Does Zantrex Really Work?

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Does Zantrex work?Zantrex is the quintessential diet pill that promises you’ll have more energy and lose weight and fat, moreso than you would with diet and exercise alone. It has celebrity buzz surrounding it, and they keep releasing new versions, but the underlying question that is still on everyone’s minds is whether or not it works, and is it safe?

When considering diet pills you have to consider the safety along with the effectiveness, as both are important. You can’t have a pill that is dangerous to take but works, since you’d be putting yourself at risk of side effects and complications. Likewise, you don’t want a pill that is safe but doesn’t do anything for you, since that would be a major time waster as well as a waste of money. Trying to find one that is both safe and effective can be a tricky job, but is still possible.

The Claim
Zantrex is claimed to have been able to help people lose up to 15% of their body fat. They say their ingredients are powerful, but do not contain ephedra. They say it makes dieting obsolete, which leads one to believe that you don’t have to change your current eating habits to achieve success with this.

The Hype
The bulk of the hype for this, believe it or not, is due to Snooki from The Jersey Shore. She credits at least a part of her rapid weight loss to taking diet pills, and shows up on the official website as a celebrity spokesperson. Regardless of your feelings towards Snooki, she was able to lose weight quickly after she had her baby, although it’s been stated that she’s not using the pills in a very safe way and shouldn’t be followed as a model for its use.

The Cost
The blue version of Zantrex 3 is $40 for 84 capsules, and the red version is also $40 but you only get 56 capsules. They have a discount in place if you order two bottles at once, where they give you a third bottle free, effectively bringing your per bottle price down to about $27 a bottle. Compared to other diet pills, this seems a bit expensive, seeing how you’re taking 4-6 pills a day, so this isn’t even enough to get you through the month. For the both the blue weight loss formula and the red fat burner version those prices are for a 2 week supply.

The Commitment
With diet pills you shouldn’t have to stay on them long in order to get the results you want, but each person is different. For health reasons you wouldn’t want to stay on them long-term, even if you do have a lot of weight to lose. Instead, you could use them as a catalyst to get you to start eating better and getting more exercise. Or you could use them for a specific purpose, like getting back to your pre-baby weight, and then stopping. They can be habit forming, so it’s best to be careful with them and only plan on being on them for a short period of time.

Zantrex has been around in some form for quite a few years now. They have two main versions of Zantrex-3, the original which comes in a blue bottle, and a fat burning version which comes in a red bottle. The blue says that you’re getting rapid weight loss, while the red says you’re specifically getting rapid fat loss. It’s unclear why a person would want to lose weight in general, rather than fat, because general weight loss can occur due to several different reasons including muscle loss, water loss, and more. Fat loss is fat loss, and that’s what the majority of people really mean when they say they want to lose weight, they want to lose the fat that is accounting for an increased weight.

Even though they say that these products contain no ephedrine, they are still acting to increase your heart rate, which leads to feelings of “energy” although this is not the true energy that you experience from eating healthy foods like fruits and vegetables that absorbed the energy from the sun. It’s the sort of manufactured effect that is used by energy drink manufacturers and the same sort of energy you get from drinking coffee and other caffeinated beverages.

Final Zantrex Review

Overall, we’re giving Zantrax the no-go based on concerns expressed by doctors in regards to taking a supplement that speeds up your heart rate, as well as the mixed bag of reviews it gets from actual users. For as long as it’s been around there have been anecdotal stories of people having adverse reactions to it, and they’ve been modifying the ingredients in order to take out the ingredients that get bad press. Overall it’s simply something worth staying away from, since the results you get will likely be spotty, and the risk you’re taking with your health is too high.

Our Recommendation
There are plenty of popular diet pills that have a better track record for success, and do not have as much controversial history surrounding them. You may have to disconnect from the idea that a celebrity can help guide you to a good purchase decision. Some of the better-reviewed diet pills don’t have a celebrity endorser and have managed to be successful without one. For less cost per month you can get a pill that doesn’t have as many side effects associated with it, and has been shown to work for the majority of users.

What do you think? Does Zantrex work or not?

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