Does Wonder Wax Really Work?

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Does Wonder Wax work?Wonder Wax says that you can get salon quality hair removal from your home, with almost no pain. They even claim you can give yourself a Brazilian with it… So let’s see just how well this works, and how they pull it off.

Getting a wax job borders on being a traumatic experience. It’s something that you just grin and bear it since there’s really nothing else that gets skin as smooth for as long. But what if there were a way for you to get those same sort of results, without all of the pain involved? that’s what the makers of Wonder Wax must have asked when they developed this product.

The Claim
They say that the main feature of their wax is that it’s sticking to the hairs, but not to your skin. They point out that with traditional waxing the wax is sticking to both the hair and the skin, which is why it hurts doubly bad when they rip it off of you. They claim that their using bees wax to get the job done, and that it can be used on all types of skin. They also say that the results you get from it can last up to 8 weeks, which is more than traditional waxing and achieved by using their stunting cream afterward to inhibit regrowth.

The Hype
The hype comes both from the positive buzz surrounding the product, as well as an infomercial that of course makes conventional waxing look like the worst thing in the world, and Wonder Wax like it’s the best thing in the world. Your experience will likely be somewhat different once you get the product in your home, a phenomenon known has the TV Product vs. Reality Gap.

The Cost
You get the complete kit for $27 and it breaks down as $20 for the kit itself and $7 for shipping. They allow you to opt out of the membership program, which is nice because most products on the market these days will automatically enroll you in it and not allow you to opt out at the time of purchase. They offer a 30 day money back guarantee and the offer is set up in a way so that you’re getting the bulk of the cost refunded back to you in the case that you don’t like it.

The Commitment
This should be a less painful and quicker way to get all of the parts of your body hair free, even places you didn’t think you could use wax on. They say you can use it on eyebrows, underarms, and even your bikini line, so there’s really no reason to use a razor or tweezers if you can wax it off and have results that last for several weeks. You’ll be doing this yourself, so you’ll be more involved than if you went to a salon and had someone else do it, but this should involve much less pain so that’s a good trade off.

The draw of Wonder Wax is that you won’t have to experience the distinctive feeling of having the wax strip ripped from your skin and hair. When you take that factor out of the equation waxing is hands down the best way to remove hair, beating out shaving which leaves stubble and has results that only last a few hours really, or laser hair removal that has a lot of controversy surrounding it regarding whether or not it actually removes hair permanently.

At first when we saw that it sticks to hair and not skin, it seemed that it would still be quite painful to have hair ripped from your skin. But since they’ve included the pre-treatment that gets your hair ready to be pulled out, they’ve really thought of everything and seem to be doing their best at providing a great overall experience, from start to finish, and allowing you to prolong the time between waxings by including a cream for after you’re finished.

With so many expensive products for hair removal that get mixed reviews from consumers, like the No No hair remover you see on all the TV spots, this method is one that is relying on a time-tested way of removing hair but using a better wax, and prepping the hair beforehand for easier removal. That’s a combination that seems to be working for most people that have tried it.

Final Wonder Wax Review

Overall, Wonder Wax is getting our Solid Try rating, as it’s taking a tried and tested method of hair removal and fixing the glitch that causes so much pain and suffering. Initial consumer feedback has been positive, and suggests that the majority of people that try it like the job it’s doing and are happy with their purchase. When you consider your different options at this price point you’ll soon see that nothing else is clocking in at less than $30 and providing these kinds of results.

Our Recommendation
We like the way this is set up, with the ability to opt out of future shipments up front and just pay for the item straight up. If you like it you can always come back and order and set it up so you always have a fresh supply, but when you’re just trying it out, spending $27 to have it delivered to your door is not a bad deal, especially when you get your $20 back if you don’t like the results it provides.

What do you think? Does Wonder Wax work or not?

