Does 30 Second Smile Really Work?

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Does 30 Second Smile really work?Can a contraption like 30 Second Smile really work? If you’ve ever felt that squeaky clean feeling right after your visit to the dentist you’ll want to recreate it at home. It’s a great feeling to have your teeth cleaned properly, as all plaque, food residue, and stains are efficiently removed from your teeth. You probably feel like smiling all day too.

When a system of brushing is introduced on the market that promises to produce the same results as a trip to the dentist, you will surely get interested. And that’s what 30 Second Smile is all about. It’s got one of those names that instantly give you an idea as to what it’s promising.

The Overview
The 30 Second Smile is an electronic toothbrush. According to its manufacturer, this is not just any ordinary electronic toothbrush, as it uses revolutionary techniques that are not present in other brands of toothbrush or designs.

The Claim
This new revolutionary toothbrush claims that it can make your teeth sparkling white, to produce the brightest smile that you can project. And not only that, it also guarantees that you will have healthy gums through the regular use of this device. In fact, it even claims that it can reverse the symptoms of gingivitis in as early as 2 weeks, by simply using the toothbrush regularly. Ease-of-use is also well advertised, as the toothbrush is said to clean all surface areas of the teeth, front and back, top and bottom, at the same time.

The Hype
Who wouldn’t want to have a perfect smile in just 30 seconds of brushing your teeth? With a very catchy name and a well-advertised product, consumers are attracted by the offer. And the company also promises a lot of free stuff too, and this makes it even more enticing and convincing.

The Cost
A set of 30 Second Smile costs around $60. The company also offers a 60-day guarantee at which time you can return the product if not fully satisfied with its performance. You are also offered free brushes for life wherein you only need to pay for shipping and handling. This is a form of auto-ship and auto-billing that is popular for products like this. Be careful because many times these are hard to get removed and months later you’ll get mysterious charges that you won’t remember authorizing.

The Commitment
You are to use the 30 Second Smile electronic toothbrush every day just as you use your ordinary toothbrush. For best results, brush your teeth in the morning, before bedtime, and after every meal. Just bite onto the toothbrush and guide its movement inside your mouth. The bristles are made to be in a 45-degree angle and this allows for efficient brushing while also massaging your gums and removing the plaque from your teeth.

In spite of the great concept behind the 30 Second Smile toothbrush, the actual performance of the product is very frustrating. It’s very hard to control and manipulate, and thus, it can’t really clean the teeth properly. A lot of consumers who have used the device also report that it has not produced any significant results even through regular use. The price of the product doesn’t include shipping and handling, so you would actually be spending a lot of money for this electronic toothbrush. And should you try to use your privilege of getting the “free” toothbrushes, the company will charge you with high shipping costs so you’re really paying for them.

Final Review of 30 Second Smile

No. This supposed revolutionary toothbrush fails miserably as a teeth cleaning device. It is angled in such a way that makes it difficult to use and you can’t reach all areas in your mouth that need proper cleaning. And the quality of the unit is substandard too. User feedback reports rusting along the battery area of the device and this causes the warranty to be considered null and void. And if you get the hang of using your 30 Second Smile electronic toothbrush, you will also notice that the battery depletes quickly and can therefore prove to be costly.

Our Recommendation
We are not recommending it at all. Don’t waste your money on this device, as it really can’t deliver on its promise of giving you healthy white teeth. You can’t rely on the 60-day guarantee either, as many consumers have reported that their money was not returned even with repeated demands. If you are really keen about getting an electronic toothbrush, you can try other reputable brands instead, but definitely not this one!

What do you think? Does 30 Second Smile work?

13 Customer Reviews on “Does 30 Second Smile Really Work?

  1. This product got me in such hot water with my wife! I didn’t read any reviews and bought 4 at the cost of over $200.00! I thought I’d give a couple out as gifts. Nope. They don’t work! They don’t get your teeth clean! Total rip-off! Next I’ll try to get my money back. From what I’ve read I don’t have high hopes on getting it. Luckily my wife is a very forgiving person.

  2. I have been using the 30 second smile toothbrush since it first came out
    I use this toothbrush every morning and evening. I love the ease and time it saves.

    I have not bee n to a dentist since December of 2007. I just went a week ago June 2018. This is 10 and a half years since I’ve been to a dentist. I am now 55 and last dentist visit I was 44 I told her it had only been 5 years as I felt kinda funny saying 10 and a half years. She could not believe the little bit of tarter and plaque build up. She said my mouth was very health, she took x rays which showed nothing. Prior to using the 30 second smile tooth brush I always had tarter and plaque build up. My last dentist visit in 2007 my dentist had to remove the built up tarter for over half an hour. The only thing I changed since 2007 was starting using the 30 second smile toothbrush, my teeth and gums are in perfect shape and I would never use any other tooth brush. I love the fact that it cleans half your mouth and gums at one time.

  3. I don’t use this toothbrush for the purpose of saving 90 seconds, (in fact, I usually brush them for 1 or 2 minutes) I use it for the good results I’m seeing.
    I bought this toothbrush about 5 months ago. 3 months after I began using it, I had an appointment with my dental hygienist for a cleaning. I have a long history of gingivitis and periodontitis, I get my teeth cleaned every 3 months, and typically I have lots of tartar and plaque build-up in spite of all the brushing, flossing, etc that I do. My hygienist was amazed by what she saw, I had very little plaque, and asked my what I am doing differently. She mentioned several times how much improvement she was seeing. I’ll be using this toothbrush forever.

