Does the Seasonaire Really Work?

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Does the Seasonaire work?The Seasonaire gets its name because you’re supposed to be able to use it year round. That’s because it doesn’t just function as a heater, but also as an air purifier and humidifier. It would be great to have a heater that works to clean the stale and dry winter air, all while keeping things toasty, but can a little unit like this one, weighing less than 25 pounds, really do the trick?

If you live in a climate with moderate to harsh winters, you know what it’s like to spend a majority of the time indoors, and you also know what it feels like to be chilled to the bone. Whole house heating systems can cost a ton to run, and they end up heating unused rooms and areas. They also don’t do anything to address the quality of the air that they’re circulating. Space heaters only heat the area directly in front of them, and are just as wasteful, if not more so. Recently, whole room heaters have been popping up as a possible solution to all of these problems.

The Claim
The claim that most people would be interested in is the one that states that this unit will help bring down your heating costs. With an economy that can’t seem to make up its mind there is some comfort in the idea of being able to heat your home and keep your family warm without breaking the bank. Aside from cutting costs, the Seasonaire is meant to make your home a cleaner environment to be confined in during the more Arctic months of the year. It does this by cleaning, purifying, and humidifying the air to create the perfect indoor environment.

The Hype
We’ve seen portable heaters like this one before, but not one that has so many functions in one unit, and serves multiple purposes. By endowing this with so many features, there is a bit of hype because of them will have to work properly in order for the entire unit to get a passing grade. Sometimes it’s the simpler designs with only a few features that end up faring better since there is less chance of something not working right.

The Cost
The total cost of the unit is $400. The way they break this up is pretty unique though. They have a trial offer for $40 and lasts 60 days. During that time you can choose to return it and you’ll get a refund of your initial $40. If you want to keep it they don’t bill your first payment until after the 60 days is up, and then it’s 4 payments of $90. What makes this unique is that most “free trials” are charged as shipping charges that are not refunded if you choose not to keep it. But they make it quite clear that shipping is free, and that your trial fee is a fee that is refunded upon return.

The Commitment
The big pitch here is that you’ll be saving on energy costs by using this. The theory is that you’ll end up turning the thermostat down because you’ll be able to heat the room your using with this unit, and therefore don’t need to have the heat on so high. This is a popular way of heating in many countries, and is almost caveman style because you are only creating heat and warmth where you need it.

This unit is doing a really good job of ticking the box on all the concerns families have in the winter. First, the cold is the main factor, and they’ve addressed that with their infrared heating system that provides a different sort of heat than a conventional heater. Next, they’ve solved the problem of indoor air being stagnant and dirty because of the windows being closed and everyone staying in all the time. They’ve got both a HEPA filter, a UV light, and an ionizer to make the air not just warmer, but more breathable.

The one function that leads to skepticism is the ionic air freshener. Ionic air purifiers have taken a beating by a Consumer Reports study that showed they don’t measure up to HEPA filters. However, they did note an exception, and that was on the units that use a fan to push the air through. With the Seasonaire, they are not relying on the ionizer feature to purify the air, it already passes through a HEPA filter, plus it is pushing the air through with a fan, so it gets a passing grade either way.

Final Seasonaire Review

They point out that the Seasonaire is not meant to prevent any colds or allergies, but we believe that it would provide a good amount of peace of mind, and it’s a step in the right direction as far as being healthier, warmer, and happier during the cold and unforgiving winter months. For that reason we’re giving it our Thumbs Up rating and recommend taking them up on their trial offer.

Our Recommendation
Worst case scenario, if you choose to return it you’re only out the return shipping costs. If you use it for a bulk of the 60 days then it should be just about a break even. Best case scenario, if you like the results you get with it, you can likely recoup most of the cost of the unit with the first winter. After that it’s just pure savings, and you get to use it year round. They’ve got a five year warranty on it, so it should give trouble free operation for several years, which makes it a good buy.

Official Website: Seasonaire

What do you think? Does Seasonaire work or not?

30 Customer Reviews on “Does the Seasonaire Really Work?

  1. I have 2 of them, had them about 4 yrs now, got one in our living room and my daughter got one down in basement, bedroom, cold down there, she loves it. Work great.

