work if you are patient and willing to commit to taking this supplement three times a day with meals for an extended period. People who suffer with being severely overweight may suffer from diabetes caused by the fact that CLA lowers your insulin resistance.

Also bear in mind that it lowers cholesterol, but it’s been noted that not all cholesterol is bad. Yet CLA will lower all cholesterol intake whether it’s good or bad. As long as you eat a healthy diet and do regular exercise, you should only benefit from a CLA supplement, which is being used by thousands of people worldwide on a regular basis.

Our Recommendation
If you are looking for an effective way to lose weight over a long term period, CLA is definitely the right choice for you. If you are willing to consider it as a health supplement and accept the weight loss and muscle growth as an added bonus, you will appreciate what it has to offer.

It is highly recommended for long term goals, where you are willing to lose weight over a long period, which also increases the possibility of keeping the weight off and not just becoming another yo-yo diet fad.

Picking the best CLA supplement can be tough, and some products are complete crap. Your best bet to finding a great CLA product is to check out the CLA reviews on Amazon.

What Do You Think? Does CLA Really Work?

115 Customer Reviews on “Does CLA Really Work?

  1. Purple k creatine and efx do not retain any water weight at all its buffered differently so it doesn’t I don’t know the science behind it but I am a woman and used both and still take efx and trust me my muscles are not water retention

  2. Pure creatine monohydrate does not necessarily make you bloated or hold water weight. It is when you have a creatine supplement that contains a lot of sugars that you see bloating and holding water subcutaneously. Creatine does force water into the muscle, so that is where your “water weight” is coming from.

  3. You should stop taking creatine, it makes you hold water weight. So, basically you are bloated 24/7. Also CLA’s area a scam like those late night miracle fat burners. It is just another vitamin that you do not need to take because you get it in your diet anyway if you eat a healthy well balanced diet. Do not take protein powder either you do not need that.

    -Dr. ?

  4. It worked for me…used only Tonalin but by different brands. It definitly does take a few months to notice but it does seem to have an affect on supporting lean muscle mass & reducing fat. It’s best used with an exercise program & good eating habits but I’ve seen results even without working out. I supplemented a GNC vitality multi vitamin, CLA (Tonalin) & whey protein + 3-4 days of exercise. I know it works because I got more dramatic results after I started using it & it allowed me to go straight through those classic “LAST FEW LBS” everybody talks about.

  5. Im gonna say no. After reading this fairy tail , one thing jumped out at me big time. “You need to bear in mind that any fat lost is replaced with lean muscle ” BULLSHIT !!! so not true, YOU CAN NOT TURN FAT INTO MUSCLE !!!, so there goes the trust factor out the door. You need to research and find out (depending on what your goals are ) how much you need to eat a day, vs how much cardio and weight training you do a day. Thats it period

  6. So I’m a male, 205 pounds, workout and do a bit of cardio 5 days a week. Problem is I have a bit of belly on me. I use protein powder and creatine now (once a day usually right before the gym), and also take multivitamins. Should I still be using this?

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