Does UnFaced Really Work?

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Does UnFaced really work?If you’ve ever wondered who’s been stalking your Facebook profile you may have been tempted to use UnFaced. It can drive a person crazy wondering who is looking at their pics, or checking out their status. If there were a way to see this, it would be enlightening, if not fun.

With so many people guilty of Facebook stalking it’s easy to want to know who’s been looking at your profile. It’s almost like reverse stalking someone. The whole premise of Facebook is that you can’t track who comes to your page, or people would think too much about it and no one would look at anyone else’s profile.

The Claim
While it may be easy to think that UnFaced lets you snoop on who is looking at your Facebook profile, it doesn’t really do that, nor does it really claim to. They say right on their main page that it lets you “kind of track” your profile views. This self-admittance is refreshing.

So although they lead you to believe that you’ll be able to track activity to your Facebook page, you don’t actually do that. They give you a special link to your profile page, that you yourself will have to promote, and then you can get a somewhat vague idea of who is actually interested in you.

The Hype
The hype is somewhat self-directed by the owners of UnFaced. They start off by asking the visitor if they’ve ever wondered who has been looking at their Facebook profile. This gets people thinking that the system will actually show them a graph of those that have looked at your main page or your photos.

The Cost
There is no cost involved in using UnFaced, other than your time, and letting them access your information. By making you sign up for an account they are trying to mirror the success that Facebook has achieved by signing up members. Some websites get their value by how many members they sign up, even though it’s free.

Other investors might find that there is value in buying UnFaced because they have thousands of free members. If you have a membership and they have your email address they can hound you with offers sent right to your inbox and they can’t be found guilty of spam because you voluntarily signed up. And while they may never reach the billion dollar status of Facebook, they may one day decide to cash out and make a small fortune with their member base.

The Commitment
There isn’t much commitment, other than signing up for a membership. You will have to publish your special link to your friends to see if anyone follows it and which features they look at. It won’t automatically tell you who is viewing your profile unless you promote the link and get people to click on it and interact with your profile.

One feature that seems interesting is that they will evaluate the compatibility of who stops by your profile to see if they’re a potential match as a mate or as a friend. This is something that Facebook doesn’t do, and often leaves you guessing as to whether or not you could be friends with someone.

It is not explained how or why someone is thought to be more or less compatible with you. You’d have to put a lot of trust and faith into how they’re system is designed, and which factors they consider when determining compatibility.

Does UnFaced Really Work?

Sure, it works, but not the way you may think it does. Unfaced is not a Facebook hack, and in fact it doesn’t have much to do with the official Facebook site itself, other than using the site to extract data and track visits through. It sets up a special frame which has your Facebook page nested in it and is therefore able to collect the data left by visitors to the page.

What it won’t do is track the raw data from visitors that organically come to your Facebook page. It will only look at those that responded to your link, and this will be a rather special subset indeed, and not representative of the general population.

Our Recommendation
As a novelty UnFaced can be a fun way to waste some time, but we wouldn’t recommend using any data collected as any sort of meaningful data. Nor would we recommend using the matching service as an indicator as to whether someone is compatible with you. Just have some fun with it and take it lightly. Don’t make any major life decisions around it.

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