Does Bambooee Really Work?

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Does Bambooee work?Bambooee is a paper towel replacement that claims it can be washed and reused again and again, saving the environment from excess waste, and you from having to buy so much paper towel. But how well do they actually work?

It’s no surprise that paper towel is a common landfill pile-upper, as households across the country use mounds of them each week to clean up common spills and messes. There isn’t much that can be done with a used up paper towel, and they quickly lose their cleaning or drying capacity once they are exposed to the mess in question. This makes them a highly disposable product and one that can easily build up a sizable monthly or annual cost.

The Claim
The main claim by the makers of Bambooee is that it is a paper towel replacement and then some. They say that you’ll be able to wash each Bambooee sheet up to 100 times before it starts to wear out and need to be replaced. That’s why they claim that just 20 sheets can replace 286 rolls of paper towels, because you can’t wash and reused paper towels.

The Hype
The hype comes from the infomercial these have, as well as it being a green product. Green cleaning products are all the rage right now as more and more people are wanting to do right by the environment and are trying to pollute less and reduce the amount they contribute to the landfills and garbage dumps.

The Cost
The cost of a roll of Bambooee is $13 which gets you 20 sheets delivered to your door, and they say they also plant a tree for every roll you buy. Doing the quick math this should save you a minimum of a few hundred dollars compared to buying the hundreds of rolls of paper towels they say it replaces.

The Commitment
All you’d have to do is start using these in lieu of the paper towels you’re already using. What will likely end up happening is that once you have them you’ll naturally start thinking of different instances in which you can use them, because they lend themselves to all sorts of problems you have around the house. Of course you will have to commit to washing and reusing them, which is more of a commitment than you have with paper towels, but as a nice trade off you don’t have to commit to buying paper towels anymore.

The interesting thing about Bambooee sheets is that while they replace paper towels you can use them for things that you just can’t use paper towels for. They say you can wash your dishes with them, which is something you can’t really pull off with a paper towel, even the really good ones. They also say that when they’re dry they’re very absorbent, so you can use them to dry off your hands and clean up spills, just like a paper towel.

This is the kind of product that has plenty of benefits and not a lot of drawbacks. We couldn’t find any reason not to at least try these out to see how they work for you in your home. Maybe the one thing we could come up with is that once you use them and wash them and go to reuse them they won’t be on a roll any more, so they aren’t exactly like a paper towel, but that’s something most people can live with. Overall, they really did a good job of bringing a quality product to market that serves the consumer well and also helps to protect the planet, and that’s not something you see everyday.

Final Bambooee Review

Bambooee is getting our Thumbs Up rating for being a solid product that you can buy and feel good about. When you consider that a roll of paper towels, the good kind that you see on TV that are supposed to clean up the mess with one swipe, will cost you $2 or more, all you’d have to do is be able to replace 7 rolls with 20 sheets of Bambooee. Since the claim is that 20 sheets replaces over 200 rolls of paper towel it’s pretty clear that this is a winner and a huge cost savings, as well as being a green product by reducing the amount of post-consumer waste.

Our Recommendation
It’s probably a good idea to just start off with one roll and see how you like them. That one roll should last you for awhile, and if you find that you are getting a lot of use out of them because of the many different ways you can use them, you can always order more rolls in the future. We like that the ordering process is straight up, and that they don’t play any games with the product price and shipping costs.

What do you think? Does Bambooee work or not?