Do Always Fresh Containers Really Work?

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Do the Always Fresh Containers really work?If you’ve ever felt the disappointment of throwing away good food that’s gone bad you probably wondered if the Always Fresh Containers really work? After all, no one likes wasting money, and when we toss out food that didn’t get consumed, it’s basically what we’re doing. But can these containers possibly live up to the claims made of them?

Conventional storage methods do leave much to be desired, and there’s always a company that comes along promising the next best way to store leftover food. For awhile there it was vacuum sealing. Now it’s the Always Fresh Containers.

The Claim
They claim a lot of things, but mostly they claim that you can store your food for weeks on end and it will still be edible. They say, quote “food stays fresh for weeks”.

They also drop some pseudo science and introduce a lot of buzz words and newly coined terms. They mention ethylene gas as the reason why foods spoil, which may be factual, but then they go on to state that their containers employ some sort of nanotechnology, which doesn’t seem feasible. For a company to use cutting-edge molecular robots in a product that is disposable-priced seems hard to believe.

They show all sorts of foods that typically go bad like moldy cheese and moldy bread. They also show overripe bananas, rotten carrots, and rotten tomatoes. These are all things that most of us have seen go bad, and it triggers the memory of the sights and smells we experienced, hopefully getting us to buy.

They use the term crystalline freshness, but don’t explain what it means.

They also claim that their containers give no freezer-burn, are microwave and dishwasher safe, and that the average person throws out $1200 in wasted food each year.

The Hype
The hype comes when you stop to question why in the world you would want your food to last for weeks and weeks. Really, there’s only a need to save for for a day or so as you’re able to consume it in the following day or two. If it takes weeks and weeks to get to it, it either didn’t taste good enough to have again, or there’s just enormous quantities of it.

From watching the ad it’s easy to get caught up in the moment and convince yourself that you need to store all of your food for the long term. But food is meant to be eaten while it’s fresh, not packed away in storage for a later date. There’s no benefit to eating food that’s been sitting around that long, as opposed to eating it when it’s fresh.

The Cost
With all of the space age technology, these containers are still priced about as much as the disposable kinds found at the supermarket. You can get them for around a dollar each, and the company will send you replacements whenever you want them if you’ll just pay the shipping charge.

The Commitment
You have to commit to having enough food on hand that you can’t get to it all at once. Some of the items specifically mentioned by the company as being good for long term storage are cereal, chips, lunch meat, cheese, and fresh fruits and vegetables.

When put up head to head against conventional storage methods, and given the 20 days as claimed from the infomercial, Always Fresh Containers failed miserably. In all instances they perform just as well, and poorly as their disposable counterparts. In no way did they perform to the level that is shown in the ads.

Do the Always Fresh Containers Really Work?

No. Always Fresh Containers work as well as the containers made by Glad, and will store your food for short durations, but not the marathon sessions that are claimed by the company. This is an instance where so much hype went into a product and it exaggerates expectations to an unreachable high.

Our Recommendation
Don’t store food for weeks. It’s not natural. Food is organic and it’s meant to break down. That’s why it’s meant to be enjoyed in the moment, not squirreled away for some unknown later date. Adjust your cooking so that you don’t make so many leftovers, and eat foods within a reasonable amount of time.

What do you think? Do the Always Fresh Containers really work?

9 Customer Reviews on “Do Always Fresh Containers Really Work?

  1. These containers actually work. They keep cold cuts from going bad for 2 weeks easily. No other containers i ever tried kept it fresh for more than 4 days. Considering it’s only slightly more expensive than the regular plastic containers sold at the dollar store, It’s definitely worth the price.

  2. This product is totally waste.the advertisement they give is false and the product is totally unworn for money. Please don’t cheat people for money by selling worst products like this

  3. It’s strange because i have been using them and works great conserving food for weeks… In normal containers food doesn’t last for a long…


  4. Nope it’s just another way of selling a product that can do short term protection but will not last as long as they claim. I find that to be the most deceitful type of advertisement. Great for what any typical food container is good for, which is storage of your food for short periods of time. Eventually food does go bad and it doesn’t matter how many “long-lasting” containers you put them in. So if you don’t eat food for long periods of time they will expire. Hence the expiration dates on packaged foods.

  5. I totally agree with this review. Food should not be stored for extended periods of time. That leads to the growth of mold and bacteria that can be harmful to your health if you end up consuming that food. I like to store leftovers in airtight containers, but if I do not consume them after a couple of days, they go in the trash anyway. When it comes to produce, I do not bother washing or cutting them up until I need to use them for a meal, because this seems to keep them fresher longer while sitting in the refrigerator. I’ll stick to the airtight containers I’m currently using instead of investing in a product that doesn’t live up to its hype.

  6. Nope… Fail! Sorry, these are no better in extending the life of your food, than a dollar store brand. Why say your product will extend the food’s “life” so to say, when it doesn’t? Any smart person will test your claims to see if it were true. I bought some because it was clearanced, lol… So I’m not as mad as I would be if I paid full price. I just use them for hubby’s lunches and general leftover storage. Nothing more, nothing less

  7. Always fresh container are bad that the company should be sued for their false claims to public and ripping off them hard earned money..even if it is few dollars!!
    they are nothing but cheap plastic boxes..Do not get sucked into their lies.
    I bought them with an idea to be able to keep my herbs- cilantro/parsley/basil leaves longer.. which can be expensive to buy but may not get used daily… but total waste.

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