  2. can you believe this website recommended this piece of shit and called it a “good buy” when it costs $400 frecking bucks??? If they didn’t label this a scam than this website must be a scam!! O by the way, i’m trying to replace the “filter” like the owners manual says but it’s GLUED IN. It does not come out at all. LOL found my brand new at a thrift store for $10 LOLOL

  3. I just bought a brand new Seasonaire at the thrift store for $20. Looks like the person bought it and didn’t even plug it in. You guys paid 400 bucks for this thing??!! OMG! $400 U.S. dollars??!! And made payments??? Why would anyone pay $400 for a small portable space heater on wheels? Did you think it was magic or something? Anywho for $20, i got a small portable, automatic space heater, which also acts as a humidifier and air purifier all at the same time!! It it’s brand new. And I paid $20. I LOVE IT! THIS IS THE BEST SPACE HEATER/HUMIFIER/ AIR PURIFIER I HAVE EVER OWNED. AND I ONLY PAID $20 FUCKIN BUCKS!!!

  4. I like the heater but unable to communicate with seasonAire. They do not answer phone and the one listed has been disconnected. Will return

  5. Has anyone noticed that the water reservoir has stopped taking water out of the chamber? When I got the heater first it used a chamber of water almost every 2/3 days, now after 3mts the chamber is not emptying at all. The filter in the water reservoir is not discoloured. When or how often should it be changed? I can’t seem to find answers anywhere on the website or their manual, as they do not mention this problem in the trouble shooting section.

    Otherwise I find this little unit is actually saving me money and I have it on almost all the time.

  6. Me and my brother purchased this heater only to find out that it didn’t work. We did return it after a month of having it and were still being charged for it. They didn’t refund any of my money and just took another payment from my bank. When I called the company they told me that they didn’t receive the heater until after the first two months. They are refusing to refund my money. The worse part is that I’m paying for a product that I dont even have! To top it off the people who work for customer service are very rude as he called me names while I was still on the phone with him. This is the WORSE heater ever and I strongly suggest that you dont buy it. Save yourself the money and the hassel and go buy a radiator heater from Wal-mart. They work a lot better.

  7. this heater does not work for a whole home heater…it works well in one room with all the doors closed and thats it…..and it RAISED MY POWER BILL 40$……i AM returning

  8. I bought one and complained almost immediately that there was only one speed on the fan. They tried to tell me there were two and I told them as well as let them listen as I changed speeds. Gave me a credit of one payment… ok, can deal with that.
    I then got my first bill from using the unit in my mobile home… sure, the weather was colder this winter, but I used the numbers from earlier months to judge.
    WOW, my bill went up nearly 20%… that was it, unit going back.
    I pay for return shipping but hear nothing from Seasonaire or a credit to bank account. Nothing. So, two weeks after I ship it, I call to inquire about refund… they claim to not have the unit even though I have all paperwork supporting the return. Two days later, they again charge my account for the next installment. NO WAY!
    I contact my bank and then Seasonaire… thanks to the bank having to add a fraud alert to my account, everybody I deal with electronically will now have to be contacted – yuck.
    Today, now over a month later, I again contact Seasonaire for refund and they finally say they will not refund my money or talk to me until I take the fraud alert off of the company… sorry, NO WAY will I take that off. I’ll wait. Just finished contacting the Better Business Bureau and filed a report with them. We shall see what happens. I HOPE I SAVE AT LEAST ONE PERSON THE HASSLES I HAVE GONE THROUGH – DON’T BUY ONE!!!

  9. I purchased this and felt that it was not worth the price. It is over rated and then when you return it, it takes them two weeks to process the return. Do expect them to refund your money any time soon? I totally agree with D Rumas it doubles your bill and the return process sucks. DO NOT BUY ONE!!!!

  10. This item does not work. We had purchased this item for a single wide mobile home. Not only did it not warm up the home, the bill over doubled in electric bill. When we returned this item we got nothing but the run around. It took a very long time to actually get our money back, plus they wouldn’t refund non of the shipping return costs as on their paperwork says they cover 20 dollars! Also, they take like 9 dollars & change from you for some processing charge! This is a garbage heater that is not effecient, not what it claims to be! I WOULD NOT recommend this to anyone!

