Do Welltabs Really Work?

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Do Welltabs work?Welltabs are supplemental tablets that say they can help to improve your mood and overall sense of well-being. It’s important to try to feel as good as you can, but can pills like these do the trick, or is this just a case of the placebo effect?

Feeling good involves a nice balance between your body and mind, where your mind is concentrated on positive thoughts and your body is in good condition and firing on all cylinders. Perhaps you’ve had moments or days where this was the case, while on other days and at other times you feel less than tip-top.

The Claim
The makers of Welltabs say that their supplement simply makes you feel good. They trademarked the term Positive Mood Technology and that the ingredients they’re using have been established as being able to help reduce the amount of stress you have, while calming down your body and mind. They say these ingredients also help you feel better both on a physical and emotional level, giving you more energy and helping you to feel stronger. Overall they say the end result is that you’re feeling more positive with a greater sense of wellness.

The Hype
The hype is that this is a pill that is basically saying it makes you happier and can have a trickle-down effect in all areas of your life. Stress is part of the human condition, at least the modern human condition, and all of us experience it in one form or another each day. So they have a very broad market to go after, and almost anyone would benefit from it if it does what it says it can do.

The Cost
There are a few different ways to order Welltabs. You can take them up on their sample offer whereby you pay $4 to have them ship you a two week supply. They say that there are no further charges to your card if you go with this method. You also have the ability to buy a 4-month supply for $120 and this includes free shipping. There are numerous reports from a few years ago stating that the ordering process is not as straightforward as you’d expect, and that customer service is a big hassle, both not being able to get through to someone, and having them tell you you won’t be charged but then you do anyway.

The Commitment
If these work they’d be something that you’d want to supplement with daily. After all, if it makes you feel as good as they say it does why wouldn’t you want to feel your best each and every day?

They really drive home how Welltabs have a lot of research behind them and how each ingredient is used for a specific purpose. This is to help stamp out the idea that this is just a random mix of herbal ingredients that was thrown together and marketed as an anti-stress formula.

Their website states quite clearly that “you’ll never be charged anything else for your sample” and that you “don’t have to return your sample” which are two things that buyers were saying happened in the past. They have in capital letters that it is a SAMPLE and not a trial, so there shouldn’t be any automatic charges showing up because you’re not taking a trial, but rather sampling the product to see if you want to buy.

Anytime so many people say that a company is a scam, but it’s still doing business several years later, we have to check it out to see what the real story is. This is because many people will complain of charges even if they were told it would happen if they don’t cancel, and also because there seems to be a lot of fake shill reviews on the positive side. We’ll come back on here with our hard-hitting report when we get more data.

Final Welltabs Review

Overall, Welltabs is getting our Thumbs Down rating, based on the overwhelming number of people that said it did nothing for them and the large number of reports that they simply charge your credit card and make it hard to cancel the trial. To be fair many of these reports are from several years ago, which is why we’re giving them a try to see if they’ve made any changes to the product and the ordering process.

At the time we placed our order they referred to it as ControlTabs and made it sound like it was a pill that you would take to lose weight. But the description of the product was listed as Welltabs so we’ll see what shows up, what the pills actually do, and what charges are actually charged to our card and update this post accordingly. In the meantime we’ll be keeping a close eye on our bank charges to see if anything comes through, and an eye on the mailbox to see when they arrive.

Our Recommendation
Stress has been linked to almost every disease out there, so it’s important to manage your stress levels and do whatever you can to feel relaxed, happy, and positive each day. It will not only help you live longer but it will allow you to enjoy life more. These pills may not be the miracle answer that they try to make themselves appear to be, but that shouldn’t stop you on your quest to feel good and use supplements to help improve both your mind and body.

What do you think? Does Welltabs work or not?

9 Customer Reviews on “Do Welltabs Really Work?

  1. I took these before & they made a huge huge difference. Something happened during my life where I stopped taking them. Fast forward a few years into my life where I was at my absolute “WORST!! One day this pill popped into my mind! Then I remembered I still had a couple of unopened boxes in my closet. Yeah!! Flew to my closet and found those boxes! Yeah again!!! Started taking them faithfully, every night consistently….by about 40-45 days later I was back way up on top again!! Maybe it’s just me?? Idk?? But for me, myself and I??? I LOVE THEM AND WOULD BE SO UNHAPPY IF I COULD NOT GET ANYMORE!!! OH PLEASE..Tell me it isn’t so………..

  2. A former live-in girlfriend of mine ordered me some well tabs without my consent I think that’s why we broke up anyway they did make me feel a whole lot better and I would like to get some more

  3. Can’t locate the original webdite. Felt like a million bucks! Please help. They were terrific!

  4. These are the most wonderful pills in the world .They work for some of us and others not so much. I want them back!!!!!!! I took them for 3 years..Loved loved loved them

  5. I had not heard of this product before reading this article but I do find it strange that this article fails to mention what ingredients are actually in Welltabs, which would be useful to know. Also there was no mention of whether the product worked for the author who had ordered it (I believe he was waiting for it in the mail), which kind of makes being able to answer the question, “Do WellTabs really work?” difficult.

    Theanine (200mg), Magnolia Extract (30mg), Withania Somnifera (125mg) seem to be the main ingredients. There are also additional ingredients which make up a Proprietary blend: Rhodiola Extract, Lemon balm extract, hops extract, passionflower extract, acai fruit extract, and Rexveratrol. I got these ingredients from the Welltabs website.

    Just looking up the main ingredients: 1.) Magnolia Extract – its main use is for stress reduction. 2.) Theanine – Has been studied for its use in stress reduction 3.) Withania Somnifera – Good for increasing energy and endurance.

    So based on the main three ingredients, it is fair to say that they have actually attempted to combine herbs which are known to boost energy and decrease stress. Having said that, herbs work differently on everyone and what may be helpful to one person may not be helpful to another. I just felt it was important that we know what we are dealing with. I hope the author will follow-up with his or her thoughts on the product.

  6. While it’s true that stress is related to so many health issues, and that healthy eating and lifestyle can reduce stress, it isn’t supplements that make you that kind of healthy. Working out increases endorphins and reduces stress by giving you a physical outlet. Eating healthy gives your body the nutrients it needs to work right, but those nutrients don’t get absorbed as well through vitamins as they do through eating healthy foods.

    I’m always very wary of pills that supposedly help you be healthy. If you just live a healthy lifestyle (while still indulging sometimes, obviously) you will feel better and naturally reduce stress and increase your happiness.

  7. When it comes to Health and Fitness, two subjects that common sense and experience tells us are not achieved easily, any thing that appears to make the pursuit of these elusive goals easier is going to be very appealing.
    Unfortunately, stress is a result of a myriad of factors in our lives. It’s not like an inflamed joint or a headache that can be targeted with painkillers. Yes, diet can play a big part in our general mental wellbeing, but the fact that you might be stressed, or depressed or tired is not a direct result of your diet, but of the situations in life that have led you to this point. Claiming that a nutritional supplement can alleviate any of these problems is silly.
    You can get all the nutritional value you require for a healthy body by eating green vegetables and fresh fruit everyday. But even then, if you have problems in your life, they’re not going away because you eat salad.

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