Does The Linden Method Really Work?

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Does the Linden Method work?If you suffer from anxiety or panic attacks, you need to have a reliable way to get back to normal and The Linden Method promises just that. They say that the method is proven effective, and has helped thousands of people. It is feasible that one system could do all that, because the condition is essentially the same. But can something like this really guarantee the results?

More and more people are diagnosed as suffering from panic attacks, anxiety attacks, and other disorders each year. These can be debilitating, and can cause you not to live life to its fullest, or avoid situations that bring on the attacks. In order to live your best life, you have to get a handle on these, but it isn’t easy. Some people resort to prescription drugs from their doctors, others self medicate with things like cigarettes and alcohol, and yet others just try to cope with it without seeking further treatment.

The Claim
The claim of the Linden method is that you will get fast and all-natural recovery from things like anxiety, panic attacks, obsessive compulsive disorder, and agoraphobia. If you suffer from any of these you know how hard it is to battle them, and how easy it is for them to come on. They say that their method is guaranteed to work. They claim that they have 14 years of experience helping people with the same problems. They point to over 150,000 people that they’ve assisted over the years as proof that their program is effective.

The Hype
The hype is that so many different methods out there don’t work, and just recycle the same sort of information. Finding a program that offers ongoing support is pretty unique. Most programs only sell the guide, and do not back it up with support 24 hours a day by email or phone. More hype comes in the form of this being an alternative to expensive drugs and other treatment. By using this guide you may be able to stop seeing a psychotherapist, or stop taking medications you’re on. That in itself is pretty remarkable.

The Cost
The Linden Method is $87 for the downloadable version. When you consider the cost of getting professional treatment, this seems rather reasonable, especially if it works. We like how they don’t expect to keep your money if you don’t see positive results from using their program.

The Commitment
You need to commit to studying the methods, tips, and techniques, and applying them in your own life whenever you start to have an attack. It says that it works fast, so you could be applying this to your own situation in a matter of minutes after downloading it. When compared to the alternatives, this can represent a larger or smaller commitment level. For example, if you compare it to popping a pill when you feel an attack coming on, it’s a bigger commitment, but if you compare it to seeing a therapist on a regular basis, it’s a smaller commitment.

If you’re suffering from things like chest pain or palpitations, or you have full-on panic attacks or even just general and constant anxiety, you need to do something. You can’t just let it fester and wait for the next attack to come on. If you have muscle pain, including a tingling sensation you should also be concerned.

Some people even get short of breath, or feel like they’re being smothered. Less obvious signs that you need help are digestive trouble, excessive sweating, and the inability to sleep. For others it comes in the form of having thoughts that are rather disturbing, or being in a state of confusion for long periods of time. Others respond by getting depressed, angry, or irritable. These are all symptoms that this program is designed to help you with.

We like how this is a natural way to cure your anxiety, because so many doctors will just prescribe a pill like Xanax if you mention the words anxiety or panic attack around them. While this may be effective, it’s not as if you want to take a powerful prescription drug for the rest of your life. By using all natural ways to eliminate your anxiety, you are learning something that you can use on an ongoing basis without worrying about becoming dependent on a narcotic or other drug.

Final The Linden Method Review

The Linden Method is unique in that it makes the distinction that these sort of disorders are not mental or physical, but just behavioral. This is why they don’t recommend using drugs to try and treat it. The theory behind their method seems sound, and represents an alternative approach to the traditional way that modern medicine deals with this. We believe that this method should be considered by those that are suffering from these problems, as part of a holistic approach to dealing with it.

Our Recommendation
When it comes to having panic attacks and anxiety attacks, it’s important to have a lot of tools in your toolbox, and this method is one that you should consider looking at. The program is simple enough to follow, provides an unlimited amount of support if you have any questions about how to apply it, and is also covered by a money back guarantee so you can return it if you don’t get the results you want. Those three factors are leading to our recommendation of trying it.

What do you think? Does The Linden Method work or not?

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