  11. I have been using my SeasonAire for 2 months now. It works really well and heats up the room I am using it in very quickly. My only issue I have is I use it mostly in my livingroom where my thermostat is located. The room heats up nicely to 71 degrees but this keeps the thermostat from turning on to keep the rest of the house at 65 degrees. I am going to relocate my thermostat to a hallway in a different room for a quick fix. As for energy efficient my electric bill has increased about $15.00 a month but my heating bill has stayed the same for the past 2 months, about $80-$100 lower than it was last year at this time. I am pleased with my SeasonAire and would recommend giving it a try. It does take about 4-5 weeks for regular delivery so you may want to pay a little more for express shipping. AL

  12. I have been using my SeasonAire for 2 months now. It works really well and heats up the room I am using it in very quickly. My only issue I have is I use it mostly in my livingroom where my thermostat is located. The room heats up nicely to 71 degrees but this keeps the thermostat from turning on to keep the rest of the house at 65 degrees. I am going to relocate my thermostat to a hallway in a different room for a quick fix. As for energy efficient my electric bill has increased about $15.00 a month but my heating bill has stayed the same for the past 2 months, about $80-$100 lower than it was last year at this time. I am pleased with my SeasonAire and would recommend giving it a try. It does take about 4-5 weeks for regular delivery so you may want to pay a little more for express shipping. AL

  13. Never buy product from seasonaire I had bad experience I bought this product with full payment. I received product defective so I call customer service they said they will give me other one but send your defective piece but also they told you are responsible for shipping and handling. First of they send defective and why should we pay for shipping to send back

  14. Hi Sandy,

    We just received the Seasonaire yesterday during one of the worst cold spells here in the Northeast in two years. The product is a scam, it barely heats a 250 square foot room let alone 1000 square feet. Its nice in theory but the actual function and capabilities falls short of the advertised benefits. We ran the Seasonaire for many hours on high temps and it barely made any difference except in enclosed small spaces. This is just another space heater with a few more bells and whistles that are not worth $400. We are sending it back.

  15. I’m a electricial contractor and the need to put how many amps its pull that will tell u how much your electic cost will go up. If its only 3 amps its a good deal the only power your furance is the fan to push the air thru the house.

  16. Just received my Seasonaire about two weeks ago and am sending it back. It worked fine the first day, but after that it didn’t work well at all. It didn’t matter what temperature it was set on (65 or 85 degrees) the output felt the same… blowing cool air. If you stood right in front of it, you could feel some heat, but not really in the rest of the room. It was also very noisy. It has a “quiet” button on it, but I couldn’t tell a difference when I pushed it.
    I needed a second heater for another room and thought I’d give the Seasonaire a try. Don’t bother. Save your self the cost of returning this item and don’t buy it. I have an Eden Pure that works great and will be ordering another one.

  17. I am not satisfied with mine. Had it almost a week now and still have to use other room heaters and central heat as well. Will definitely be returning it. I am NOT heating a really big area. Maybe 500 sq. ft. tops. I really wanted it to work well for me, but it just doesn’t. Joey S.

  18. 1500 watts is 1500 watts and that is the max power of the unit. Don’t be fooled by this product the laws of energy can’t be changed. So it won”t lower your bill unless you let the rest of the house freeze and just heat one room. As far as the other benefits ie: the ozone generator and ionizer that might do some good but probably not alot as those units alone are expensive a one light ozone generators are 250.00 and that is so small it might work on a 10 x 10 space. I bet that this product is all hype just another snake oil sale.

  19. Contemplating a purchase of this heater. Have either if you received your heater yet, and if so, does it work as advertised? Thanks in advance for any information.

  20. Where are the facts on this review this is a hyped paid ad first infrared heat is it a bulb? second humidifier where does the water go? Hepa filter all hepa filter become clogged even washable ones How much? Ionizer using utraviolet light. How often replaced and how much? Tip over safety is the infrred heat unit broken How much to replace? Infrared does create heat obviously at 1500 watts it would be like running your microwave on high all day How much consumption of electricity? trade off one decrease for another increase Price tag of $400 sound a bit high like 2 times higher than needed. Answer these question for crediability how many years in business?

  21. How efficient is this item? What does it do to your electric bill? When I run this will I see my electric meter start spinning at 300 mph? If so, how much are you really saving if you have to pay more on your electric bill?

  22. Hi Charles, is it working for you? I have one on the way and I just read some mixed reviews. Does it heat a 1,000 sq ft area like it claims?

  23. We have our thermostat set at 60 degrees this year and it was the same last year. It’s cold as the Artic and my kids complain a lot, but under the circumstances we don’t have much choice. Returnable items are a bit of a pain in the ass too because the returning procedure isn’t always that simple, but I have to give them credit for not charging a shipping fee at all if returned. I’ll be able to find out in only a month if this thing can actually reduce my heating bill. My ears are bleeding from the complaints.. I sure hope it works.

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