Does Wunder Brow Really Work?

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Does Wunder Brow work?Wunder Brow is a system of doing your eyebrows that says it only takes one step and looks natural. If your eyebrows are often a source of trouble, you no doubt want to know whether or not this can really work.

Even though they contribute to the look of your entire face, eyebrows can be that make or break difference between looking good and looking not so good. It can be hard when you’ve got eyebrows that just don’t want to grow in easily, or that don’t take the shape that you’d like them to.

The Claim
The major claim by those behind the Wunder Brow is that you’ll be able to get natural-looking eyebrows in just one step, without having to fuss with them the way you do now. They also say that it won’t transfer to other surfaces, or rub off once it’s applied. They say that it’s waterproof and lasts for days so you don’t have to apply it every day. They say you don’t have to use eyebrow pencils, powders, or stencils anymore, and that there are four colors to choose from so that you can match it up with your hair and appearance.

They say the reason it works is by something they call “Permafix Technology” which is supposed to involve hairlike particles that grab onto your actual eyebrows and stay put.

The Hype
The eyebrows are often overlooked by many women, unless it’s time to get them waxed or shaped. Unless you have an ongoing problem with your eyebrows, then they become a thorn in your side and you’d do anything to get them to look the way you want them. For some this can cause a strong desire for a solution, and may lead to an impulse purchase in hopes that this is it.

The Cost
They sell this on a trial offer basis, and here’s how it works: You pay $29 to have the first one shipped to you in the shade you want. If you like it and want more they’ll send you another one 30 days later that will last you for 2 months, and then they’ll start auto-shipping you a two month supply every 60 days. The price stays the same, but you’re getting twice as much. They also include free gifts with your purchase, so you’re getting a total of three items with your order.

It’s confusing as to why they would charge you so much for a trial offer, but they do have a guarantee in place so that you can cancel within that 30 day window and get your money back. In order to cancel your automatic shipments there is a toll free number to call, so you can’t do it yourself through their website, and will likely get pitched to stay on when you try to cancel.

The Commitment
Since this is supposed to go on easy and last for days, you aren’t having to do too much to use this.

Wunder Brow gets mixed reviews from users, and for this price we’d expect to see something that was a little more unanimous. If they are being sincere that you really are getting a discounted price, then an eyebrow product that costs $30 a month to use should give you the eybrows you want, and we’d see a big slant toward it working, instead of some people saying it helped, and others saying it didn’t make a difference.

The one quality about eyebrows is that they have to look just right in order to pull off your look. There is little room for error. There are a lot of claims being made about this product, which means there is the likelihood that it won’t be able to live up to all of them.

Final Wunder Brow Review

Wunder Brow is getting our Risky Try rating. The mixed feedback it has received, coupled with the forced auto-ship enrollment means double trouble for the consumer. There’s about a 50/50 chance that you’ll like it, which means half of the people are going to have to remember to call in and get details on the return process for their money back guarantee. It also means that even if it does work and you don’t want to return it, but you don’t want to receive more of it automatically, you’ll still have to call and cancel your auto-shipments.

Our Recommendation
At the end of the day it’s a coin flip, and it’s up to you whether you want to try this out and see how it works for your eyebrows or not. Just remember to mark your calendar and call in before your 30 days is up if you need to return it of if you don’t want to receive your next shipment and be billed for it as well.

What do you think? Does Wunder Brow work or not?

313 Customer Reviews on “Does Wunder Brow Really Work?

  1. Omg…I’ll say this much ” Y’all scared me enough!!” Goodness gracious losing eye brow hair while using a product that’s suppose to fill in light spots of bareness yet won’t work on any one that doesn’t have eyebrow hair at all. Seems like a nightmare
    they (wunderbrow) want women to stay away from. End result tells me its for eyebrows with hair will effectually your eyebrow hair??? Yes that’s a nightmare then wunderbrow wants you pay for that nightmare we as women will to live with long well after using their product. BBB & lawsuit reports will be coming next I’m sure. Thanks lady’s y’all have been most helpful on helping me bypass this product.

  2. Wunderbrow does not work. Do not buy. I lost my eyebrows using it. Then my daughter started using it and she too, lost some of her eyebrows. Do not buy this product.

