Does Urine Gone Really Work?

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Does Urine Gone work?Urine Gone says that it contains enzymes that will break down urine, getting rid of the foul smell as well as the telltale stain it leaves behind. This would be good for the occasional accident, or getting rid of a set-in stain that seems impervious to your cleaning attempts. But can it really work the way they show it to in their ads, or will you be left with the same mess as when you started?

If you’re the owner of a dog that is having trouble with their potty training lessons you’ve probably gotten used to the idea of having the smell of urine around. Or if your cats sometimes miss the litter box, or spray areas of your house, you want something that will get rid of the smell, or at least neutralize it so it isn’t as powerful.

The Claim
Urine Gone says that you spray it on, and it’s gone. They’re referring to your pet’s urine, and they say that this cleans and deodorizes on contact. They claim that it is the enzymes that make the magic happen, and that when you spray it on it will actually go beneath the surface of carpeting to soak up and clean the padding and even the floorboards underneath.

They go on to say that it even works on set in stains, so you can get those spots that are old and left behind by your previous cleaning efforts. They also say that it works equally well on human urine, so you can use it in the bathroom, or in bedrooms if have a bedwetting problem.

The Hype
The hype is that they are selling this as a fix, but it’s really just treating the symptom of a bigger problem. It would be easier to treat the cause, which is a pet that has bladder problems, a human that has aiming problems, or a child that has bedwetting problems. It’s as if you’re playing the Whack-a-Mole game, trying to keep up with every urine puddle as they occur.

The Cost
Urine Gone is $24 which includes their shipping charges plus a blacklight so you can spot where they went if you’re not able to find it using other sensory methods. When you compare this to bottles of cleansers at your local store, you’ll see that it is about $20 more than a typical bottle of spray cleaner.

The Commitment
They make it seem like all you have to do is spray this on and let it go to work. This beats scrubbing, and in the entire infomercial they don’t show a single person scrubbing anything. The enzymes are supposed to do the work by “eating” up the urine and making it go away, both the smell and the stain.

Urine Gone flopped in our real world testing. It was used on an area that was a known offender, and it was used repeatedly to see if continued use might work at gradually removing the smell. But it didn’t do anything, and the smell only amplified by re-wetting it with the cleaning solution.

If you have a pet that isn’t potty trained, this is definitely not the fix you are looking for. It will only set you back $24 and you’ll be left with a bottle of useless “enzymes” and a ridiculous blacklight that is thrown in as a way to add perceived value. In actuality, it’s thrown in as a “free” bonus and you’re required to pay shipping on it of $8. They likely bought these from China for pennies each, so they are just padding your order total. Be sure to check the shipping label to see how much shipping for the entire package actually cost them. Probably a few dollars.

Final Urine Gone Review

Urine Gone only works to make the company money. The total manufacturing cost of the bottle plus the blacklight is likely only a few dollars, but they are pulling in $24 an order, so they are basically making a large profit with each order. The only thing is that neither one seems to do anything. The spray doesn’t eliminate the smell, and the blacklight doesn’t illuminate stains.

Our Recommendation
A better way is to be proactive and teach your pet to either go outside, or go in a designated area inside so clean up is easier. Constantly going around and spraying urine puddles around your home the way they depict your lifestyle in their promo video is not much of a solution.

If you’ve got really bad stains you will likely have to call in a professional carpet or furniture cleaner to get the job done right. It would be nice to try and avoid this expense with a bottle of Urine Gone, but unfortunately it doesn’t measure up.

What do you think? Does Urine Gone work or not?

16 Customer Reviews on “Does Urine Gone Really Work?

  1. Obviously the guy trying this and said it doesn’t work is wrong… this is the ONLY stuff that works. My rescue cat has been tested multiple times and has no bladder issues – it’s all behavior… and rescued at age 6, he’s now 11, he does his marking periodically – no rhyme or reason. My $1000 love seat had multiple incidents and although I used an entire bottle on the various areas… (you must saturate and let it dry as the instructions indicate). … the smell and stains are gone and the cat no longer bothers the love seat. So buy a couple of bottles of this… Urine Gone… it really is Urine Gone!

  2. This spray is fantastic. Works immediately on pet odors. Better yet, it works on human urine odors. My husband was incontinent, and this totally abolished all odor on his clothes, furniture and bedding. I highly recommend it!

  3. I need more of this product because of a dog vomit stain. No problem with odor. I read the reviews and must disagree with the negative ones. My previous dog had a condition which the emergency vet missed and she had been bleeding from her gums, and in particular over the arm of a upholstered chair. Poor thing had just laid there weakened while I trusted the vet’s opinion. She had to be put down and it broke my heart. But there was the blood stain on the arm of the chair…. and quite a large one too. I could not bear to look at the chair which was in a room in the house which I don’t go in much. A year went by and the stain of course hardened. I hesitated to thrown out the chair too. Then I saw Urine Gone at Bed Bath & Beyond and bought it “to try, why not”? I had nothing to lose. I followed the instructions and did not touch the stain except to soak it over and over, about five times, each time letting it dry completely. Each time to my utter amazement, the stain got smaller and smaller (still no rubbing or touching) until at the 5 soaking/drying, the dried blood stain over a year old completely disappeared. Certainly not visible to the naked eye, and the chair is still there beautiful as ever. This is an absolutely true story, so I know that the product works on STAINS if you follow the instructions and keep soaking/drying. I don’t know about odours (I’m Canadian, hence the u in odour….hehe), but it definitely works on blood stains…. that’s for sure….!

