Does Turbo Snake Really Work?

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Does Turbo Snake really work?Turbo Snake hopes to make it into your home as a solution to slow-moving and blocked drains. If you’re tired of standing in ankle-deep water when taking a shower, or not being able to brush your teeth at a fully drained sink, this might be the answer to your problems. But can this really replace a plumber?

Most of us have had the problem of a clogged drain, because hair finds its way in there no matter how much we try to stop it. The two biggest culprits are the bathroom sink, and the shower. The amount of hair that can get stuck in these drains is pretty impressive. It doesn’t take long for the drain to get clogged, and once it does, it stays that way. Up until now, the only solutions available were things like Drano or a visit from the plumber at $50-100 each time.

The Claim
Turbo Snake claims that you won’t have to call a plumber, or spend money on chemical drain cleaners again and again when you use their product. They say it’s very easy to use, all you do is feed it down the drain, wiggle it around, and pull it out. The hair should come with it, and after repeating this procedure as many times as needed you should have a clear drain with water flowing freely.

The Hype
The hype comes not really from the manufacturer or its promotions, but from the fact that this is a much-needed product in so many homes. Any home that has a woman or man with long hair and clogged drains can use this. After seeing some of the clumps of hair that you pull out of these drains, you may think that Chewbacca is living with you. It’s amazing that this product hasn’t gotten more coverage and attention, since it’s so effective and provides relief for a problem that many people experience.

The Cost
For $17 you can order direct from the manufacturer and get a double order including shipping. That gets you two large Turbo Snakes which are meant for the shower and large drains, as well as to small Turbo Snakes which are meant to be used in the sink, or smaller drains.

The Commitment
You have to be willing to get your hands a little dirty in order to use the Turbo Snake. The stuff that comes out of the drain is going to be hairy, probably smelly, and covered in gunk. You can use rubber gloves so you don’t have to touch this mess directly. You also have to commit yourself to keeping up with the drains as they start to re-clog so that you don’t have to deal with standing water ever again.

When you use the Turbo Snake, it works exactly how it’s shown in the promo video. Feed the wire down the drain and give it a shake so it can snag the hair. Pull it out and the hair comes with it. Easy as can be, you don’t need any special skills in order to use it. The video does show large clumps coming out with the first attempt, but from our research we’ve seen that it takes several times before that big clump will come. This is because you have to get some of the smaller bits out of the way before you get a handle on the main cause of the problem.

What’s also great about it is you don’t have to worry about removing the drain cover from your tub, which can be somewhat of a hassle on some models unless you’re handy-man inclined. Because of its thin design you can insert it into small openings, force it down and let it do its thing without the drain cover getting in the way at all.

A Note on Other Clogs
Turbo Snake is geared at only removing hair from your drain, so with clogs caused by something else that fell down the drain, like if your kitchen sink has food that is stuck in it, it’s not going to be much help. The Velcro end is specifically designed to stick to hair and pull it out, so it will be largely ineffective on clogs not caused by hair.

Final Turbo Snake Review

Turbo Snake works! This is one of those as seen on TV products that comes through with flying colors. By snaking down into the drain and attaching itself to hair and not letting go, it quickly frees up the drain and allows water to flow freely again. These are the kind of products that plumbers use to snake drains and now it’s available to you at a reasonable price.

Our Recommendation
Get a Turbo Snake! They work, and can save you from having to call a plumber or from dumping harmful chemicals down the drain. This is a green product that can pay for itself again and again, and you’ll never have to worry about re-clogging your drain.

What do you think? Does Turbo Snake work or not?

10 Customer Reviews on “Does Turbo Snake Really Work?

  1. If there is demand abot the 2 port valve but no output then likely the 2 port valve is faulty and
    needs beimg replaced. Now today the recent trend is getting a
    spa bathtub foor you, the most effective way to pamper yourself with.
    Try to avoid tthis by nnot dropping bits of soap
    to the drain – Most experts have claimed when you pour boiling water in the drain of your
    bathtub once every a month, it helps in stopping any ckogs from occurring.

  2. Love my Turbo Snake. With two people in my household with long hair, it is a life saver!

  3. Have you considered returning your TURBO SNAKE to where you purchased it? Don’t you think they would replace yours for one that works?

  4. We bought a 20 year old residence and just got around to cleaning 4 vanity sinks and 3 shower drains with TURBO SNAKE. I dreaded the option of dismantling the drain. We are very very happy with the results! Even someone with average intelligence should be able to achieve the same results we did. We will spread the TURBO SNAKE word whenever we can! THIS WILL MAKE A GREAT HOUSEWARMING GIFT, SO BUY TWO!!

  5. The wife used the Turbo Snake and the velcro-like pad at the end came off when she twirled it and clogged our drain worse than before we use the stupid product. Now instead of a slow moving drain there is a no moving drain thanks to Turbo Snake. What a cheap product!!! TRASH IT!!!!

  6. I bought this when I insterted in drain and was pulling out it came out but the tip of it did not still in my drain somewhere? what a waste of money

  7. This is a really good product. I love my wife and her luscious locks, but her hair tends to clog the drain every few months. That requires removing the drain cover and pouring Liquid Plumber down there. But this neat tool is designed to break up and remove those pesky hair clogs. It’s cheap and effective, and will only cost you something equal to about two or three bottles of Drano. If you tend to deal with hair clogs, the Turbo Snake is a good answer. If your drain gets clogged from other things, you made need a different product or a licensed plumber.

  8. I have thick hair. This inevitably causes clogs in my tub and sink. I can’t help it, no matter how hard I try to keep the hair out of the drains. Strands get in there every now and then, and even though it does not seem like a lot, they certainly add up, and before I know it, I have a massive clog and my water is not draining as quickly as it used to. I have had to use liquid formulas to no avail, and I ended up having to call a plumber, which cost more than I wanted to spend. This product is on my list of things to buy so I can fix the problem myself next time.

  9. I rent a small studio and I like this product because you are not waiting around for a landlord to clear the drain if long thick hair such as I have. I also dye my hair and that doesn’t help. Now, if you use a lot of product on your head and it makes the drain sticky and gummy or if you are washing other things in there and people do! Then you are going to need drain clearing liquid such as Drano or something to clear any sticky substances out of your drain. This is also not really great for kitchen drains as food will not be cleared from the drain for the same reason other gunky stuff wont be.

  10. This is a must have product for any home if you’re living with people with long hair.
    My drain is always being clogged by my wifes hair (i really am surprised she’s not bald by now!).
    Turbo snake is super easy to use and really effective, although as the article says the stuff it pulls out isn’t too nice, especially if it’s been in the drain for a while!
    Get some gloves on!

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