Does SpongeTech Really Work?

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Does SpongeTech really work?If you’re tired of the cost of getting your car washed, and have been looking for an at-home system that would deliver results, you’ve probably been interested in the SpongeTech system. You might have seen this featured on the Home Shopping Network and it’s always fun to ask if these types of products really work the way they seem to on TV.

Getting the car washed can be expensive if you take it to a full-service station. Doing it at home usually takes a while and doesn’t produce the same kind of results. This is especially true if you use unconventional cleaning products like dish soap, and regular sponges. You might get the dirt off, but you’ll leave your car looking streaky.

The Claim
The makers of SpongeTech claim that you can take your car from filthy to fabulous while just using their system. You can even get a wax at the same time that you’re washing the car.

The company tries to make the connection with the lousy economy and states that if you pay about $10 per car wash it can cost you $160 to get as many washes as you can with their system. They say that with these tough economic times their product is something that makes life more economical.

Most of use just neglect washing our cars when money gets tight, so this might be a good way to split the difference, and be able to keep our cars and trucks looking good while not spending a ton at a car wash place.

The Hype
The normal hype was used in this promo as with all of the products shown on the shop-at-home channels. They provide optimal conditions, and they were shown washing cars that looked like they didn’t really even need to be washed. Any dirt and grime that was on the car was probably put there just moments before, but it’s meant to look like a typical, driven in dirt and grime that accumulates on the car.

The Cost
When it was sold on HSN you could get it for $19 plus $5 for shipping and handling. This seems rather reasonable, as they say you can get 16 washes out of each pack. That means it’s less than $2 per wash for all the materials you’ll need. That’s about as cheap as getting a car wash at a gas station. When you do it yourself you can spend the extra time on your car to make sure no spots get missed, and make sure there isn’t any residue left on it.

The Commitment
You’ve got to be the one to get out there and wash your car, just as you would with a normal sponge. It’s not going to wash your car for you. If you’re willing to get your hands dirty and wet you won’t mind using the system and will probably enjoy the process. Some people might expect that it’s just a spray and leave system, or that you don’t have to scrub. You still have to scrub and use some elbow grease to get the job done.

You do get a total car care kit when you order. It includes two different sponges, the washing solution which also supposedly includes waxing agents.

Does SpongeTech Really Work?

If you keep your expectations low you’ll probably be rather impressed with how well it works. If you’re looking for professional grade car washing from SpongeTech, you might be disappointed. This is true for most products you find on TV. Get it out of your head that it’s going to work exactly as it is shown to, and realize that it probably will work, just not to the level that you thought it might.

Our Recommendation
If you like washing your car at home, this can be a great kit that lets you do an even better job, and it costs less than most of the car washing kits you can buy at places like Autozone. If you can’t really see yourself getting outside and getting your hands dirty, then don’t buy it and just stick to the gas station auto-washer, as this is the next best thing at this price point.

What do you think? Does SpongeTech really work?

Customer Review on “Does SpongeTech Really Work?

  1. Every time I try to wash my car at home I always end up with streaks. The car never comes out clean. It doesn’t matter what kit I buy it never turns out good. I gave up on doing my car at home as I have wasted money with all these kits. I only pay $4.00 for the automatic wash and my car comes out shinny and streak free. I won’t be trying this product as I am sure it won’t work for me.

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