  3. I used a similar product from qvc and had problems with my eyes for weeks.Ended up going to doc. he said I had debris under my eyelid.I had to use ointment for days to clear it up.I think it was because of the product I used with the hair like fibers.I did not use Wonderbrow.

  4. I bought wunderbrow as I have missing brow hair due to over plucking.
    I was disappointed. It just seemed watery on my skin and would only stick to hair. So no, it doesn’t
    Work on your skin.

  5. I’m just curious if you are continuing to use the Topamax and maintaining good results? I’m also wondering if it’s hereditary. I have had the disease since my teen years, never pulling hairs out on top of my head, just my eyebrows and eyelashes. My daughter, who is now 24, doesn’t pull her eyebrows or eyelashes, but the hair on top of her head. She has to wear a wig every single day because she has made herself bald on the top and side of her head. She has been doing this since her high school years as well. I’m really interested in learning more about Topamax. I would love to have beautiful natural eyelashes again!

  6. I have sensitive eyes, use hypoallergenic makeup. Will this be ok for me to use. I have already purchased and am not sure if I should try it. I am concerned about removing it if I do not like it and how to get it off without having to SCRUB my brows. Also what to know what kind of eye makeup remover do you suggest I use, (that is not abbresive) besides Wunderbrow remover, which is expensive.

    Thank you for giving this matter your attention. Since I already have product I am awaiting your reply.

  7. Ok people, Let’s get it together here. This product is excellent. The best hands down. A little goes a long way and you definitely don’t want to apply too much NOR do you want to use the applicator that comes with the Wunderbrow or you will look like a clown. A nice small angle brush and a dab of product does the trick. It lasts long too, no need to do eyebrows everyday. I would suggest to watch a tutorial on youtube before using the product to ensure you are applying it correctly. If it clumps up on you….you applied it wrong!

  8. Have u tried any other such products? I really want to give this a try but am bervluse about the mixed reviews and the automatic enrollment (which I obviously could camcel…so not as big of a deal). I just need to know if it’s worth it or if anyone else out there haso tried a different brand that has worked. Thank u, thank u, thank u….I really appreciate any feedback.

  9. I also had chemo and have very little brows, what I do have is grey. I’ve been using Wunderbrow for 3 months and love it. It takes a little practice but hang in there. It’s worth it.

  10. I just called my “local” Ulta store, and they don’t carry it. I thought I saw other sites saying that they DID sell it at Ulta when I was Googling where to buy it, but now I just don’t know!

  11. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism a few years back. I was wondering why the outside of my eyebrows stopped growing back. I had no idea thanks for connecting the dots for me!

  12. Raelynn, I’m sorry your daughter is having this issue. I’ve been dealing with trich for almost a year now and it’s been very difficult. It is an impulse disorder, and falls under anxiety and OCD umbrellas as well.

    In my case, I suffered an accident and the trauma resulted in PTSD. I’ve always had mild anxiety and OCD tendencies, and the trauma just kind of caused them to blow out of proportion. I’m currently seeing an psychologist to help me deal with it all.

    Please try to remember that this isn’t something that can necessary be controlled with just willpower, or that it’s a conscious choice.

  13. For 15 years I have been drawing on my eyebrows. They would never grow the intended shape I wanted. When I heard and seen all the hype about the “Wunderbrow” I immediately figured for $22 this might just be the answer to my dreams. To start my day with eyebrows and end it with none due to wiping and “gently” dabbing sweat. I said there has got to be a better way. My wunderbrow came today and boy must I say. It is EVERYTHING they said it would be. Im so in love and to know I can go to sleep and wake up with eyebrows for DAYS is the best!

  14. I want to know if it sticks to skin I had chemo I have no brow hairs I’ve had them tatood and they are fading I want to try this product but now I’ve heard there is a forced auto ship is this true?

