Does T Core Really Work?

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Does T Core really work?Having strong abs is a goal of almost every man in the world today, but can something like T Core get you there? A six pack is a universal form of body language for sex appeal and confidence for men. Unfortunately, a six pack is a lot of work to get, and most modern people simply don’t have the time to spend all day working out in the gym to get the definition they desire.

In comes T Core Fitness Trainer. The T Core Fitness Trainer is a workout device that promises serious results in toning and slimming a man’s core, leaving him the six pack he dreams of without a lot of time or work put in.

The T Core Fitness Trainer is a product designed to target your obliques, upper abs, lower abs, and everything in between. So how exactly does one product do all this work? Essentially, the T Core Fitness Trainer allows you to do ab crunches in a seated position, allowing for a larger range of motion and giving your body all the room it needs to work out and get toned. Plus, if you’re still unsure if you’re doing it right, the T Core Fitness Trainer comes with its own workout DVD to ensure that you will use the product correctly.

The Claim
This workout device promises what every other men’s fitness device promises to do – tighten and tone abs in to a nice six-pack. However, the T Core Fitness Trainer even throws in the promise that you will see results from just six minutes of use a day. Can this even be possible? And it keeps you off the floor and away from doing traditional sit-ups and crunches. This is a huge draw for people with back problems, mobility problems, or just those that are sick of doing things the old fashioned way.

The Hype
There is a lot of press surrounding any workout device these days with everyone scrambling to get into shape, so naturally there is still a lot of hype around the T Core Fitness Trainer. So many people are either ranting or raving about this product, that it creates a sort of overload of information.

The Cost
A T Core will run you about $25, but in comparison to a real fitness trainer or a gym membership, this is practically a steal. This begs the question, however, of if the gym membership would be more worth your time than the T Core, or if you will need both in conjunction with each other.

The Commitment
The T Core Fitness Trainer only requires six minutes a day, every day, to provide results for any man who uses it. There are no strings attached – merely sit down, crunch, and swivel. Results will come with prolonged use of the product. You don’t have to kill yourself on any one day either, just take a relaxed approach and use it consistently and you’ll see results. If you want to see the best results you should also commit to eating healthy foods and doing some cardio to show off your new stomach.

There are definitely both positive and negative reviews out there regarding the T Core Fitness Trainer. Some people simply rave about how well it works, others simply throw it away. So which is it?

Well, that you’ll have to figure out for yourself. Unfortunately, not all workout programs work for everyone, so that is a simple matter of whether something like this will help you get in to shape.

Common Complaints
However, a common complaint amongst most consumers is that the bands used on the product snap easily and will therefore render the T Core Fitness Trainer useless. Obviously, this product has some design flaws.

One thing that should be noted is that the T Core Fitness Trainer is for toning only, it is not meant to help a person lose weight or keep weight off. This product is designed to help create definition in the body.

Final T Core Review

Despite its design flaws, the T Core Fitness Trainer really is a worthwhile product for guys that want to workout at home but don’t have the time or space for an at-home gym. This little product, with some careful, less vigorous use, should last you a while and help you see the results you want in your abs within three weeks and beyond that. Don’t be scared away by naysayers of the product, the T Core Fitness Trainer is clearly something that is worth the time and money invested.

Our Recommendation
If you’re looking for something merely for toning your body, invest in the T Core Fitness Trainer right away and start crunching, because this product will more than likely work for you if used properly. However, this is not the sort of product that will make you slimmer – it is for toning only. If you are looking to lose weight, it is time to eat right and exercise the whole body, not just one area.

What do you think? Does T Core work or not?

2 Customer Reviews on “Does T Core Really Work?

  1. They are absolutely wonderful. I can’t get along without them. I can’t imagine anyone not liking them. The ear buds are comfortable enough. The sound level is adjustable and I have no trouble finding the right level. They also last all day before they fade out and I watch plenty of TV. I will definitely buy another set if I ever need to although I’ve had this set for several years.

  2. I suspect that the T Core is going to be one of the leading fitness trends 2012 – but I have my reservations about the design and build quality too, Being honest with a price of $25 I wouldn’t expect too much – in fact it could almost be treated as a consumable!

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