45 Customer Reviews on “Does Wonder Wax Really Work?

  1. This product is horrible!!!!!!! Is messy it does not come off, i tried different oils to get it off and its almost impossible to get it all off!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Wonderful story, reckoned we could combine a few unrelated data, nehtvereless genuinely really worth taking a search, whoa did one master about Mid East has got much more problerms too

  3. This istge absolute worst product ever. Its sticky and hurt like hell. It sgoyld be a crime to promote a product tgat absolutely false. It tiok me an hour and a half to get the stuff off it felt like i was ripping my skin off. I want to contact a lawyer for the pain i suffered and also the misconception on the product. Dont buy at all. Pissed off customer. Never again will i give sonething a chance again. They should be assumed of them selves

  4. For the life of me I cannot see why this product gets such a bad rap! I bought Wonder Wax over the internet after trying sugar waxing. I read all the negative comments but gave it a try regardless…

    I have never done my own Brazilian and found this product was great. I had no issues using it and it worked like a charm. I for one am a huge fan now 🙂

  5. Omg im soooo glad i read all of the reviews b4 i attempted this at home nightmare it seems to be causing enough of u. Holy Crap ladies, ill stick with the stash for now, and all the grow in stubble that comes along with it.
    Also, im so sorry to laugh so hard, but to the poor soul who only had enuf for one leg…. lmfao between backorders, and no shipments received, u should be able to peel the leftover wax off by the time u get to ur other leg.

  6. Worst mistake EVER!
    First off, the cup started sparking in my microwave.. Then, as soon as I pulled it out, the wax burned the crap out of my thumb! My thumb is boiled up with blisters. I am very upset. It hurts so bad.
    But, what can you expect with a $4 wax.. My suggestion, don’t freaking buy it!! It’s garbage!

  7. Works… Kinda… Not as bad as normal waxing but hurts still. Messy as all heck. Came off easy enough though. Didn’t remove all had just some I’ll still have to shave. They def didn’t provide enough for two legs though…. Probably won’t buy again.

  8. This product is a scam they say it is painless and easy to remove you know how painful it was to remove that stuff? very painful, and it took 1 hour too peel the wax off is it really worth it? no, don’t buy it they need to fix their mistakes and quit telling lies. I am trying to save you from these lies they tell. My mother is still trying to remove the wax from her face. It irritated her face and now she is in a lot of pain and having to moisturize her face don’t use it if you have sensitive skin.

  9. It does not work. it hurts very badly the wax continue to stick to my skin could not get it off. And it did not even remove my hair. I recommend that nobody’s to buy this product


  11. ALSO WONDERWAX DOES NOT COME OFF WITH OIL. sURGIWAX COMES OFF WITH OIL AND IT SMELLS LIKE MAPLE SYRUP. It also works without strips and I don’t like the strips. Im going back to it forever. don’t know about other waxes. I tried hair removal cream on my face and it was HORRIBLE. I looked liked I got burned from cooking crack and it exploded. Thank god it wasn’t permanent damage.

  12. I’ve used surgi wax for years. then I tried this and unless you get the temperature exactly right it also sticks to your skin. it waste twice as much and even cost twice as much. Also it smells like a tire . I found a BETTER USE FOR IT THOUGH. REMEMBER SHOE GOO FOR SHOE REPAIRS. IT WORKS GOOD FOR THAT.

  13. This stuff is pretty great. I just got it from the ‘ as seen on TV ‘ section at a local store. I’ve tried a few different at home waxing kits. They all were barely effective on fine hair. This stuff did great. I used a pencil on my eyebrows so I didn’t mess them up. That really helped. My only complaint is that it’s very stringy. I ended up with a little on my eyelashes. But baby oil got it right off. It was much less painful than the salon.

  14. DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT! I followed the instructions to the letter, I tried it on a small part of my leg, no big problem other then the mess and sticking to everything. Then I tried it on my upper lip and OMG! I have never felt anything like that and now I have small blisters on my upper lip! This was 10 minutes after taking it out of the microwave and with it less then the honey consistency that they say it should be. I can not imagine if I had only waited the 3 minutes it tells you to. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY!

