Does Wunder Brow Really Work?

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Does Wunder Brow work?Wunder Brow is a system of doing your eyebrows that says it only takes one step and looks natural. If your eyebrows are often a source of trouble, you no doubt want to know whether or not this can really work.

Even though they contribute to the look of your entire face, eyebrows can be that make or break difference between looking good and looking not so good. It can be hard when you’ve got eyebrows that just don’t want to grow in easily, or that don’t take the shape that you’d like them to.

The Claim
The major claim by those behind the Wunder Brow is that you’ll be able to get natural-looking eyebrows in just one step, without having to fuss with them the way you do now. They also say that it won’t transfer to other surfaces, or rub off once it’s applied. They say that it’s waterproof and lasts for days so you don’t have to apply it every day. They say you don’t have to use eyebrow pencils, powders, or stencils anymore, and that there are four colors to choose from so that you can match it up with your hair and appearance.

They say the reason it works is by something they call “Permafix Technology” which is supposed to involve hairlike particles that grab onto your actual eyebrows and stay put.

The Hype
The eyebrows are often overlooked by many women, unless it’s time to get them waxed or shaped. Unless you have an ongoing problem with your eyebrows, then they become a thorn in your side and you’d do anything to get them to look the way you want them. For some this can cause a strong desire for a solution, and may lead to an impulse purchase in hopes that this is it.

The Cost
They sell this on a trial offer basis, and here’s how it works: You pay $29 to have the first one shipped to you in the shade you want. If you like it and want more they’ll send you another one 30 days later that will last you for 2 months, and then they’ll start auto-shipping you a two month supply every 60 days. The price stays the same, but you’re getting twice as much. They also include free gifts with your purchase, so you’re getting a total of three items with your order.

It’s confusing as to why they would charge you so much for a trial offer, but they do have a guarantee in place so that you can cancel within that 30 day window and get your money back. In order to cancel your automatic shipments there is a toll free number to call, so you can’t do it yourself through their website, and will likely get pitched to stay on when you try to cancel.

The Commitment
Since this is supposed to go on easy and last for days, you aren’t having to do too much to use this.

Wunder Brow gets mixed reviews from users, and for this price we’d expect to see something that was a little more unanimous. If they are being sincere that you really are getting a discounted price, then an eyebrow product that costs $30 a month to use should give you the eybrows you want, and we’d see a big slant toward it working, instead of some people saying it helped, and others saying it didn’t make a difference.

The one quality about eyebrows is that they have to look just right in order to pull off your look. There is little room for error. There are a lot of claims being made about this product, which means there is the likelihood that it won’t be able to live up to all of them.

Final Wunder Brow Review

Wunder Brow is getting our Risky Try rating. The mixed feedback it has received, coupled with the forced auto-ship enrollment means double trouble for the consumer. There’s about a 50/50 chance that you’ll like it, which means half of the people are going to have to remember to call in and get details on the return process for their money back guarantee. It also means that even if it does work and you don’t want to return it, but you don’t want to receive more of it automatically, you’ll still have to call and cancel your auto-shipments.

Our Recommendation
At the end of the day it’s a coin flip, and it’s up to you whether you want to try this out and see how it works for your eyebrows or not. Just remember to mark your calendar and call in before your 30 days is up if you need to return it of if you don’t want to receive your next shipment and be billed for it as well.

What do you think? Does Wunder Brow work or not?

313 Customer Reviews on “Does Wunder Brow Really Work?

  1. Omg…I’ll say this much ” Y’all scared me enough!!” Goodness gracious losing eye brow hair while using a product that’s suppose to fill in light spots of bareness yet won’t work on any one that doesn’t have eyebrow hair at all. Seems like a nightmare
    they (wunderbrow) want women to stay away from. End result tells me its for eyebrows with hair will effectually your eyebrow hair??? Yes that’s a nightmare then wunderbrow wants you pay for that nightmare we as women will to live with long well after using their product. BBB & lawsuit reports will be coming next I’m sure. Thanks lady’s y’all have been most helpful on helping me bypass this product.

  2. Wunderbrow does not work. Do not buy. I lost my eyebrows using it. Then my daughter started using it and she too, lost some of her eyebrows. Do not buy this product.

  3. I used a similar product from qvc and had problems with my eyes for weeks.Ended up going to doc. he said I had debris under my eyelid.I had to use ointment for days to clear it up.I think it was because of the product I used with the hair like fibers.I did not use Wonderbrow.

  4. I bought wunderbrow as I have missing brow hair due to over plucking.
    I was disappointed. It just seemed watery on my skin and would only stick to hair. So no, it doesn’t
    Work on your skin.

  5. I’m just curious if you are continuing to use the Topamax and maintaining good results? I’m also wondering if it’s hereditary. I have had the disease since my teen years, never pulling hairs out on top of my head, just my eyebrows and eyelashes. My daughter, who is now 24, doesn’t pull her eyebrows or eyelashes, but the hair on top of her head. She has to wear a wig every single day because she has made herself bald on the top and side of her head. She has been doing this since her high school years as well. I’m really interested in learning more about Topamax. I would love to have beautiful natural eyelashes again!

  6. I have sensitive eyes, use hypoallergenic makeup. Will this be ok for me to use. I have already purchased and am not sure if I should try it. I am concerned about removing it if I do not like it and how to get it off without having to SCRUB my brows. Also what to know what kind of eye makeup remover do you suggest I use, (that is not abbresive) besides Wunderbrow remover, which is expensive.

    Thank you for giving this matter your attention. Since I already have product I am awaiting your reply.

  7. Ok people, Let’s get it together here. This product is excellent. The best hands down. A little goes a long way and you definitely don’t want to apply too much NOR do you want to use the applicator that comes with the Wunderbrow or you will look like a clown. A nice small angle brush and a dab of product does the trick. It lasts long too, no need to do eyebrows everyday. I would suggest to watch a tutorial on youtube before using the product to ensure you are applying it correctly. If it clumps up on you….you applied it wrong!

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