  15. Will you please send me some samples of your products to try before I buy.
    I have auburn hair.
    Thank you
    Tina Parker
    4339 St Rt 122
    Franklin Ohio 45005

  16. I just received my Wunder Brow and so far, so good…I find that you have to wipe the excess off on the tip of the bottle; apply sparingly, then use the brush to spread it out which gives your eyebrow the illusion of hair strands… It takes practice, but overall I will continue to use it. I’m just curious to see how long it lasts before reapplying…I shall see tonight!! 🙂

  17. I use Waterworks Hair Color on my brows. It’s a powder you mix with water, so you can mix up just a little at a time. Works great on what I have. I also had them ” permanent makeup ed” which is not real tattoo ink, but some sort of vegetable stuff. The back half of my eyebrows are gone, so she drew a single line. Not at all happy. Going to have regular tattoo artist do them in a medium taupe.

  18. I absolutely love this product! I recently spent a week in Greece, and prior to going I was researching different products to use to make me feel comfortable when it came to the heat and swimming. I have used gimme brow by benefit before, and that is rubbish. I came across Wunderbrow on my Facebook so I thought I would give it a go. Absolutely amazing! My brows were on point for my entire holiday. I spent the days jumping off cliffs and swimming in the pool, and even when I woke up in the morning after a heavy night out. Would recommend this product to anyone who struggles to get the ‘filled’ brow look that’s in nowadays. However, I would recommend purchasing a good make up remover product to get this Wunderbrow off.

  19. If you do not have eyebrows or they are very sketchy, don’t order this product! It has nothing to attach to and looks like paint on bare skin. I have half a brow and tried this product and it was too hard to get a defined brow shape and looked horrible when it dries on bare skin.

  20. I bought your Wonderbrow product about 8 months ago, I don’t use it too often because it seems that it’s dried out, anything I can add to the tube to make it less thick?
    Thank you for your time.

  21. I have had trichotillomania since I was really young and I am now 32 years old. I finally have not pulled my hair in about 5 months since I started a medication called topamax which can be used for urges. I take 100 mg a day and I just don’t have the urge to pull my hair. This is a impulse control disorder and I was never able to stop on my own.

  22. YES, I just tried it on today for the first time…I am a redhead and the “auburn” is waaaaay to dark, I didn’t like how I applied it and tried to fix it…NOPE…while trying to remove it my OWN very little eyebrows that I do have fell out…like a TON. Looks hideous… 🙁 Not happy at all…

  23. I just now purchased both the Wunderbrow, and the Wunderbrow D-Fine. They had a great discount offer I couldn’t refuse!!!
    Now after reading the reviews I’m a little concerned!
    I have NO brows at all, and refuse to try tattooing or “permanent makeup”, as they call it. It seems to me that the only REAL solution is cosmetic hair transplants. I’ve already met with hair restoration surgeons. It’s very expensive, and takes about eight months for the grafts to fully take, but it looks like that’s the next step for me.
    I’m curious if anyone else has ever had this done, and how the outcome was?

  24. I love this product. I have very light eyebrows. I over plucked when you and genetically have thin hair. I use this everyday it makes happy to have bows again. I donot use the wand it came with. That is too goopy and slimy goes on like a sharpie. I use an angle brush with just a dab and it comes out perfect. I can say enough how much I loved it after I started using a different brush.

  25. I am going to try this product but you can buy at Ulta Store as well as drugstores. If anyone out there is wanting to try it just pick it up at a store and if it dont work for you just return it.

  26. Wow that’s crazy… I’ve had thinning on the outer brow and was diagnosed about 6 months ago but the 2 have never been linked till now!! Thanks for the info hun x

  27. After reading all of the negative remarks about this product, (and I know all these ladies can’t be lying). So, I will not consider buying this “magical wunderbrow” product. But.. as much as I thought I wanted to I won’t, can’t risk it.
    Thank you ladies and I hope everyone gets their refunds back

  28. Hi, Raelynn! I was reading through the comments and saw your question about Trichotillomania. I used to struggle with it (for about 12 years). I would mostly pull from my head, but also would routinely overtweeze my beautiful, thick eyebrows. Of course, the hairs on your head and your eyelashes almost always grow back, but my eyebrows never did (ergo, I am researching this Wunderbrow product). I have not pulled hairs for about 3 years.

