Does Farm Fresh To You Really Work?

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Does Farm Fresh to You Work?At lot of people are looking for healthier ways to eat, and for many they are turning to organic foods and especially the fruits and veggies. While this is great and has a lot of benefits, what about the freshness? Are we still compromising on this and do we really have to? The answer is maybe not if you live in the delivery of Farm Fresh to You.

What a great concept and the name says its all, Farm Fresh to You. What it means is that not only can you get food freshly picked right off the farm, but it is organic too. Both of these benefits can have a significant impact on your diet and your quest for eating healthy.

The Claim
The Company has a very extensive about us section that depicts this family farm and how it set it roots down in 1976 and were committed to only growing the very best of produce.To this day it remains as a family owned business with the same commitments of growing the best produce and a full understanding and offerings of what real organic produce is supposed to be.

The Hype
Farm Fresh to You doesn’t have to go out of their way to create any hype to instill a desire of fresh organic foods for many people. Those that have taken a real interest as to what goes on the family table for consumption will spend a great deal of time shopping for the best selections, and don’t mind paying the extra for organic. That is provided they are sure that this is what they are really getting. If one had to choose a type of hype that could be related to Farm Fresh to You, it would have to be on the fact that it is fresh!

The Cost
The prices range according to the chosen box size. For example, a small box of produce designed to feed one to two people, at this time will cost you $26. per delivery. If you want to step up to the monster size designed to feed 6+ people then you are looking at $58. per delivery. You really need to check out the selections that are assigned to the box as they are quite impressive.

The Commitment
If you are really looking to make the most from a box of fresh produce such as this delivered right to your door, then you may want to think about doing some pre-planning of your meals that evolve around the box contents. This way you are not going to waste any of it and you will find it a real bonus because it takes the guesswork out of what to have for dinner each night.

Taking the time and looking over the Farm Fresh to You, is really inspiring. There isn’t much that they haven’t covered when it comes to providing wholesome healthy meals for a family. There are great box selections. They range from a mix of fruits and veggies, or either one. Then there is a no cook selection which is really great for families on the go, yet don’t want to sacrifice their nutrition. You can even purchase a boxed snack pack of fruits so you don’t have to give any further thought to school or office lunches.

Final Farm Fresh to You Review

As you may have guessed by our comments, we are going to give the Farm Fresh to You, a Thumbs Up rating. About the only thing we could really say negative about this farm operated company is that there isn’t enough of them. So only those that live in the delivery area are going to get all of the benefits being offered. They even have a office box package that is not only packed with wholesome organic produce but is a smart way for any Company to enhance the health of their employees.

Our Recommendation
You may want to really study all of the offerings first at Farm Fresh to You before making your box selection. You will want to keep in mind the number of people that you are feeding but also what their favorite produce is. You also have the option of customizing your box so if you have picky eaters then not a problem. No doubt, with the addition of freshness now being added to your organic food choices you are going to thoroughly enjoy the food itself and take great pleasure in preparing it. For those that are not able to take advantage of the Farm Fresh to You, you may want to take a look at the Healthy Chef Creations.

Official Website: Farm Fresh to You

What do you think? Does Farm Fresh to You work or not?

4 Customer Reviews on “Does Farm Fresh To You Really Work?

  1. This company refuses to pay me my of $1386.81 for my commissions and mileage reimbursement, do not buy from them, they do an annual sales of $80 million and it’s ridiculous for them to take a vantage of the small workers for measly $1386.81

  2. This company refuses to pay me my of $1386.81 for my commissions and mileage reimbursement, do not buy from them, they do an annual sales of $80 million and it’s ridiculous for them to take a vantage of the small workers for measly $1386.81

  3. I joined as a fundraiser at my grandsons school. Farm Fresh to You has never delivered fruit or vegetables to compare to the price I had to pay. It’s way overpriced and the items came over ripe. I was completely disappointed.

  4. Farm Fresh To You Review – Also known as Fresh Farm

    FarmFreshToYou is a SCAM! Do Not Buy From Them! Half of the Money they are charging you is charges they NEVER tell you about! READ ON….

    I started using Farm Fresh To You fruit/vegetable delivery last December. I really like the idea of having local organic farms produce delivery to my home. I thought Farm fresh delivery to my door ROCKS!!!

    Fresh Farm To You are scammers to the highest degree!!!!

    When signing up, I asked their Rep if there were any delivery charges or other monthly charges for their home delivery – local produce delivery and he assured me that the price I would be charged was farm fresh direct to you and only for the organic fruits and vegetables I would be ordering!!!

    For the first 4 or 5 months I felt their pricing was fair, but about 6 months ago, I started noticing the quality of produce go down and their prices go up. At first I ignored it but I started to notice more and more problems not only with their produce but with their pricing (I mean there is something wrong when everything they are selling becomes more expensive than Whole Foods Market prices!!!) According to their Rep, the main farm, Capay Farms, produces excellent produce and they pride themselves in growing fresh for you foods!

    Recently I noticed huge discrepancies between the amount of the produce I was ordering and my invoices. So I decided to calculate the prices of the produce and make sure it added up to what I was being charged!

    I was SHOCKED when I found out they were charging me $13.95 extra over the price of the produce I was ordering!!!

    What that means is that they have deceived and scammed me for the the past 12 months and they have not been honest and moral about their business practices!!

    For that past 12 months I have been using their services, I have never been told in any way that I am being charged $13.95 for what they are calling their “Delivery Services” charges!!

    So I called them today and spoke to a supervisor named Jamie. I point blank asked her: “Do you guys charge Delivery Fees for your services?”, and she said: “NO we never charge for Delivery!!”

    SO I let her know that I had just calculated that I had been charged $13.95 every time I had ordered from them, and this is what she said to that: “OH that is a charge and it is absorbed as part of your produce you are getting and it is part of our packaging and delivery!!” So I said I thought you said you don’t charge for delivery??

    Jamie said, “We don’t, that charge is part of of the produce package you are getting and that is what Farm Fresh To You owners have decided as part of the produce package you get.”

    I am so disappointed and angry, these people are liars, cheaters, and scam artists!!!! I really feel sorry for the farmers who work with them because sooner or later people will find out they are being cheated by these scam artists and stop using their delivery services!!

    Make sure you read this before you order from or use a Farm Fresh To You Promo Code!

    YOU are way better off finding a local Farmers Market! True Meaning of FarmFresh

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