Does Zi Xiu Tang Really Work?

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Does Zi Xiu Tang work?Not to be confused with the orange flavored breakfast drink Tang, Zi Xiu Tang is made out of bee pollen and is designed to help you lose weight. Usually when we hear about some new weight loss fad that comes from an unusual source, we roll our eyes and wonder what they’ll think of next. But because there have been a lot of studies done on the positive effects of bee pollen, honey, and other bee-related byproducts, we decided to take a closer look.

Aside from the Chinese name, they’ve done a lot to emphasize that this supposedly originated in China. The packaging has Chinese characters on it, as do each of the individual pills. When a company wants a product to have a air of mysticism around it, or claim that it has ancient origins, they will say that it comes from China and that it has been in use for thousands of years. It’s easy to see that on the average Chinese people have a better handle on their weight than Americans, but are we to believe it’s because they’re all taking this pill, and we’re not?

The Claim
The makers of Zi Xiu Tang say that the bee pollen it contains will give you an increase in energy as well as give you a new zest for life, and increase your endurance in physical activities. They say that this one superfood alone holds a wide range of vitamins and minerals, as well as amino acids and other beneficial substances for the body. For those looking to increase their intake of B Vitamins, either from doctor’s orders or their own personal wishes, they say this contains them, as well as antioxidants like lycopene, selenium and others.

If you’re looking at these mostly for their weight loss effect, they say it helps by reducing your calorie intake, and boosting your energy, which in essence will boost your metabolism. They say it makes you feel full, and gets you through feelings of hunger, as well as cravings for your favorite foods. They also say that it blocks some of the fat that you eat from being absorbed by the body, so you end up eating less, and what you do eat doesn’t get absorbed as easily.

The Hype
Since these are basically diet pills with some extra side benefits, they are going to receive the same sort of hype that weight loss pills get. Namely, the something for nothing concept that entails you changing nothing about your lifestyle and just taking a pill to reach all of your fat loss goals. Be sure not to get caught up in that idea, and if you do end up taking these, supplement it with more responsible eating, and more regular exercise.

The Cost
One box of Zi Xiu Tang is $20.80, and in a quite absurd move, the standard shipping is $20. Why they would gouge you on the shipping is beyond us. They could just as easily have sold the box of pills for $30 and charged a reasonable $10 shipping. If you check the shipping label when it arrives you will see that they paid less than $10 to ship it. It’s nonsensical for a company to charge this price for standard shipping, when this is the cost of either next day by Fed Ex or 2 Day by UPS.

The Commitment
When you are thinking of taking a diet pill, you should not plan to be on it forever, and the only recommended way to use them is as a catalyst to a new an improved you. That’s why when we do recommend weight loss pills, we recommend eating healthier and getting more active in conjunction with taking the pills, because your results will come faster, and you will get over the hump where it’s difficult to stay motivated and no one is complimenting you. Once you get through what Seth Godin calls “The Dip” you start getting to the fun part where people say nice things to you, and you look better in the mirror, and then it’s easier to stay on with your efforts, and wean yourself off the pills.

The ingredients in Zi Xiu Tang, while perhaps being used for thousands of years in China, have not undergone a lot of rigorous testing or clinical trials, so you’re really taking a risk trying this out. Especially since the company that produces it doesn’t cite any studies that they conducted, or say that they’ve done an ounce of research into how the individual ingredients they use combine together when taken at the same time.

Final Zi Xiu Tang Review

Zi Xiu Tang might work, if it actually contains what it says it contains. We weren’t able to find any reliable feedback on it, and we’re going to say that it is not something you should get involved in. There are just way to many decent weight loss pills out there that deserve your consideration before this does.

Our Recommendation
As a matter of principle we can’t recommend trying this, at least not through their official site, due to their ridiculous shipping charges. You can find it at Amazon, but there seems to be a lot of fishy reviews on it, and the negative reviews are pretty enlightening, saying you either get a phony product, or you get something that makes your heart race.

What do you think? Does Zi Xiu Tang work or not?

3 Customer Reviews on “Does Zi Xiu Tang Really Work?

  1. Zi Xiu Tang did actually work, under the old formulation! The company had to change or remove some of the ingredients do to US heath regulations! I personally know about 6 people that lost weight while on this pill! But now no-longer use it. Some people said they felt weird! and didn’t like the feeling they had on it!

  2. Actually, Chinese people aren’t as thin as they used to be because they’re eating McDonald’s now just like Americans do. Americans have invaded their culture with fast food. But bee pollen has proven to be effective in shaping the body. So in that way, this product may indeed be a good one. I do agree that the shipping charge is very expensive. But there are some diet packages that cost as much if you were to combine the shipping and the cost. Not sure if this product will work, but people are willing to pay big money if a product works. Most people want to be thin.

  3. I’ve been interested in Zi Xiu Tang for some time now but I haven’t been able to pull the trigger on it just yet. There are many mixed reviews but at the same time from my personal research there are overwhelmingly more positive reviews than the negative ones and it makes me wonder what diet product would have 100% satisfaction rate. I might just give it a try, what would I have to lose but 40 bucks for a month trial?

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