Does a Spartan Race Really Work?

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Does Spartan Race really work?The Spartan Race concept looks like it will definitely get you in shape, or kill you, one or the other. It basically takes an ordinary race, and throws some obstacles in your way, just in case running wasn’t hard enough for you. It actually looks like a fun way to get and stay in shape, and it adds a new twist to running if you’ve hit a plateau and are looking for something a little more exciting than running in circles or on the treadmill. But is it for everyone?

A Spartan Race combines lots of different activities into one to test all of your different feats of strength. You might not look at a 5K race or even a marathon the same way again, as these just involve running the entire time. It is something like a triathlon where you will have to use different parts of your body, but they also throw in mind games, obstacles, and all sorts of foreign objects that have you ducking, sliding, jumping, climbing, and many other activities that you might not be used to performing on a regular basis.

The Claim
They claim that you’ll be able to see what you’re really made of by completing a Spartan Race. They also claim that if you complete three of their races in one “season” you can consider yourself an Ultimate Spartan Warrior. This involves completing a Sprint, which is just 3 miles, a Super which is 8 or more miles and 15 or more obstacles, and a Beast which is 10 or more miles and 18 or more obstacles. They even have what’s known as a Death Race, which they claim only 20% of those that enter, actually finish.

The Hype
The Spartan Race is gaining in popularity, and in 2012 they are planning to hold an international event so that Spartan runners from different countries can travel and see who is the best in the world. As they continue to grow, the hype will grow too as curiosity gets the better of people and they have to see just what it all entails.

The Cost
The cost of each event will vary depending on what type you choose. The Sprint would be the least expensive we found, as low as $60 when you register early. The Super is the next expensive at $95, and the Beast is after that at $110, since they increase in length and complexity. There are currently no Death Races scheduled but you can imagine they are much more than $110 since they last 2 days and throw everything but the kitchen sink at you.

When you pay the registration fee you get an official race shirt if you finish the race, and you’ll have your results precision timed with a chip. They also give you a medal if you finish, and you’ll be able to join in at the post-race party which includes food, music, and drinks.

The Commitment
Talk about commitment, you’ll definitely need it here. The devious minds behind a Spartan Race will try to up the ante as you go along, so you never quite know what’s in store on a particular race. The rumor mill will be buzzing, and you’ll hear all sorts of stuff before the race starts, but until you actually come face to face with the obstacles, you’ll just be fighting your imagination.

These races are well organized, and well thought out, so you don’t have to worry about getting your money’s worth. They even include workouts of the day so that you can get prepared for what’s to come, and add a new level of fitness to your regimen.

If you’re not very fit, and thinking of using a Spartan Race as a way to get there, you should definitely prepare yourself ahead of time, and not think that you can just mosey through or take your first race easy. However, if you combine a training program like P90X or Insanity with the daily recommendations from the Spartan Race people, you’ll definitely be on your way to a high level of fitness, and a lot of fun and a good challenge on race day.

Final Spartan Race Review

These races can be a lot of fun, and can keep you motivated to stay with a fitness program and push yourself to new heights. Sometimes it takes a carrot in front of you to keep you moving forward, and to get you out of your comfort zone and keep the body guessing. A Spartan Race does all of these things

Our Recommendation
If you go into it with an open mind, you’ll definitely have a lot of fun completing a Spartan Race. The folks involved with it are pretty friendly, and even if you can’t complete some of the challenges, you’ll still be accepted and there’s an overall energy level to the events that makes it worth doing at least once.

What do you think? Does Spartan Race work or not?

Customer Review on “Does a Spartan Race Really Work?

  1. The “Spartan” method became increasingly popular as result of the fact that the actors form the movie “300” were put through this kind of training to get them in shape for the movie. They all looked incredible and there is footage proving that it isn’t all effects making them look great. But to maintain this kind of training for any length of time beyond a few months would mean that you would have to be an actual Spartan warrior, battle ready at all costs. Your life would have to depend on it because this kind of training is absolutely brutal. These races are great as they give you a taste of what it is like.

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