Does Avacor Really Work?

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Does Avacor work?Avacor is positioning itself as the prescription-strength alternative to prescription medication for hair loss. It’s backing up its claims with scientific studies and FDA approval, which is quite rare for products in this industry. But how well does it really work, and what are real users saying about its effectiveness?

Losing your hair is just no fun, there’s no two ways around it. The problem is compounded by all of the lousy products out there that fall far short of providing the results they claim. Many of them are just capitalizing on the strong desire of men and women to stop their hair from falling out, and potentially grow some of it back. It gets so frustrating that you might have given up hope and become cynical when it comes to evaluating your different options.

The Claim
Avacor might be a little different than hair loss products you’ve seen before. For starters they have FDA approval, which you don’t see very often and is usually reserved for the big pharmaceutical companies out there that spend millions of dollars just to get their products pushed through. Avacor also says that they’re clinically proven, which is also something that is lacking with most other hair regrowth products on the market.

The Hype
No hype is necessary for hair loss products because there is a built in ravenous market that is desperate for a solution. Create anything that shows a small chance of working and they will buy it and try it. The makers of Avacor do not trump up their products, and only state facts and show before and after pictures. They realize that their products work for the majority of users, and they let them speak for themselves.

The Cost
You’d expect Avacor to be expensive, as it seems to be one of the only prescription-caliber solutions on the market, they could charge pharmaceutical prices. But a one month supply of their Physician’s Formula is $40, which puts it at about the same price that other companies are charging for products that are untested, and not FDA approved.

The Commitment
Regardless of which product you go with, you’re going to want to accept the fact that you’ll have to show some attention to your hair every day. The stop and start method that most people use to combat hair loss is what causes a lot of the poor results they get. You should include this in your daily routine and get religious about it. Consistent daily action towards improving your hair will yield results compared to doing nothing at all.

Avacor not only uses scientifically proven ingredients like Minoxidil, they offer all natural products that you can use in conjunction with it. That’s really the one-two punch that your hair needs to get back to the way you want it. Some products out there only use one or the other, which is why they fall short in many instances. Minoxidil will stop working when you stop using it, and all natural methods are usually not very effective on their own, and can take a long time to show significant results.

Their lineup of products is rather extensive, and they’ve got you covered on many different fronts. They’ve got shampoos, conditioners, and even gels all designed to provide nourishment to your hair and stop the damage from happening. One product in particular that you should note is Nutricap. This is a pill that you take that works from the inside out, providing your body with the vitamins and minerals it needs to create healthy hair. It can make up for any deficiencies you have in your diet and make sure your hair is getting all that it needs in an all natural way.

We like that they’ve created different products for both men and women. A lot of sites out there only have products for one or the other, or they say that it’s for men, but women can use it to. By developing two separate products you can be assured that you’re getting the right ingredients according to your gender.

We also like that they are providing value by reporting the latest news and developments in the treatment of hair loss. Not many companies out there show as much dedication of keeping their users informed about what’s going on and what their options are.

Final Avacor Review

Avacor is getting a solid Try rating from us, based on the feedback given from actual users, the fact that they’ve earned the approval of the FDA, and the studies that have been conducted that show positive results. On top of that they have a money back guarantee in place, so you’re covered in the event that you use it as directed and it doesn’t show the results you wanted. With hair loss treatments, it’s all about finding something that works for the majority of users. You’ll never find one that works 100% of the time. With Avacor you are lining yourself up for success.

Our Recommendation
You have to size up your different options, and when you do you’ll see that you have the basic choice between expensive pharmaceutical drugs that are proven to work, and cheaper all natural remedies that have spotty results. Avacor seems to give you the best of both worlds, borrowing from science to make sure the product is effective, while also keeping it as natural as possible so you can use it for the long term and see results.

What do you think? Does Avacor work or not?

29 Customer Reviews on “Does Avacor Really Work?

  1. I paid a lot of money for a 6 month supply and used it religiously morning and night. It did not grow any new hair and in my opinion, it actually accelerated my hair loss. Wasted money!

  2. it works!! it really works great! this is no ruse!! the whole back of my head now is filled in thick….this is no gimmick…..

  3. I used Avacor when I had a lot of hair loss especially in the back pattern area. I got almost all of my hair back. It wasn’t thick like it was prior to losing it but covered my head. When the product was gone I called to get more and they tripled the price on me stating, “Now you have to buy it from us or your hair will all fall out.” They were right, it fell out as I wouldn’t buy anything from these people again with that attitude.

  4. Avacor is a scam,it doesn’t work,my hair starting fallen faster when I started using this product,call them and they say it was natural,thw weak hair will fall and then the new one will grow.but never hair never grew bad I didn’t took pictures before and after so I can sue these people.

  5. Hahaha~ I think everyone who read this review would agree, I got totally excited at the mention of Avacor having an FDA approval. I’ve tried many different hair growth products so far and I can’t remember the last time I tried one that had an FDA approval, that’s how rare they’re. I’m excited and very much looking forward to trying out Avacor.

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