    As to what causes Trichotillomania, there are a couple possibilities. The most common reason is feelings of stress, anxiety, and uneasiness. I had a traumatic childhood, so my i took my uneasiness out on my hair, without realizing it. On other occasions, it is just a habit done when a person is bored or daydreaming, and happens for little to no reason at all (maybe starts out as a fascination with the feeling of hair, and escalates). I stopped pulling my hair after I went to counseling for my stress and anxiety. Perhaps your daughter is just bored or fascinated with the feel 🙂 In any case, it’s something that can become serious. I hope all goes well for you! 🙂


  29. I am 44 and have had since my 20’s. At first I didn’t pull from my hair it was just my eyebrows and lashes. Then in my late 20s to early 30’so I started pulling my hair. It seems to happen more at night if I’m restless. I also found out that I could go for months when my stress was down and I was well rested without pulling out any hair.

    I hope this helps. It has helped me to monitor what is going on in my life when the pulling starts again.

  30. This product does not work at all. Who do I contact to get my money back?? ..the only number they give is for the UK which I called and they couldn’t help me nor give me any other numbers to contact??

  31. If you only have hair on half your eyebrow, you may be hypothyroid. You may even have been tested and told you don’t, or tested and given replacement medication but too low a dose, because the test isn’t very accurate, and, because some people have used the medication for weight loss, many doctors are very conservative about treating it. Obviously, we’ve never met, so this is very general advice, but anyone with thinning hair on the outside of their eyebrows should be checked for hypothyroidism, as that is a primary symptom. It would be wise of companies that make products like this to recommend that as well.

  32. I am more curious about your condition. My daughter was just diagnosed with this and she was able to have enough control to grow her lashes back but now started pulling from her head and hides it in a bun. Why do you think you do this and what brings it on?

  33. what a bunch of bs! You show a photo of a woman who has over-tweezed her brow, to draw one in. Then your website just shows women with thin eyebrows, but not OVER TWEEZED. Bate and switch!
    The women you show on your site may have thinning brows, but they are filled in over the eye, not someone who has tweezed too short. Again, I CALL B.S.


  34. SEND MY MONEY iT HAS BEEN eight days short of 30 days and not a response.
    What a Scam. Consumers watch out for all companies that do not include an address for the company and a telephone number. Send me my refund, you have your product now I want my money.

  35. Almost 60 days Wundabrow and I have not received my refund. What do I have to do to get my money refunded to me?


  36. I’ve been using waterproof mascara on my eyebrows for years and it works great. Yes, I have to do them every day, but, they will stay on even through swimming. My eyebrows are so blonde you can’t even see them and my hair is dark brown, so you can just imagine how odd that looks! Also, I have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis which has affected my brows. I use a black/brown waterproof mascara and trim the applicator on the wand to make application easier. I considered purchasing Wunderbrow but I’m not going to after reading such mixed reviews. I’ll just stick with my current solution since I know it works!

  37. Didn’t work for me. I have dark skin and ordered the black/brown. Looked fake and greyish. Will try the blonde which will hopefully come out brown and less harsh. Very disappointed after the hype.

  38. This is a great product! The answer to my eyebrow dreams. I had my eyebrows done a few years back by a “permanent” make-up tattoo person, and they faded out to light red areas. I apply pencil daily but it doesn’t stay on through sleeping or showering. This does. Looks more natural than pencil, and really stays on. But– Do not apply with the brush that comes with the product. It is way too large and difficult to use with accuracy. I used an eyeliner brush that I cut short. The brush they send is good for finishing after that.

  39. This product may be perfect for some however is not good for me. It did not work on the bald areas of my brow or where there is no hair. I’ve been looking for an address to mail back for a refund and must remember where there is not an address or customer service phone, I should not order. Something fishy. Consumer advocates here I come. I want my money back $22.00. From Barbara Massey- Forgy, 1295 5th Ave – 16C, New York, NY 10029 todays date March 28, 2016

  40. I ordered from amazon for $22 and received promptly. However, this is not the right product for me. The product does not work well for filling in bald spot on your brows and looks clown-ish. The applicator and wand brush are not the best tools for application. However, even after using a slanted brush as in the tutorial, the product and brows looked awful. It is like painting your skin. Anyone looking at you would notice immediately. The color stands out and looks artificial. The black/brown color is a dark taupe and too light and grayish looking for anyone with dark brown to black hair. When used on the hairs, it makes the contrast between thick and thin/ bald areas too significant. I’m still looking for the perfect product. This is not it.

