Do Strap Jellies Really Work?

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Do Strap Jellies work?If you’ve dug your bra strap out of you shoulder one too many times, Strap Jellies might be just what you need. They say they work with any bra to help save your shoulders, but how well are actual users saying they’re working?

Bra straps are notorious for digging into your shoulders, especially if you have a hefty bosom causing added pressure. There aren’t too many solutions out there that actually work, trust us, we’ve been looking. Bra companies have tried to respond to this problem, and there are plenty of bras out there that don’t use straps in an effort to get rid of the source of the problem. Just look at the Genie Bra as one example.

The Claim
The makers of Strap Jellies say that they will save you from the redness, irritation, and pain of a weighted bra strap digging into your skin. They also say that it’s invisible and contoured to fit the shoulder area. They say it is hypoallergenic, and that you can wash it and reuse it again and again, making it a non-disposable item and a one-time purchase for most. The

The Hype
This has an accompanying infomercial with it that shows off how the product works, and puts the problem in the worst possible light, comparing bra straps to barbed wire. Not much hype is needed here because countless women have suffered from and are currently suffering from this very problem so they will resonate with a solution.

The Cost
The original cost of Strap Jellies is listed at $10, but it’s an additional $7 to have it shipped to you, and an additional $7 on top of that to have the second set sent to you. This brings you order total to $24. They include a $15 credit on other products you have likely seen advertised on TV, which can help defray the purchase price, or you can look at it as a way to entice you to make an additional purchase and spend more money.

The Commitment
These are very fast and easy to put in place, although they don’t really say how they stay in place, because once you slide them on and put them where you want them there doesn’t seem to be a mechanism that holds them there. This may mean that they will need to be adjusted throughout the day, when reaching for things or performing any other motion that puts them out of alignment.

Strap Jellies is a solid concept because it solves an almost universal problem for most bras. Taking off your bra at the end of the day usually reveals marks left in the shoulder where the bra strap was, and for some women it can even dig into the skin. This is a major design flaw for plenty of bras out there. Some bras try to solve it by creating wider straps or double straps, but this is often not enough. By using these jellies you are increasing the surface area under the strap which acts to redistribute the pressure, and makes it so it won’t dig into you.

They’ve made these out of the right material, because the jelly will act to not only cushion the bra strap, but also to protect your shoulder from irritation. Perhaps no other material would be as suitable for this purpose. Although they say it’s invisible, it’s not totally invisible, even though it is clear plastic. It’s not noticeable when you where it under clothes, but if you have a top on where you can see your bra strap you’re also going to be able to see the Strap Jelly attached to it. With most tops that would reveal the straps you’ll be wearing a strapless bra anyway so not a big deal.

Final Strap Jellies Review

Strap Jellies are getting our Solid Try rating because of their simple design, and the way that you can use them with all of your different bras. Feedback on this item has been mostly positive, so there is a high chance that you’ll like them and decide to keep them. Although the pricing structure is set up so that you can’t really return these, it’s unlikely that you’d need to, and is why it’s getting our nod on the trial run.

Our Recommendation
This has been a problem for us for some time now, and we’ve been looking for a product that does just what this does. They’ve really thought this one through, and it’s a good design followed up by a good manufacturing process, all while keeping the price relatively low. If you know of a viable alternative please suggest it in the comments below because something needs to be done, as this has been an epidemic for far too long.

What do you think? Does Strap Jellies work or not?

7 Customer Reviews on “Do Strap Jellies Really Work?

  1. Now, not being female, you might be wondering what right I have to be posting on items that prevent chaffing from your bra straps. Well… I happen to have been informed recently that any problems you are experiencing with your bra is probably down to the bra not fitting you properly. I know this because my girlfriend recently got fitted for a bra, thinking that she was wearing the right size all her life, but it turned out she was wrong. She never complained about chaffing in this way, but I think that might be due to the fact that she has smaller boobs. Ladies with big boobs must surely have this problem, but again, the problem could well be an ill fitting bra.

  2. I agree with both of you! My bra straps do not dig into my shoulders but they are constantly falling off of my shoulders. It is so annoying, and embarrassing, too. If this product will work to keep the straps on, I feel that it would be a worthwhile investment, but yes, it is a risk that you would take at $24. If they were more affordable, I would be jumping on these, but because they are a little on the expensive end for my budget, I will give it some more thought.

  3. Haha – I’m the same! I definitely don’t have enough to weigh down my bra straps, but they fall down constantly. I feel like I’m always trying to discreetly pull them up, and I worry that others see me doing it. 🙂 Because of this, I often wear racerback bras, but honestly I despise them (so ugly). If this solved the problem for me, it may indeed be worth the $24. I wish I knew someone who had this product so I could give it a go before actually committing to a purchase. I really want to know if they work for straps that fall.

  4. I was thinking the exact same thing as Lynda Schab. I do not particularly have the weight to cause pain in my shoulders but I definitely suffer from having straps fall off my shoulder all day. If you have ever had it happen to you, you know that it is both annoying and embarrassing to deal with, especially in a workplace. The Strap Jellies look like a perfect “sticking” solution without the actual sticky stuff to deal with. If it only costs me $24 for two sets of Strap Jellies (including shipping) then I feel like it is worth every penny.

  5. This seems like a great concept and it always amazes me that the best new products are always very simple updates to a product invented long ago. That’s what they have done here, and although the price tag is a bit hefty, with the $15 credit it seems like a winner.

  6. OK, I’ll be honest. I don’t have enough to weigh my bra straps down enough to dig into my shoulders and cause irritation. But I do have issues with straps slipping off my shoulders. For that reason, I’d love to try them. Not sure I’d spend the $24, but it is a great concept and it doesn’t surprise me to hear that the Strap Jellies are getting great reviews. I’m sure lots of women out there love this product.

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