Does the Smile Direct Club Really Work?

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Does the Smile Direct Club Work?One of the most important features that we possess is our smile. If we don’t feel confident with this, then it can create some big problems, especially with self-esteem. Another problem that comes with it is the cost to correct this problem — or choosing the right solution for the problem. An alternative that is available is the Smile Direct Club.

The Smile Direct Club is the latest solution for those who need to do something to improve their smile. Usually, the biggest complaint that arises with the teeth that are affecting the smile is they are crooked or unevenly spaced. In a conventional approach, one may rely on traditional braces to help correct the problem. But, what the Smile Direct Club offers is a much quicker solution that can be carried out at home without the expense that comes with traditional braces. Plus, it eliminates the inconvenience that comes with traditional braces.

The Claim
The Smile Direct Club is saying that your solution for achieving the perfect smile is going to take place in three easy steps. It will begin with taking an impression of your teeth. The next step is the alignment. Then the final step is purchasing the retainers and wearing them at night.

The Hype
The hype around the Smile Direct Club is at doing it at home version of dentistry that is provided through a teledentistry platform.

The Cost
Even though this a modern approach to teeth straightening the Smile Direct Club is not cheap. But, they do claim that the cost is about 60% less than what you would pay for traditional methods. There are two payment options. A simple pay of $2,350. Or a payment plan that is $300. Downpayment and $99. A month for 24 months. So totalling $2,676.

The Commitment
What doesn’t change between what the Smile Direct Club has to offer and conventional teeth straightening is the commitment. You have to commit to wearing the retainers each night as these are what is going to straighten your teeth. It takes time and patience while waiting for the results. But the Smile Direct Club will create a 3D image of your teeth to plan for the smile alignment. The treatment plan will be developed, and it usually spans a six month period.

The Smile Direct Club has some positive features to it. One of the big factors is the convenience. There is no need for monthly visits to the dentist. The cost, when compared to conventional teeth alignment treatments, is less. There are options for having the impression made which is the starting point. Participants can attend a smile shop and have the scan done there for the 3D rendering. Or, a kit can be sent to them so they can make an impression at home which the Smile Direct Club will use to make the retainers.

Final Smile Direct Club Review

We are prepared to give the Smile Direct Club a thumbs up for those who don’t want to be bothered going to the dentist every month. Or for those who don’t want to deal with conventional braces.

Our Recommendation
A good smile doesn’t only require straight teeth but needs to be comprised of nice white teeth. Here are some teeth whitening options to check out.

What do you think? Does the Smile Direct Club work or not?

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