Does uGlu Really Work?

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Does uGlu really work?Got a picture you need hung, or a carpet corner that won’t stay down, then you’ve probably got a keen interest in uGlu. You can do all sorts of things around the home or office with it, and when you need to remove it it’s gone without a trace. Great for when you’re renting and you don’t want to lose your security deposit from hanging pictures. But does it really work the way it looks like it does?

These sorts of products are always hitting the market, each with their own twist. People always want to stick things to other things and are always looking for a fast and easy fix that doesn’t involve using invisible tape, duct tape, double-sided tape, or glue of any sort. When something like uGlu hits the market, it’s going to raise a few eyebrows.

The Claim
Touted as the tap that works like an adhesive, you supposed to be able to use uGlu on all sorts of materials for anything you need it for. You can use it on things like carpet, wood, canvas, craft foam, ceramics, fabrics, ceiling tile, drywall, plastic, fiberglass, wallpaper, metal, tile, foam board, glass, granite, laminates, paper, cement, and leather just to name a few.

The number of uses seems to be endless, and every person will have their own idea of what they need it for. Some examples that they give of typical uses would be for crafts, kids projects, home improvement, outdoor uses, temporary fixes, and when you’re on the go.

They also claim that although it’s a very powerful adhesive, it won’t leave marks on things when you take it off. This seems pretty remarkable, and counter-intuitive. You’d think that something so powerful would leave adhesive residue behind, or tear up wall paper or paint on walls when you take it off.

The Hype
The hype comes in the form of the advertising that they use. It’s typical As Seen on TV over-sensationalism. It’s as if these companies think that they won’t be able to sell their products based on merit alone, so they need to blast you away with their promotional methods.

The Cost
uGlu is moderately priced, considering it’s many uses, and potential ability to save on repairs and other adhesive products.

The Commitment
There isn’t much commitment involved in using uGlu, in fact you should be able to save time fixing things around the house, and from having to re-fix the same problems again and again.

Even though you’ve probably bought some disappointing products off the television, you can’t let it sour you on the whole medium. There are occasionally good products that are promoted using the same methods as the flops, so when something like uGlu comes around and it’s reasonably priced you just have to take the plunge and risk the money.

You get 100 pieces of uGlu all in different sizes for different projects you might have in mind. You peel off either side of the tape and what’s left is a super-thin, super-adhesive strip that allows you do do all sorts of things. Let your mind go wild! Keep things to the smaller size items, and be reasonable. Don’t try hanging giant items on the wall, and don’t try doing pull-ups on things mounted with uGlu.

Does uGlu Really Work?

Careful evaluation will show you that uGlu actually does what it says it does, and really can be used on all sorts of surfaces and materials. If you’ve got a problem that’s been bugging you for a while now, and when you saw the uGlu commercial you thought of that problem and thought that uGlu could fix it, it probably will. The probability is such that it’s worth a try.

Our Recommendation
They say the proof of the pudding is in the eating, so you’ll just have to fork over the credit card number and give uGlu a try. If it works on your problem you won’t have to think about it ever again, and it will be worth its weight in gold. If it doesn’t fix what’s been bugging you then you’re no worse off than you were before, besides the money that you spent.

What do you think? Does uGlu really work?

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