Does The Tubshroom Really Work?

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Does Tubshroom Work?There are many products designed to help you with cleaning, but if you have a family, and especially if you have individuals that have long hair, cleaning the shower and bath tub can be made easier now with the Tubshroom. It helps to prevent clogging up of your drain, by collecting the hair and allowing you to easily remove it with a simple twist.

Clogged drains, especially in the bathroom, can be especially troublesome and can cause you a lot of money and a lot of work. Tubshroom takes the place of your normal bathroom stopper and it fits snug inside your shower tub drain, and effortlessly gathers all of the hair that would normally go down your drain. You simply remove it, and with a single wipe, you are able to extract all the hair that would normally clog up your drain.

The Claim
The claim of the Tubshroom is that you’ll be easily able to install this product into any drain that might come in contact with hair, and that it will be able to collect the hair and keep that localized, so that you’re able to easily remove it. If you have a stopper already there, usually you can remove the couple of screws, and this product will fit snuggly in place.

The Hype
It’s actually a pretty cool product, because the Tubshroom fits over any standard shower bathtub drain with a snug fit, and because of its mushroom-like shape, it allows you to have a maximum water flow, so you keep can on showering or bathing while the hair collects inside the drain around its bottom lip, which is completely out of sight, until you’re quite ready to have it all cleaned off. Also, because of its design you can actually go days and weeks before you have to do the cleanup.

The Cost
At the as seen on TV website you can find the Tubshroom on sale from $19.99, down to $14.99 plus shipping and handling.

The Commitment
The commitment with Tubshroom is that you will be able to rest easy knowing that any type of hair, whether it be human or even pet hair, if you have animals that you happen to wash in the tub for example, this stopper will fit snug inside your tub drain and will easily gather each and every hair before it goes down your drain and starts any type of clog that could happen in the past.

The great thing with Tubshroom is that it fits any standard shower bathtub drain and other types of regular drain with a snug fit, and with its unique mushroom-like shape it allows for maximum water flow, so even though the hair collects all around it, it will still not affect how the water drains. Obviously depending on how much hair you have to deal with, often you can go weeks without having to pop it out, wipe it, and reinstall it. You’ll be able to save money from preventing any type of clogs from starting up in the first place, and this means no bills from plumbers as well as not having to use harmful chemical-based drain cleaners that can possibly damage your pipes and cause you problems down the road.

Final Tubshroom Review

Upon reviewing this product and checking out the various reviews people have posted, it seems most people have been very happy with this product and for the cost, if it can even avoid one plumber from coming to see you because of a clogged drain, it is more than well worth the money. The Tubshroom is built with long-lasting industrial-strength silicone and it should last you for more than 10 years.

Our Recommendation
Another product that is made to deal with hair and clogged drains is the Sehhai Hair Drain Clog Remover.

What do you think? Does Tubshroom work or not?

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