Does the Omni Dual Saw Really Work?

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If you’re a handyman or woman you probably sat through the entire infomercial for the Omni Dual Saw and then wondered if it could possibly work that well. It seems like it could replace a lot of the tools you currently own, or could take away the need to buy them if you don’t have any at the moment. But does it live up to all the self-imposed hype?

One of the most useful tools for anyone that likes to do remodeling work or tinker with projects around the home, is a reliable saw. Traditional saws are big, bulky, and heavy, and need a different blade in order to cut through various types of materials. This means you have to change the blade on it to suit the project. This can be time consuming and dangerous.

The Claim
During the promotional video both Billy Mays and Anthony Sullivan go on and on about how great the Omni Dual Saw is and all of the different things it can cut through. By the end of the ad, your head is spinning with all the things you can cut. Any time Billy Mays is the pitch man you can be sure they will drill all of the benefits of the product into your head.

The Hype
The hype comes from the concept of using dual rotating blades. Most saws just have one blade that spins in one direction. According to its namesake, the Omni Dual Saw has twin blades, but one spins one way and the other spins the other way. This is the reason it’s supposed to be able to cut through so many different things, and why it doesn’t kick when you start to cut, like many saws do.

The Cost
The saw is $120 and you can pay for it all at once, or you can make 3 monthly installments of $40. Either way you go, it’s reasonably priced compared to other power saws on the market, and considering you’ll only need the one cutting unit, and not a bunch of different blades and accessories.

The Commitment
If you’re not handy, you might have dreams of becoming so by purchasing the Omni Dual Saw. While it is easy to use, it might not be wise to make a large purchase in the hopes of cutting more things than you currently do. But if you like to tinker with things, or build furniture, or find yourself breaking out your power saw a lot, you’ll have no trouble getting a lot of use out of this product.

The Omni Dual Saw was put to real world tests, to see if the claims made in the infomercial were exaggerated or not. It passed with flying colors. It was able to blow through all types of materials like a hot knife through butter. It didn’t kick when it started to cut, and it left a relatively smooth finish when it was done.

It successfully cut through metal, wood, lattice work, oak, and could even do a plunge cut without the need for pilot holes.

The dual blades idea seems to be the reason for its success, and the blade guards are a great safety feature. The saw can cut such a wide variety of things it makes it very versatile.

With each successful trial, the tension mounted and everyone thought that the oak would be a hurdle for it, being a strong, hard wood. But it cut through the oak with no problem whatsoever.

Does the Omni Dual Saw Really Work?

Yes! It is able to do all of the things listed by the promo video with little trouble. This is one of the refreshing products that has a lot of self-touted benefits but actually walks the walk when you try it out at home. You won’t be disappointed, and you’ll probably end up looking for reasons to use it if you don’t already have a list of things that need cutting.

Our Recommendation
If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, or even aspire to be one, grab the Omni Dual Saw from Amazon. You won’t regret it. Always be sure to use proper safety gear, including safety goggles and gloves. Have fun cutting up all sorts of things with your new toy.

What do you think? Does the Omni Dual Saw really work?

139 Customer Reviews on “Does the Omni Dual Saw Really Work?

  1. Anyone who gave this saw a positive review should try cutting rebar with it. It’s not very fast, and jumps around in the cut. Hardly better than an angle grinder.

  2. انا صنايعي رخام وعاوز اعرف ان كان ينفع معيا في التقطيع والجلخ هو العرض جميل جدا

  3. Not only did this product give us some excellent infomercials, it’s also a darn good saw. It cuts both ways! And it saws smoothly because of the saw teeth moving in both directions, so it ploughs right through knots in wood. The main problem is the name: Omni Dual Saw. Omni means all, but dual means two. That’s just confusing. Just the Omni-Saw would be fine. Why can it saw all things? Yes, because of the dual rotating, inline saw blades. They don’t need to cram dual into the name. Did I mention what a good saw this is? At $120, it’s a solid bargain. Tools can be really, really expensive.

  4. I’m afraid i’ve got to agree with StuGrant on this one. I bought one and returned it within a week. After receiving it i opened it up like a kid at Christmas and got to work with it cutting some pipes – nothing special, quite thin metal. After only 3 cuts the motor seized!! I sent mine back and had to wait nearly 5 weeks for a refund!

  5. bought my saw a couple months back, used it a few times now and not had any problems. The motor does get hot (as mentioned above) but i didn’t think it was that bad – maybe i wasn’t stressing it out as much? it’s a nice little tool to have for the price IMO

  6. I regret buying this saw. After using it, i think even the handling cost would be too much to pay for this piece of junk!! I just tried cutting a couple of boards and the motor was very hot to the touch and it was smoking. Not good at all, i’m returning mine for a refund.

  7. I have one of these sat in my garage right now!
    Saw it on TV and just had to get one.
    I don’t often use a power saw but one of my pet hates is having to change the blades for different materials, so this appealed to me right away.
    It’s a great product and as they say it really does go through so many different materials.
    It’s a really nice size to work with too, as i find sometimes power saws can be too big and bulky for some jobs.

    Great product, go get one 🙂

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