  15. THIS HURTS!!!!!!!! DO NOT USE!!!! I tried this tonight and it stuck to my skin like glue. It tool me over an hour to get the wax off and the only way I got it off was to use olive oil. DO. NOT. USE

  16. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY THIS IS THE WORST PRODUCT I HAVE EVER USED! I just tried it this evening I put it on my armpit and it is NOT COMING off at all. It is not hardening the more I try to take it off the more pain I am in, I have tried everything to get it off with no success.
    After about an hour and a half and 3 different oils and hot water and lots of rubbing I got most of it off. Now I’m in a lot of pain and my whole armpit is swollen.
    I’m furious.
    I’ve tried many waxes before and this is by far the worst one yet I will stick to my epislim hair remover.

  17. I found this stuff at Walmart this past summer and I ONLY use it for my brows and around my upper lip. I think I was lucky, because I started off with very thick brows, so I was able to take a lot off to get the desired effect. Any time I went to the salon to get them done, the lady never thinned them enough for what I wanted, and to pay $8 plus tip per trip, I got to the point I only got them done once a year or so. Now I wax them once every 4-6 weeks, usually the same time I color my hair. Actually, this last time, I went closer to 2 months between waxing, without as much growth in between.
    I love this product for my brows, but I will stick to shaving for my legs, and I can’t bring myself to try waxing the bikini area.

  18. Don’t waste your money on this product or the scam company that sells it, Ontel. What a joke! I’d be better off using regular wax and dollar bills to wax with than this product. I took advantage of their buy one get one “free” offer. BIG MISTAKE! Only received one item and when I called they said they couldn’t do anything for me. Cost me $35 for a product that didn’t work like they said and smelled so bad gave me a migraine.

  19. I bought this crap without checking out the reviews . Don’t and I can’t even begin to shout this loud enough, Don’t buy into this scam. It does not come off of anything. not even with as atone. Purple is not pretty.

  20. cinnamom said it all .as i write this message my right underarm is covered in purple and i cant get it of .i cannot believe i did this never again

  21. I have been waxing for years and am used to the zip wax which you can only buy on line now. The wax did remove the hair great but it is very messy and sticky. If you get it on your hands it is impossible to remove. I think the trick is not to touch it after you apply it until it is completely set. I had to buy goo gone to get it off of my fingers. But I did think it did a great job

  22. I wouldn’t buy this product again, it stuck to my area below and it took about 40 mins to get it completely off, and removing from my hands OMG I tried everything and finally after 3 hours my fingers were back to normal, and the wax went straight into the trash!!!!!Please don’t waste your money on this product.

  23. So if any of you ever wondered if Wonder Wax worked…………………..For the love of all things holy DO NOT try it!!!!! Says sticks to hair and not to skin(lie #1) Stuck so bad it brought blood. Hair removal last for up to 8 weeks(lie # 2) pretty sure what hair was removed is permanent, may have to have a skin graft. Apply anywhere you have unwanted hair (lie #3) still have unwanted hair and now purple wax I can’t get off. Lift away for quick & painless hair removal(lie #4) PAINLESS my ass, childbirth was less painful. Try waxing they said, for the love of God if I can get the shit off I will not ever try it again.

  24. THIS IS A HORRIBLE PRODUCT!!! I have everything sticking to me. And only a little bit of my hair has been removed. I would strongly advise not buying this product. I bought this from Walmart for $10 and it is the most worst experience I’ve ever had with waxing

  25. I hate this product, it is messy, and it does not always come off cleanly I had residue left on my body that took over an hour to peel off! I would NEVER recommend this product to anyone. You are better off using strips. It is not painless like they said, even though I figured that much was likely not true.

  26. I was lucky in some ways, as I found this at CVS Pharmacy for $9.99+tax, so I didn’t waste too much money. It was so messy and hard to work with in the bikini area. I had a difficult time removing the wax. Worked better on facial areas. The wax stuck to my acrylic’s and I had the keep washing with oil and still couldn’t get it off.

  27. i am a graduated estetiko and this is a type of waxing professionals do use though i do not know exactly, the ingredients. it will work as it claims but take into consideration as mentioned above, people are all unique and their needs and we all vary, also there are some health issues to consider when doing these type of procedures that could be very hazardous in the future so consult a physician or dermo before actually using it. this is a really thumbs up product, pretty color and, if i was still in high school, and not a esto, i know i would be using this right now! i am even considering it but i don’t have wax pot warmers. lol.

