Does the Snuggie Really Work?

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Does the Snuggie really work?If you’ve got a sense of humor or a friend that likes to embarrass you, you may own one of the most well-known products to date – the Snuggie. A blanket with sleeves, or, as many refer to it, a backwards bath robe, this product has taken a lot of flack for it’s ridiculous nature. But the Snuggie isn’t as silly as you may think it to be.

The Snuggie is one of those products that you just hate to love. Its everyone’s dirty little secret, shoved in our drawers so that no one knows that secretly we like to curl up in its warmth and read a book or watch movies. Despite its reputation, the Snuggie has to be one of the few products that is completely true to its marketing in the fact that it always provides comfort and ease in your snuggling habits.

The Claim
Snuggies are made to keep you, your children, and your dogs warm. Available in a variety of fabrics, colors, patterns, and sizes, the Snuggie claims to be the best way to keep warm because they allow arm mobility and the ease of being able to be worn while moving. Anyone for a billowing Snuggie robe as you walk? All joking aside, it does provide the ease it claims to provide with its convenient arm holes that give you added mobility while snuggling up on the couch.

The Hype
In all seriousness, Snuggies are great products, but the hype surrounding them seems to be a consensus of fear of looking ridiculous while wearing them. Parody commercials have been made and people have mocked the Snuggie for being unfashionable and simply awkward to wear. No one wants to be seen wearing one, and no one wants to outwardly ask for a Snuggie for the holidays no matter how badly they may want one.

The Cost
Snuggies may seem like backwards bathrobes or blankets with sleeves to you, but for prices ranging between ten and twenty dollars, you really can’t beat the price. Depending on the material or pattern you want your Snuggie to come in, your price will vary, but these prices are comparable to getting a fleece or microplush blanket from Walmart, so the Snuggie is fairly priced for what it is.

The Commitment
The only commitment you have to make to the Snuggie is giving up a little piece of your self-pride in order to put it on. Wrapping you with warmth and comfort, the Snuggie will provide you with the ease you need to go about your daily activities without having to wrestle with a blanket. But be prepared, once you put your Snuggie on, you won’t want to take it off until guests come over. The Snuggie is going to change your Saturday night “me time” forever.

Despite it looking slightly ridiculous, the Snuggie is a great device. Face it, you know you’ve been in the position where you were snuggled up under a blanket on the couch but had to go through the discomfort of taking your arms out of the blanket to use the remote or find something. They combat that problem with their convenient arm holes. You can say a bathrobe would do the same service, but no bathrobe could possibly be as soft or comfortable as a Snuggie. It’s the product everyone has been waiting for but no one really wants to say it. Don’t deny the comfort, just settle down in to it.

Final Snuggie Review

Here’s the rundown: The Snuggie may look strange, and they try to really jazz it up with all their different patterns and colors. You may make fun of it, and feel a little strange using it, but it is a great product regardless. It will keep you warm, give you the freedom to do whatever you need to do without leaving the comfort of that warmth, and always be there for you when you really just need to curl up and give yourself some tender loving care.

Our Recommendation
So do we recommend the Snuggie? Absolutely. You could even buy a Snuggie for another person to show them how amazing it truly is. Find a Snuggie for your whole family, including Fido. They’re worth it.

So what do you think? Does the Snuggie work or not?

20 Customer Reviews on “Does the Snuggie Really Work?

  1. Oh my god I have to have a camouflage one! I have to have one now! I love the fleece material these things are made of. But this really is testament to the gullibility of the commercial market place. Because this is in fact nothing more than a dressing gown (or bath robe to you folks) turned backwards. Still, I have to admit they are awesome. The sleeves are awesome because you dan’t have to get out form under the blanket to get something. I must have the camouflage one!

  2. In the comfort on your own home, who really cares what you look like? Comfort should always trump what is fashionable. But I agree with Mike, it would seem like you can almost gain the same comfort from a blanket. Where the Snuggle really works is when you are working from home and chilly, in which case, you can put it on and it acts like a sweater, but is still a blanket. You can work without ever getting any body part cold.

  3. The Snuggie, that omnipresent infomercial mainstay and pharmacy sourced gift, has now entered our lexicon forever. It looks pretty tacky and silly chic, depending on which print you end up with, but it certainly keeps you comfortable and warm. In fact, a little too warm. That’s the problem with polyester: it doesn’t breath. Get ready for a sweaty cocoon, which some people pay good money for. This thing works, but what’s wrong with an actual blanket? Perhaps 10 years from now, there will be no more sweater blankets, or they may make a really sensational improvement to this for years to come. As of now, the Snuggie remains an effective comfort tool, if a sweaty and tacky one at that.

  4. That is so funny Phyllis! I had thought about giving them as gag gifts a couple of years ago and decided not to. As it wound up, someone gave me one for a gag gift that same year. I tried it and for a joke my husband took a picture and we were going to post it on our Facebook account, but imagine my surprise when I realized I loved the thing! I’m always way colder than my husband is so we constantly argue over the temperature in the house. We don’t have to argue anymore which is nice! Well, unless it’s summertime then we’re arguing about the air conditioning!

  5. You know, a couple of Christmases ago I was given one of these and I thought it was the most ridiculous things I had ever seen and thought it was a gag gift from a secret Santa at work at the time. Um.. Well I have to tell ya, I still use the stupid thing today. I love to read and I now work from home and yeah, it is a warm and comforting feeling. I gave away several through the years to friends who looked at me like I had two heads and well there ya go, another hit.

  6. I like my Snuggie in general, and I’m pretty pleased by it. There are some issues with it, however. Right when I started using it, it began dropping small bits of cloth everywhere. It was irritating and my carpet needed to be vacuumed. Ensure that you unpack your Snuggie outside and shake it around somewhat to eliminate the small bits of free clothing. Snuggie is really comfortable, yet I’d have favored sleeves which were a bit smaller so I could be more productive while wearing it. Having said that, I’m enjoying my Snuggie and I do not think it was a bad purchase. I just choose not put it to use as my sole blanket.

  7. I absolutely love my Snuggie! Okay, so the commercials are ridiculous – I have never seen anyone wear one to a football game! – but I use mine all the time at home. Love the sleeve feature because when working on the computer, my arms stay warm and give me freedom to use my hands. The only thing I wish is that it had a velcro closure at the back of the neck so it doesn’t keep sliding off. They should also come in different lengths to eliminate tripping on the hem while walking around the house. But the Snuggie is a wonderful creation!

  8. My friend is constantly cold and is forever snuggling under a comforter. For her birthday I bought her a Snuggie. I intended it to be a joke, but she actually liked it. She frequently uses it while watching TV, taking a nap or when she doesn’t feel well. The one complaint that she has about it is that if she moves around too much, her sides aren’t covered well and she gets cold. We both agree that the Snuggie is a rather ugly thing, but if it serves its purpose, so who cares about the looks. Her daughter likes to use it as well—hmmm…guess what I might be buying her for her graduation present!

  9. They didn’t mention another benefit of this: anybody who has done a cross-country trip via plane, train, bus, or automobile can definitely appreciate the ability to have a blanket that fully covers you with disturbing those in the seat next to you!

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