  41. I find it very difficult to work with, the applicator is wrong, it’s too long making it difficult to control. I also have half brows on each side so it’s like painting on my skin. I purchased on eBay, no commitment to purchase monthly and the cost was $22.00 which is outrageous for eyebrow makeup. I have entered a request to return and receive a refund. I absolutely give it a thumbs down

  42. I wouldn’t recommend permanent tattoos, research eyebrow embroidery, it is a semi permenant tattoo which lasts for two years and instead of being a solid block of colour, it creates individual lines to imitate real hairs. You can obviously add extra colour or weight with makeup or just rely on the more natural look. Either way as it only lasts for two years, as fashions change you can also update your look. I’ve read so many horror stories of permenant tattoos.

  43. It’s been three weeks since I’ve placed the order, which I totally regret now, and no sign of a delivery.I’ve called and it’s “on it’s way”. I wonder if I can cancel the auto shipment now. I have a bad feeling about this product and haven’t even received it yet. I paid to much money to have to deal with bad customer service.

  44. Did anyone else notice after using this product for a while that my own natural eyebrows seem to have fallen out/very thin. Weren’t like that before I used this product?

  45. This product is horrible! Goes on thin so you have to apply in layers. After drying, it is not at all natural looking. My eyebrows are very thin so maybe that is why I was so disappointed. If you have thicker brows it may work better BUT I would just use a eye powder to touch up. Also, it does not stay on as described. If you workout & get hot & sweaty it sorts of just makes cakey marks on your brows that looks like someone took a magic marker and made dots on your brows. Do not waste your time or money. Sorry girls, this was not my answer to beautiful brows. Returning product.

  46. Just wondering … do you have to apply the product with the wand supplied? In a video I watched it was being applied with what looked like an eyebrow brush ..?

  47. I have ordered my wunderbrow and the stuff to remove it. I ordered it the second week in January. My printer was missprinting and i did not write the confirmation number down. My zip is 85122 and i live in Casa Grande, Arizona. I was told it would be in the mail. Can you check on the order please

  48. I use it and I love it! I’ve tattooed my eyebrows 3 times, but it healed very light due to my oily skin. I have very little eyebrows, but with Wunderbrow it grabs on to what I have and it makes it look fuller ad natural looking. Not dark and unnatural like it did when I used an eyebrow pencil. You have to brush it on very lightly on the eyebrow (hair), not the skin. I love coming out of the shower and having eyebrows. Less hassles when getting ready.

  49. I have thinning and greying eyebrows. I used the blonde but still find it a bit brown I wish they would do a dark greyish colour for us older ladies, who are probably a big market for this product.
    I do not use the paintbrush applicator as it looks heavy handed and unnatural. Perhaps it wouldn’t if I could get a better colour match. I just put a tiny amount on the end of the mascara type brush and apply it bit by bit. I am very pleased with the results but have to reapply every day, which I don’t mind as I use so little.

  50. I have an autoimmune problem and my eye brows are slowly falling out . Will this remain on just the skin ? I have ordered it and am praying it will help.

  51. The best thing to do with no hair is lasting makeup which is what it was called I spent a small fortune and is was really just tattooing….P.S. don’t regret it at all…

  52. I was very disappointed with the wunderbrow. I ordered the blond and it went on dark brown. It was caky and didn’t look at all natural, my husband said I looked like a pantomime dame.
    I returned it to you Euro house. Cremers road, sittingbourne, Kent.ME10 3US. On 17/11/15 and not heard anything , so this morning, rang and spoke to someone and was told that it had not been received. Seems. Bit odd to me, as it was sent via the post office. I have a receipt. Could someone please tell me what is going on here.

  53. Mmmm . I actually like the wunder brow. I guess its how you apply it . A little goes a long way I only use on the bits where I don’t have enough hair. I really do like rather than pencils, as it last so much longer.

