Does Acupressure Really Work?

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Does Acupressure Work?How different is acupressure from acupuncture, and are the effects of acupressure something that you can enjoy through products that mimic the acupressure techniques?

Acupressure and acupuncture applications both focus on what are believed to be the acupoints of our body. The delivery of the techniques is what makes the difference. With acupressure needles are used to carry out the treatment, whereas with acupressure either the hands or other type of device is used to deliver the beneficial effects. Sometimes acupressure is referred to as pressure acupuncture.

The Claim
For those who advocate acupressure they believe that the acupressure points are found along the meridians(channels) of the body. Using acupressure techniques on specific one are believed to create related positive results. For example, acupressure carried out on the five main pressure points in the neck is beneficial for those who suffer from a variety of ailments like headaches, not being able to sleep and neck and shoulder tension to name a few.

The Hype
The hype really evolves around the source of acupressure and the beliefs that it is based on. It is referred to as a Asian bodywork therapy with roots to Chinese traditional medicine. The biggest hype that could be put forth about this form of treatment is that it is a natural alternative to many types of treatments used for several different types of ailments. It is non invasive. Also, there are a lot of products hitting the market that are designed to mimic acupressure for different parts of the body. For example, there are masks now available that have been designed to focus on the pressure points in the eye area. Then there are many different types of devices that are used to treat many other areas of the body. While acupressure is promoted for the relief of symptoms and ailments, it is becoming more recognized in the beauty industry for enhancing one’s appearance.

The Cost
The cost for enjoying a treatment of acupressure is going to have a large variation to it. It will depend on whether you are going to a healing therapist who has been specially trained in the art of acupressure and if the treatment you are seeking out is related to a health issue. Then there are professional salon beauty treatments that include the application of acupressure. Finally there is the costs related to the various products and devices that are gleaning their success from mimicking a acupressure treatment.

The Commitment
The type of commitment that will be placed on you will all depend on how the acupressure is being delivered and for what purpose. For example, if you are going to a professional for hands on treatment then you will have to determine how many treatments are necessary, and decide whether they are producing the results that you are looking for in order to continue. If you are purchasing a acupressure related product, you are going to have to learn how to use it and be consistent with its use according to direction.

With alternative medicine gaining such attention over the last several years this no doubt has spurred the interest of many scientists and as a result there have been several scientific studies carried out. Some have had positive results by supporting that acupressure works for the reasons the study was carried out for, while others failed, or were highly criticized by those who don’t believe in this form of treatment.

Final Acupressure Review

We are not scientists so cannot offer any formal opinion on this form of medicine, or any other for that faction. We can tell you what we think based on what data we have reviewed. Overall the premise behind acupressure seems to make sense. When done properly there are good indications that it increase blood circulation to a treated area as well as enhanced lymphatic drainage. Both of these can be beneficial to the body.

Our Recommendation
The number one rule when it comes to doing anything to your body that could have any type of effect on it, is to check with your health care provider first. We do not recommend the use of acupressure by way of applied treatment in any way, shape or form without checking with your health care professional first. Once you are cleared to try acupressure then you are the one that has to make the decision as to which delivery of this type of treatment best suits you and the purpose you are using it for.

What do you think? Does Acupressure work or not?

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