  28. all anyone is talking about is how Brazilians are difficult if u dont know what you’re doing blah blah blah what I want to know is how does it really feel on compared to wax? does it REALLY only stick to hair and not skin or does it still stuck to shin cause pain but is just a different color??
    please clarify,

  29. Unbelievable!!! I ordered the almighty wax way back on 7/29/13 and called a few times to convey my discontent with the extended wait to receive it. I called today and they said, “we do not have the product in stock and it’s being made as we speak.” He gave a date that I should have it by and much to my amazement, he said OCTOBER 18!!!!! WTF?? I simply said that I have ordered dozens of products in the past and have never had such a bad experience such as this and also canceled my order. Almost 3 months to ship! I’m starting to think that they named it because; I “wonder” where my wax is? Maybe the ingredients are some special exotic blend of unobtainable constituents that come from the Amazon or something. I give up.

  30. I order this on 8/12/13 and I just called and they told me that it is and has been back ordered (meaning it’s not in stock) I asked if they had an ETA when they are suppose to receive a shipment in of the product and the guy said they don’t have a date….so no clue when this would be delivered! Kinda irritating if ya ask me! There was no where on the site when I had ordered it that said it was not instock!!!

  31. I ordered you product wounder wax on 7/3/13 but I have not received it yet can you tell me what”s going on? thanks

  32. Man, I have heard so many horror stories from people who went even to the professionals for Brazillian waxes, I just couldn’t imagine it ever being advertised as pain-free. But I think the key is whatever pre-treatment is applied on the hair first. This somehow will reduce the pain or at least that is what they are claiming. I personally feel like shaving is probably still the least painful way.

  33. In my opinion I’m pretty sure it does work, but you just have to know what you’re doing. Yes hard wax does stick to your hair and not your skin. But you have to remember that everyone’s pain tolerance is different. Also when using hard wax your hair has to be a certain length in order for the wax to pick up the hair. You have to have the best technique to get the best wax. I’ve never use this product, but I do work at a waxing salon that uses hard wax.

  34. Thanks for all of your insight, Phyllis. I agree that no waxing product will ever be completely painless. I think that is impossible, and those claims should never be made. I also agree with you that it is probably better to leave it up to a professional at a salon to do your eyebrows because waxing them at home can be messy and you may end up hurting yourself. It is better to just lie back and let someone else do the work for you quickly and effectively. I personally will not be running out to purchase this product, though it may be a good investment for others.

  35. I’m going to have to agree with Mira Ross. When it comes to the formula of a wax it’s imperative that it has all the right ingredients to provide a smooth, non-traumatic experience. ESPECIALLY if we are waxing near the you know where.
    However, I have done my fair share of waxing at home and if you are dealing with more sensitive areas it doesn’t matter how great the formula is. There is a minimum amount of skill that must be attained before you will experience a fantastic Brazilian in the comforts of your home. Practice makes perfect, I guess, but I’m too much of a chicken to practice a Brazilian.

  36. I’m sorry, but I totally disagree. Yes, the technology is great in that they have created a formula that a person can “use at home” or DIY, but when it comes to waxing, it’s best left to people who have done it a million times. In other words, leave it to the professionals. Especially if you have never waxed yourself and want to jump on this new Brazilian smooth bandwagon. Don’t believe that you can do it yourself, for the first time, and achieve the same professional results. It’s just not going to happen. Your skin is delicate, especially down there. Just plan to spend a few extra bucks and go let the professionals do it. And if you’re shy about showing them what you’ve got, well… I don’t know what to tell you. I feel this type of stuff is best left to professionals.

  37. This stuff works, but you need to know a couple of things first. This is only my experience and I have used Nads if you remember that Australian product that stuck to hair and not skin? It is my experience that you have to take the no-pain theory with a grain of salt. It really depends largely on how much hair you have, how long you have been shaving( for me 30 years) and how coarse the hair has become. They are claiming that you can do a Brazilian with it. Not painlessly, unless you have been doing Brazilian’s at the salon for a year or so and your hair is softer and wispier. Also yes, you can use any of them on eyebrows but if you are picky about shaping, they can prove very messy and mistakes are made easily.

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