  54. So disappointed, I have have the glass tube but cannot get the brush into it so totally wasted. In all I have used it 6 times so I would say really bad value for money.

  55. You don’t need to subscribe folks! Why would you ever do that? Buy it from Boots the Chemist. Twenty quid!!!

  56. Struggled a bit at first as the bristles were too long so I cut them down. Made it much easier to get a good look. Find it a bit expensive at £20, the Technic brow gel is not bad and only £1.99.

  57. I love this product, easy to use and stays on for days. Use like you would a nail varnish, get excess off on the edge of opening (making the brush flatter and thinner) and gradually apply bit by bit. I would say this would not work though if you do not have any eyebrow hairs.

  58. Absolute rubbish not worth the twenty pound. I think it would be ok on fine eyebrows but I have corse black eyebrows and even though I brought the black wunderbrow it was still shades lighter than my brow. And also only good if you have an already good shaped brow does not work if your trying to reshape your brow. Don’t waste your money !!!

  59. Glad I haven’t tried this. I would like to ask how clear is it made that you have entered into a ‘continuous auto payment agreement’? Sounds like it could be another scam if this isn’t made completely clear. I would suggest that it might be better to go to a shop/chemist/drugstore to get something similar, and it would most likely be a lot cheaper. If this product is so wonderful why do further shipments need to be sent so often? This has scam written all over it – don’t fall for it. There is no miracle cure for thin eyebrows.

  60. SO disappointing. didn’t live up to any of its claims. clumpy, patchy, messy, impossible to apply evenly & definitely not natural looking. oh, and it rubbed off during the night. yet again a make-up company gets away with selling inferior quality goods under false pretences. back to the tried & tested subtleties of pencil for me, poorer & wiser 0/10

  61. Wunderbrow did not work for me at all. It was thick and cakey and looked very unnatural when aaplied despite wiping most of the wand before applying it. Also, it did NOT stay on. It flaked off and wore off or sweated off through the course of the day. At the end of the day, my brows looked horrible with the uneven patchiness of wunderbrow. Save your money & stick with pencils

  62. Ordered wunderbrow on the 30th May have phoned them to let them know that I still have,nt received my order,If it’s still not here by Monday,I’m going to cancel the payment I made to them thank goodness I paid with a credit card and not my debit card. PS the girl that I spoke to on the phone told me that I should have received my order because it only takes a couple of days to send it out.Feeling I’ve been done.

  63. I also would like to know if the product can be used when you have no eyebrow hair?

  64. I have tricotillomania and because of this I have absolutely no hair where my eyebrows are supposed to be. My question is would this product work on me if I have no eyebrow hair??

  65. I have ordered this but do not know what “wonder xcell” that is included in pkg. is for or how to use?

  66. I love Wunderbrow. Pencils always give such a harsh look to the eyebrows. Wunderbrow gives a more natural look because you are applying the product to the surface of the hairs not on the skin under the brow hair. The product stays on also through perspiration, showering, swimming. It does not smear. You can use the brush to smooth the product out and a Q-tip to fix any mishaps on the skin. I love it!

  67. I’m always on the lookout for a good eyebrow filler. I have always hated how light my eyebrows were compared to my hair. My eyebrows don’t show very well, and when I use a darker color than my natural color, my eyebrows accentuate my eyes better.

    However, like Allison, this product seems too liquidy to me. I also feel like, with a product like this, you’ll have a hard time positioning the wand just right to get every part of your eybrows without going over. It just seems toobig for me. I prefer eyebrow pencils for their convenience and precision.

  68. Okay, there are a couple of different factors I look for when trying to find the perfect eyebrow filler and/or shaper. First of all, I look for convenience. It is so important that I can look at the range of colors up close to see what shade would best match my own eyebrows. Second, I look for the perfect formula. An overly liquid formula can really make my eyebrows look painted and that is the last thing we want. Lastly, I look for affordability. money is always a factor when you’re shopping. I found that while the product has the potential to be great, it was just a little too liquid-y for me and the fact that it is $29 for an automatic shipment just didn’t seem worth it to me. Sorry, Wunder Brow, i’m going to have to pass.

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