Does ACCU-CHEK Nano Really Work?

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Does ACCU-CHEK Nano work?ACCU-CHEK Nano is a glucose meter that claims to be the most preferred by health care plans, and can help reduce costs of testing strips. In matters regarding your health and well-being, it’s important to make smart purchases that can help you take even better care of yourself. By getting an accurate reading quickly, with less pain, and without the hassle of a big device, they are making this seem like a good buy, so let’s check it out further.

Modern science is moving us to a point where it won’t be necessary to draw blood in order to get a blood glucose reading, but until then companies are doing their best to make it as uncomplicated and pain free as possible. New meters have lots of wonderful features that just weren’t available a few years ago. You can view your data on your computer, and the storage capacities are getting bigger, so you’re able to view more and more historical readings than ever before.

The Claim
The major reasons why the makers of ACCU-CHEK Nano claim their meter is better than others on the market are that it requires less blood to get a reading, that it’s more accurate, and that it fits easily into your pocket or purse. It also gets rid of the coding, so you save time and hassle.

The Hype
A lot of diabetic products are vying for your attention these days, each with their own proposed benefits and advantages over the competition. Aside from the catchy jingle on TV, there’s not a lot of hype to this one though, it’s basically trying to earn its namesake “nano” by being small, but also by solidly providing the basic functions you’d expect from a blood glucose monitor.

Any Costs?
You can pick up an ACCU-CHEK Nano at your local pharmacy, and they have a form that you can download and print in order to bring it to your next doctor’s visit. They say that the unit and strips are covered by more health care plans than competing products, so the out of pocket expense will vary depending on what sort of health care coverage you have, and what kind of co-pay you have for testing equipment.

The Commitment
If this works as stated it should represent less of a commitment on your part, since you should be able to get an accurate reading in less time, and with less pain during the process. Since many users use this multiple times per day this can add up to a lot of time saved.

The ACCU-CHEK Nano is manufactured by Roche, a healthcare company that specializes in individual treatment devices like this one, as well as pharmaceuticals. They are one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, with a long track record of making successful products.

What We Liked
They went for size as a factor, and they pulled it off. The unit is a nice size that can easily fit into your pocket, and is lightweight because it doesn’t use standard batteries. Even though they got the total size down, they didn’t skimp on the readout screen, so you can clearly see all of the information you need, and it’s backlit so no matter when or where you check it you can see things clearly. Accuracy is of course important, and they say that this is even more accurate than what is required by the FDA.

The actual testing is fast. It takes just five seconds and requires only 0.6 microliter blood for a sample, making it less painful than units that require more. The ability to transfer data to a computer via infrared is a handy feature, but one that only a few users might be able to take full advantage of. Not all computers have the ability to pick up the signal, and if you’re on a Mac you won’t be able to use the accompanying software.

Final ACCU-CHEK Nano Review

ACCU-CHEK Nano really works, and the majority of users and reviewers have expressed happiness with it. When your health is concerned, you don’t want to trust products from new or small-sized companies. Going with a long-established company that is used to making pharmaceutical products is the way to go.

Our Recommendation
All signs point to this being a solid try, however, depending on your specific condition you may or may not like what it has to offer. With so many glucose meters on the market, it can be hard to figure out which one to go with. Luckily they’re not so expensive and most are covered by healthcare plans so that you don’t feel stuck with a unit if you don’t like it. We believe this is one that will satisfy the needs of many users out there, but you should always compare different meters, especially if you’re looking for specific features that this one doesn’t have.

What do you think? Does ACCU-CHEK Nano work or not?

8 Customer Reviews on “Does ACCU-CHEK Nano Really Work?

  1. It doesn’t work at all. No matter how much blood you put on the test strip, it does nothing. After a few seconds it just shuts off. What a waste of money.

  2. I purchased the Accu-check for my mom as she had used her current meter for ten years and she needed an upgrade. The Accu-check doesn’t come with the pricker, but does come with six needle drums with the starter kit. My mom said the prick doesn’t hurt at all and you can hardly feel the needle like she did with her older one. You get your results instantly which is good when you need to know about your glucose count. The cost and well-known name is what prompted me to purchase this model. It does do what it claims and is recommended by myself as well as my mother.

  3. Valeria W……The Accu-Chek Nano DOES come with a “pricker” or properly described as a lancing device and it’s called Fast Clix. It comes in the box with the Nano and also has (2) six needle drums as a starter kit. The Fast Clix Lancing Device has been proven to be least painful and easiest to use from an ergonomic standpoint.

  4. It doesn’t come with a pricker. Accu Chek makes a really nice one that’s much less painful than the old models though, so you may wanna look into that as well. As for the glucose meter, we all know how important it is to use an accurate machine.

  5. I have an old glucose meter and a finger pricker that I think needs upgrading. Does anyone know if the accu chek nano comes with a pricker or not? I like the accuracy claims, but what I really need is a better and less hurting pricker.

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