Does the BackBridge Really Work?

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Does the BackBridge work?The BackBridge is a way to treat back pain by lying down on an elevated board so that you can decompress your spine and line things back up the way they should be. But how well does it work and how does it size up to the competition?

A back bridge is also an exercise that you can do to improve your back, in which you put the palms of your hands as well as your feet on the floor and stretch your back in a big arch. But on this page we will only be referring to the product itself, not the exercise.

The Claim
The makers of BackBridge claim that their patented design allows you to lay on the device for only a few minutes and that it is helping with the underlying cause of your back problems, not just the symptoms. They also say that their arched bridge design acts to decompress the spine, which results in improved flexibility and releases pressure from the back. They say that it’s very simple to use, and works amazingly well. They also say that you can use this wherever you need it either at home or at work, and that you can use it as a chair support in your car. They also point out that it’s non-invasive way to help treat back pain.

The Hype
The hype is that lower back pain is a very common problem, which means many people will take note of anything that promises relief. There is a 30 minute infomercial for this product, and it goes on and on about how it can help with back pain, showing testimonials of those that say it worked wonders for their backs. This can make it hard to discern how the product would really work, since that sort of information will only come from real users that buy it and try it.

The Cost
The cost of the BackBridge is $100, which they break up into two payments, so your first payment is $60 because it includes the shipping, and then you have just one more payment of $40 a month later.

They compare this to an inversion table, and say that this is a bulky piece of equipment with a hefty price tag. With some inversion tables going for $500 or more they are trying to show that this is a reasonable cost for something that can provide the same or better results, while taking up less space in your home.

But if you compare it to similar back products you’ll find that it’s the only one that clocks in at the $100 range. The rest of them are all less than $50 which means that this would really need to work twice as well in order for it to be a good purchase. And many of the other products like this are rated highly, so if you don’t end up going with this one you may want to consider a similar yet less expensive option.

The Commitment
They say that all this takes is 2 minutes twice daily which is really not much of a commitment at all. The back pain itself should be reminder enough to use it, but you may have to set a reminder alarm for when you start feeling better because you may start forgetting to use it and could regress back into painful territory.

The main feature being touted by the BackBridge is that is has four different levels to it. You increase the amount of arch as you go along so that you’re consistently improving your spine more and more. They have you starting off at a level that just about anyone would be able to handle, and they seem to be assuming that you’ve got some back pain that is going to limit your range of motion. Then as your condition improves with the device you’ll naturally get to the point where you want more, and so this is able to grow with your abilities.

Final BackBridge Review

The BackBridge is getting our Solid Try rating, as it adds a bit of innovation to a device that’s been around for several years now. By adding the multiple tiers you’re able to gradually step up to more and more flexibility and stability but start out at a level that feels right for you. This allows you to further strengthen and elongate your spine so that even more than getting rid of the pain, you can make your back feel really good and turn a weakness into a strength.

The initial feedback on this product suggests that customers are indeed happy with their purchase, and it’s not surprising since this sort of device has been in use for several years, they’ve just designed a way for it to be a bit better than other options. These reviews even take into consideration the higher cost of the BackBridge, so people are happy they bought it even knowing they paid a bit more for it.

Our Recommendation
You can try Back Bridge if the price doesn’t bother you, or you can go with other options that may provide similar results at a smaller price. For example, the Back Magic Plus gets great reviews and is essentially the same concept but a fraction of the cost. It’s all about finding the support system that is best for you, and that means potentially trying out a few products to see which ones your body responds to, and then keeping the one you like most.

What do you think? Does the BackBridge work or not?

32 Customer Reviews on “Does the BackBridge Really Work?

  1. I definitely have back pain that I have been dealing with for years from being hit by a car. I am always looking for anything which will help. This product does look good, although I was surprised at the cost. Having said that, if it helps improve my back then it is definitely worth it. I often try to stretch my back out in this position and feel this would definitely help me do that. While it definitely won’t be a cure, if it helps I would look into it. But a very similar product could probably be had for cheaper, as the article points one out that is quite cheaper. The quality looks to be a lot less in that product though but I am sure if you look around you may be able to find a comparable one for cheaper. If not, then I would say this one is worth a try, depending on return policy.

  2. As someone who has years’ worth of experience in the medical field, I question the claims made by BackBridge. I have no doubt this product will aid in stretching and possibly even flexibility, but back pain is typically a complex issue that no one position is going to cure. If your issues are only occasional and due to stiffness only, this product may be for you. If you suffer from back pain requiring visits to doctors and chiropractors, I don’t think this is your magical cure. It’s really no different than those pillow wedges many people use in order to seek comfort while sitting. I am also apprehensive about the price- for $100, legitimate medical advice can be sought. Instead of unintentionally making matters worse by trying a product that may aggravate your condition, I think a proper diagnosis is the most appropriate first step in resolving chronic back pain.

  3. Back pain is a very vague, generic problem, meaning that back pain can stem from a myriad of other issues. I’m skeptical to believe that this product could help all, or even most, people with back pain. Also, the product claims to help spinal issues, but I’m not sure how safe it is to treat spinal problems without consulting a professional.
    If you’re purely looking for a way to improve back flexibility, I think this product could be a great option for someone who cannot hold themselves in a “bridge” position. It might also be a good option for someone who has trouble sleeping because they are uncomfortable lying on their back.

  4. I’m wondering if this would be effective for improving posture. I know it’s advertised for relieving back pain, but your review talks about how it improves flexibility and such. I generally don’t have any back pain, thankfully, but my posture isn’t very good. Even when I try to stand up perfectly straight, my spine doesn’t seem to straighten fully. My sister talked to a physical therapist she worked with about my problem, and he said it is likely an issue of poor flexibility in my back. This kind of made sense because I’ve always been really inflexible, i.e., I can’t even get close to being able to touch my toes unless I stretch regularly. So anyway, I would be interested in using this product if it could truly improve my flexibility, and I’d be really interested in anyone’s personal experience in this regard.

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