Does Shadazzle Really Work?

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Does Shadazzle work?Shadazzle is a “green cleaner” that is supposedly safe for both your home and the environment as it uses natural ingredients. But how well does it work at actually getting things clean?

Things around your home can get really dirty, in the kitchen, the bathrooms, pretty much any place that gets a lot of repeated wear and tear, or is expected to handle high heat and temperatures. If you go about cleaning them with ordinary cleaners you’ve likely found that it takes a lot of elbow grease, or involves using products that require you to have a well-ventilated area in order to use them.

The Claim
Shadazzle has several claims associated with it, including being a natural cleaning product that is clay based. They also say that it is non-toxic, so it’s safe to use on areas that both small children and pets would use. They further state that it’s environmentally friendly, unlike many other caustic chemicals out there. They say that it has no harmful chemicals in it at all, and that it does not contain phosphates.

As far as its cleaning ability they say that it can cut through just about anything, and that it leaves a coating around the surfaces it’s used on so that they are protected from additional dirt and grime going forward. This is a pretty unique claim and something we haven’t seen in other cleaning products. They say it won’t leave behind any scratches, even on materials that are known for their delicate nature, like glass items.

The Hype
Cleaning products always cause a stir, especially when they can clean a multitude of surfaces and claim to be so easy to use. Who doesn’t like the idea of effortless cleaning? But it’s best to go in with reasonable expectations, expecting to have to get involved a little in order to get surfaces as clean as they are in the infomercial. Also, these companies are really good at brainstorming possible uses, and they’ve done it here so you may find that you get this and can’t come up with as many projects for it as you originally thought.

The Cost
Shadazzle is $16.60 for one of them, which includes shipping. You can get two for $26. They also have kits set up that come with either a scrubber, or a scrubber and a microfiber cloth combined. Some have noted that you can buy things at your local supermarket or even home improvement store that work like this but don’t cost as much. Just be sure that you’re comparing apples to apples since this is made from natural ingredients and those other ones might not be.

The Commitment
This should reduce how much time you spend cleaning up around your home. The way it’s shown to work suggests that you won’t have to do a lot of tough scrubbing even on baked on or caked on problems. If you have a lot of these types of jobs that have accumulated over the months, it may take you several hours and a lot of effort if you clean them using conventional products. You could end up saving a considerable amount of time and get things cleaner than you ever could have by using this.

The feedback on Shadazzle has been mixed, with some saying it works great, and others saying it didn’t live up to expectations. There is plenty of video evidence that the product works though, which means that some of the negative reviews could be due to user error, or using it on a surface that it just wasn’t mean for, both of which are known to happen with general purpose cleaners like this.

The major selling feature should really be that this doesn’t use any chemicals to get the job done. If you’ve been hesitant to use a cleaner on a surface that you will be eating off of, or that your baby or pet will be playing with, here’s a way to make sure it’s clean without trading one unwanted thing for another. It doesn’t make sense to have something look better aesthetically but be just as “dirty” due to the cleaning product itself still being on it.

There may be some exaggeration in the ad where they show it cutting through baked on grease and burned on char and it’s able to clean it with just a few passes. You’ll likely have to put in a bit more effort than that to have it work for you. That being said, there’s nothing to suggest that this doesn’t work as an effective cleaner, it just might not be startlingly effective the way it’s shown to have that wow factor in the TV videos.

Final Shadazzle Review

Overall we’re giving Shadazzle our Solid Try rating because it’s simply been proven to work in real live demonstrations, even though it might not work on every single surface you try it on. At this price point there must be dozens of different things in your home that could benefit by a good cleaning with it, which is why it’s earned our second highest rating possible. The fact that it is all natural and Earth friendly only helps its cause.

Our Recommendation
With all of its different uses it only makes sense to keep this handy with your other cleaning supplies. It may not work exactly as it’s shown to in the promo videos, but it does actually work to get things cleaner without using harmful chemicals that can hurt both you and Mother Nature.

What do you think? Does Shadazzle work or not?

276 Customer Reviews on “Does Shadazzle Really Work?

  1. This is the best product I have ever used for my counter tops and my stainless steel…the shine is amazing. Thank you for a wonderful product. Kathy

  2. I have used the product on our stainless steel sink : GREAT !
    Then on the stainless Fridge , Oven and Dishwasher : GREAT RESULT ! (5years old , now looks like new ) Then I tried it on my watch : SUPERB ! (Rolex President 1966)

  3. What a amazing product Shadazzle is, it is the best cleaning material I have ever used. 5 stars does not do it credit I would give Shadazzle 10/10. I came across this marvellou paste and decided to give it a try, and I’m so glad I stainless steel sink, cooker and all hard surfaces shine as new. Don’t be put off by negative comments before you try it yourself. I love it and will never be without it.

  4. Absolute rubbish, avoid and keep your money in your pocket i tried cleaningthe cooker glass door nah didn’t work, i tried cleaning the sole plate on my iron nah didn’t work, chucked it all away in the end, my losd your gain .

  5. I tried some of this on stained upvc Cladding and it works a treat!
    I would normally use a solvent based upvc cleaner but the solvent cleaner would not touch the stains.
    This stuff is amazing!

  6. Not living up to the shown results in the video, no improvement at all on pots and pans. Waste of money.

  7. iv was given a tub from my brother-in-law to try on my copper ware as all other cleaning stuff did not do a good enough job i was bit sceptical but my cooper ware looks amazing and two weeks on they still look amazing the price is a bit steep but i think its won me over

  8. I use this on my large, double stainless steel sink – and it sparkles in no time! An excellent product…

  9. Yes Shadazzle does work! Saw it on TV and bought some. Cleaned my stainless steel sink which had come up really well plus now has a protective coat on it. Cleaned glass hob, granite work tops, glsss sink in bathroom all came up with beautiful shine. Cleaned tiles in bathroom and granite tiled floor all beautiful! Pleasant lemon smell and a little goes a long way

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