  4. I recently bought the 30sec. Been using for a few weeks. I bought this from a recommendation made by a Bass brush/method enthusiast ( It took a little bit of getting used to. But, boy oh boy, I can’t feel any roughness on my teeth after I am done. I make a few passes on each side of my mouth so it does take me probably a minute. After I am done, I set it in the base and it recharges. I bought extra size brushes cause I didn’t know which one would suit me as I have small teeth. I started out with the kid-size and now have moved to the Extra Soft which is a little larger. Plan on ending with their Extra Reach. There are no excuses now about not brushing my teeth since this is so quick and efficient. The one thing I am having trouble with is if I don’t position it correctly it bumps my teeth on the curved fronts. But Rebecca from 30sec. customer service had some tips and it has helped. I also got the brush cleaner. I got this mainly to improve my gums. Won’t know that I guess till next time I see my dentist. I still do brushing with my manual Bass brush daily also.

  5. I have been using this product for about four years and think it’s great. I am way too lazy to stand there and scrub my teeth for two minutes with either a regular or an electric toothbrush. Oddly, using the 30 Second Smile brush, I probably brush longer than I normally would. I have a battery operated one as well as a rechargeable. The rechargeable one automatically shuts off after what I presume is 30 seconds. I restart and use again.The battery one came with rechargeable batteries and a charger. You need it because this thing will eat through AA’s like crazy. The rechargeable brush is the way to go. I love the way the brushes work the outer and inner surfaces of your teeth at the same time. I, for one, would highly recommend this toothbrush.
    When I travel, I use a regular toothbrush and notice the difference and can’t wait to get back to my 30 Second Smile.

  6. I’ve used the 30SS for 4 years and my only complaint is I can’t buy the replacement brushes in the UK.
    It definitely works better than a regular electric toothbrush.
    I’ll have to order through to my daughter in california so she can post them to me in Scotland. lol!

  7. Hi Kaila,
    We created this toothbrush to be different because it had to be different. Through research we discovered that the average person only brushes for 38 seconds. The clinicals we just conducted at the University of Georgia confirmed, that we were superior to the best sonic toothbrush in the world. It’s a little awkward at first, it’s definitely different for sure. You don’t use it like a regular toothbrush, you just bite into the top and bottom brush-heads, hold gently and guide. The bristles are angled at the recommended 45 degree angle and uses short back and forth strokes. No user skill is required, it does all the brushing for you. Your gums might be a little sensitive and there might be some bleeding but, that is to expected if you haven’t been brushing properly. It will reach all the places you have been missing. We recently took back our customer service and want to serve you and show you what a truly fantastic revolutionary product it is. Call us at 888-813-6631, talk to Karlene.

  8. Hi James,
    We now have a new model that does not require batteries and brushheads are available. Please call 888-813-6631 and talk to Karlene. She can help you get back on track. We have taken back our customer service and we are here to serve you.

  9. I loved my 30 second smile. I got one when it first came out. It always left my mouth squeaky clean. I could rub my finger on my teeth and squeak each one. Their tongue tool is the best one I’ve ever used. There were only two things I didn’t like. One was that it took batteries and the second. Was that the new brush heads cost five bucks a piece for shipping so they aren’t free. Also they stopped sending me new ones.

  10. I left a detailed message as to why 30 sec smile is a superior product than any other single headed toothbrush on the market..
    It seems it was too lengthy and it completely irradiated the ridiculous negativity posted by the product reviewer.
    Here’s the moderation:
    30 sec smile works more effectively than any other toothbrush and the university studies, recently validated prove it..
    Use it, see your dentist regularly and enjoy the overall improvement in your gingival health.
    Jerry Tankersley, DMD

  11. To those with the negative comments about 30 second smile:
    1. No one spends 2 min brushing their teeth, and no one uses a single headed toothbrush properly every time. Proof?
    “Gum disease” is still the most prevalent disease known to man.
    2. The clinical studies done on 30 sec smile head up against its closest competitor is valid and shows it is an equal and slightly better product , performing its duties in 30 seconds compared to 2 minutes..
    3. The fact that it’s different is because it has to be since ALL of the conventional methods are failing. Proof? Gum disease is still the most prevalent disease known to man.
    Why? Because human error is the true cause of gum disease.
    30 sec smile is an automated “bass technique” taught by nearly all of dental schools in their preventive curriculums.
    Does this product work? YES..
    The studies prove it. The studies are valid and soon will be widely published.
    Here’s the proper way to use this product:
    1. Try it and when your gums bleed, realize it’s because you have inflammation due to the complete ineffectiveness of your single headed toothbrush and your inability to properly use it every time.
    2. Go to your dental hygienist for a proper cleaning, then continue to use 30 sec smile daily until your next regularly scheduled checkup.
    Your hygienist will be AMAZED at your improved oral health…
    Jerry Tankersley, DMD

  12. I thought the same thing…that this was a hilarious product. Brushing teeth does feel like a chore, but once I get started, I don’t mind spending 2 minutes or so brushing them…to me the extra minute and a half saved by using this product is not really worth the investment. And yes, in the video the girl doesn’t look like she’s having an easy time of using the product. It is an innovative concept, but one that needs to be developed more before becoming something people use regularly.

    By the way, when I read the description (and before I saw a picture of the product) I thought it was a brushing contraption shaped like a teeth whitening try with brushes on all sides to clean your teeth…now that would be something to see!

  13. This is kind of hilarious product. The idea is really funny, and I can’t believe it’s a real thing. I would have totally bought this if I hadn’t seen this review, because the idea seems really cool. The girl in the video gave it a thumbs up, it seemed like, even though she had a hard time even using it and seemed a little intimidated by it. This seems like something that would be fun and a little crazy to try, but not a good toothbrush to use on a regular basis, because you can’t really get to all of the surfaces in your mouth without making a toothpaste-y mess. If this was $10, I would still be tempted to give it a try to see if I could figure out how to use it effectively, but this is way overpriced for a toothbrush that seems more gimmicky than useful.

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