Do the Wood Sunglasses by Tmbr Really Work?

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Do the Wood Sunglasses by Tmbr Work?Sunglasses have become one of those must have items for most people. Not only because they happen to be a stylish accessory but because of the protection they can give for the eyes. One of the latest trends happen to be those that are made of wood which means taking a look at Wood Sunglasses by Tmbr.

Wood Sunglasses by Timbre are just one brand of the many different types of wood sunglasses that are now becoming available on the market. We could have chosen any of these brands to showcase but the Tmbr brand offers a great selection of wood sunglasses comprised of different woods to choose from.

The Claim
The claim made about the Wood Sunglasses by Tmbr is unique for each pair of these glasses within their offerings. For example, the claims made by Wood Sunglasses by Timbre for the Stem Tortoise is that the wood is that of quality and is comprised of sustainable wood. The frames are made of a combination of wood and acetate which strikes the perfect balance for looks as well as functionality and durability.

The Hype
The hype for the Wood Sunglasses by Tmbr is no different than what it is for wood sunglasses in general. This pertains to the materials being natural which is what a lot of people are now attracted to when it comes to their accessories.

The Cost
The cost for the Wood Sunglasses by Tmbr is all going to depend on which style you choose.They can range in price from $20. Up to $90. Although there may be current promotions running that you can take advantage of.

The Commitment
The commitment that comes with the Wood Sunglasses by Tmbr is that you are going to have to take proper care of them, just like you do with other types of glasses. Making sure the lenses don’t get scratched and that they are properly cleaned is part of the responsibilities that come with providing good care for any glasses.

There are several things that we like about the Wood Sunglasses by Tmbr. We like the fact that they offer a great variety of styles for both men and women or some that can be worn by either. It is also good that they have a price range to choose from and even the more expensive ones are reasonably prices. Then we like the idea that the lenses are polarized and also the fact that although the Wood Sunglasses by Tmbr are made from wood they are lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Final Wood Sunglasses by Tmbr Review

We are going to give the Wood Sunglasses by Tmbr a thumbs up rating. We like the fact that they have put a lot of work into offering a selection. Plus, the wood is quality wood and there is a selection of woods that can be chosen.

Our Recommendation
If you are going to make an investment into quality sunglasses like Wood Sunglasses by Tmbr then you may want to spend a few extra dollars and invest in some quality glass cleaner like Smitty’s Glass Wax.

What do you think? Does Wood Sunglasses by Tmbr work or not?

Customer Review on “Do the Wood Sunglasses by Tmbr Really Work?

  1. I order a pair of sunglasses for a little under $100 and received the wrong pair. They are trying to charge for return shipping. Also had issues with ordering, it wouldn’t ship until I contacted them, they said it was out of stock, I wouldn’t have ordered it if it was so their website needs to be updated. Then had to contact them again to have them put the item in the mail. I would not trust this vendor!!!

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