Does Switch N Light Really Work?

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Does Switch N Light really work?Switch N Light seems really helpful, but is it the solution to your indoor lighting needs? Ever since the Clapper came out, it’s been obvious that there’s a need for a hands-free lighting system. While the Switch N Light is not hands free, it definitely tries to be as convenient as possible. By being able to put the light, and the switch anywhere you want, they have taken out two of the biggest problems when it comes to lighting up your indoor spaces.

Waking up at night can bring its own hazards and inconveniences. First you have to try to fumble to find the light switch, and if you are using a lamp you have to try to turn it on without knocking it over. This can be hard to do when you are basically still asleep, and trying to wake up just enough to go to the bathroom and get back in bed. If you wake up early in the morning and it’s still dark, it can be hard to get things lit up so you can start your day. Thus was born the Switch N Light.

The Claim
First, they take a shot at the Clapper, saying that you won’t have to clap your lights on and off any more. They also put down those lights you can buy where all you have to do is tap them on and off. Their light works by remote control, so you get to put the switch wherever you want it, and wherever makes the most sense to you.

Their lights have 18 lights apiece, so they are designed to light up whichever space you put them in quite well. This means you won’t be fumbling around when you get up in the middle of the night, and you’ll be able to see where you’re going to you don’t stub your toe or trip and fall.

Another feature that they bring up is that you won’t have to pay someone to come out and install a new light for you. The Switch N Light installs quickly and easily, and works by remote, so you don’t have to worry about wiring it up. It works by peel and stick Velcro so it’s really easy, and you can not only put the light wherever you want it, but you can put the light switch right where you need it.

You can hook up multiple lights using the same switch if you really want to light things up, and you can use it from up to 20 feet away because it uses infrared remotes that can go through walls.

The Cost
Switch N Light is advertised at $20 plus $7 shipping and handling, and you can add a second light just by paying shipping. The extra shipping is $10 so in essence you’re looking at $37 for a two light system shipped to your door. There are also special offers on additional lights, in case you want to use multiple lights on the same remote switch.

The Commitment
Since installation is a breeze, you don’t really have to commit yourself to much. This is one of those products that

While the Clapper was pretty ingenious for it’s time, it still requires a bit of effort in order to clap, and is not as easy as simply touching a light switch that is conveniently placed. The Switch N Light light switch just needs to be softly pressed in order to work, so you don’t have to twist a dial like you do on some laps, or try to find a small-sized switch.

Final Switch N Light Review

Switch N Light will not replace the regular lighting in your home, because it is an LED light. If you order enough of them you can light things up pretty well, but you wouldn’t want to use it for everyday use. It works as a handy night light that you can place wherever you need it, or to light up spaces that would require a professional electrician to come out and install.

Our Recommendation
If you know of the perfect place to put a Switch N Light, definitely get one. It will work to illuminate your bathroom, stairs, storage spaces, or anywhere else you’ve said to yourself “I wish this spot was lit up…”

What do you think? Does Switch N Light work or not?

Customer Review on “Does Switch N Light Really Work?

  1. Can’t believe this hasn’t been done before now!
    This is such a great product and cheap too!

    Such a simple idea but i’ve installed loads of these now, i have one in my closet, in my shed, in my attic, and in my basement.
    You can quite literally use them anywhere, and they’re so easy to use.
    They’re obviously not bright enough for a whole room, but for storage areas etc they are great bits of kit

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