  4. Two days ago my cat sprayed in my bedroom. The smell was horrible! I tried a carpet cleaner and it still left the smell. I saw urine b gone at Walgreens and figured “why not?” I put it on the carpet as directed and although it took some time, by the next morning the stain and smell were gone! I’ll buy it agian

  5. This review is nonsense, I’ve used Urine Gone for years on a certain bad cat I have (Yes Jack, I’m writing about you) with amazing results. Worked on older stains and nailed his fresh ones too.
    This review looks great, all layed out and all, “the claim ,the hype”, blah, blah…but take it from me, the product works!

  6. I bought it 4 years ago after our 3 year old had an accident in her car seat while travelling. The urine traveled from the car seat to the seat itself. I stopped at the store, pulled the seat out and cleaned it and clean the car interior. Never had a urine smell afterward. We live in Florida so if there was going to be an odor, the heat would bake it out. Additionally I use if for our pets throw up. I do first clean the spot then final treat it w urine be gone. Previous to using urine gone our son vomited on the carpet and while I cleaned it in the same way I would pet stuff, I didn’t own urine gone at the time. There is a stain in the carpet still. Therefore I attribute the lack of stains w cat vomit and dog pee to the final step use of Urine Gone.

  7. I work in the maintenance department of an apartment complex. We use a biological product made by Smell Zapper that works great. I saw that they sell it to the public too on their website. Their smoke odor remover is the only thing we’ve ever had that really works. It’s not a cheap chemical but it’s worth way more than we pay for it.

  8. I think this stuff works amazing!! Smells really good too, paid $10 for it at Walmart and it works way better than other urine cleaners I’ve used before. Will buy again in the future 🙂

  9. I use this on fine Arab rugs safely. I feel it works very well without ruining the rugs. It is not just spray and go though and it cost a lot to make it work. I had a dog repeatedly pee on a small silk hand woven rug….Not something I want to just toss. It was basically ruined while my house sitters let him go and go on that rug,…I took it out doors on to the porch…it does take repeat treatments and it is terribly expensive but I thought it worked great…eventually I could stick my nose straight to that rug and not smell urine. I let it completely dry between treatments…the rugs I’ve use this on has never become discolored or hold the stain and it is light beige in the background and that is another reason I like it…I did not have the same luck on cotton curtains with cat spray…the odor left but the stain stayed. I am currently really getting tested on this as we have adopted two new pound dogs. Many of these products leave a soapy buildup that causes as much discoloration as the urine could…I have not have that happen with this product. I am using it on wool and silk hand woven rugs…does take multiple treatments to work well.

  10. I have a friend who owns quite a few rental homes. He does not allow pes but that never stops them lol
    He uses Zep. I asked because I have had a few elderly cats & they miss their box & puddle pads. One passed away under our bed on my side. So she left me a gift. So I’m trying this product & the n Zep.
    Go easy on your pooch. Hopefully you can train him to use piddle pads.

  11. This stuff is horrible! I have an older dog who has started having accidents and I had ordered Urine Gone to try to get rid of the smell. I am not kidding when I say that I wish I had the dog pee smell back! The accident that I was trying to clean up was at the foot of my bed. I sprayed this awful stuff on the floor and followed the directions. A few hours later when I was ready for bed, I could hardly stand the smell when I opened the bedroom door. It’s hard to describe, but it is a very nauseating smell. In fact, I have been sleeping with my bedroom windows cracked open all week long to try to get this putrid smell out of my bedroom. I am a grown woman and I have had to pull the sheets up over my nose to keep from breathing in this sickening scent. Save your money. This stuff is putrid!

  12. I paid $13.00 for a bottle of this stuff and it does not work. I used as directed, saturating the carpet and pad after one of my dogs peed on the carpet and it only made it smell stronger! Do not buy!!

  13. I had rescued a cat from the streets and it had a hard time adjusting to my house, cats and the litter box. The cat finally got into the groove of things, but it had urinated in one area of my home. I had the worst time trying to get rid of the odor. I tried Urine Gone, but again had no luck. I finally bought Odor zapper at Walmart for under three dollars and it worked. It not only took away the odor, but left a fresh citrus scent. I use this all the time now. It is in the cleaning department and very affordable.

  14. I also want to put out there that, if you’re a pet owner and you find that your dog or cat suddenly starts urinating around the house and outside the litter box, don’t scold them or react harshly. Make sure there are enough litter boxes in your home, especially if you have multiple cats, and that they are kept clean. When it comes to pets that urinate like this, it could signal a serious health problem, such as a kidney issue, diabetes, or a urinary tract infection, so please be proactive and get your pets to the vet if home remedies and changes do not work.

  15. I adopted my labrador from a local animal shelter and I went real easy on him because he was clearly traumatized by the abuses of his former owner. So he’d pee on the carpet at times and I’d go very easy on him trying to make him feel reassured that I’d never hit him, but it did have a negative effect in that he still pees pretty often around the house. I was hoping urine gone would be my salvation but I guess it wasn’t meant to be. Anyways, I still appreciate the review. Thanks.

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