Does Bathroom Secret Really Work?

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Does Bathroom Secret work?Bathroom Secret is a spray that you spray before you go to the bathroom, so that no one has to know that you went number two. This would come in handy in times when you’re using a friends bathroom or the office bathroom, and you really need to stink things up. But does it work?

This is one in a long line of preventive odor removers where you’re actually trying to make the odors gone before they ever show up in the first place. The concept is that if you can stop the poop from smelling things up in the first place it’s a much better system than trying to deal with odors that have already had a chance to permeate things. If you’ve ever been victim of the long lasting and lingering smells of a serious bathroom session, you’ll appreciate the idea of never having to gag on that again.

The Claim
The makers of Bathroom Secret say that with two or three sprays you’ll have coated the toilet water with a blend of essential oils that ends up trapping the fecal matter under the water so it doesn’t eliminate its odor through the entire bathroom.

The Hype
The hype is that we all go, so it’s really nothing to be embarrassed about, but at the same time if you could go without leaving the odorific remnants behind it would be preferable.

The Cost
The cost of Bathroom Secret is listed at $10, but keep in mind that you’ll have to pay shipping on that as well. You might be able to find similar products either offline, or at an online retailer that won’t gouge you on the shipping costs of little spray bottles like this. It does rank as average among other products of a similar nature, so the price alone is not worth not buying it.

The Commitment
This is where you’ll have to have a bit of forethought, because you’ll have to remember to use this before you go and before the damage has been done. If you forget to use it before you go, it is rendered pretty much useless, as essential oils aren’t really the best air fresheners. If you forget you’re better off just using an air freshener like Febreze or something just as good.

There have been several of these products to hit the market recently, including Just a Drop, where you drip a drop of it into the toilet, and Sneak a Poo, which is essentially the same exact product, also in spray form. It seems that there is a big market for this, and you can tell that people really care about smells by taking a trip down the air freshener aisle of any grocery store. It’s big business. But can a pre-use product like these do the trick? Let’s see in this video review:

A review on a similar product:
As you can see by the review above, these pre-going odor eliminators work to some degree, but not to the point where you can’t tell that anything happened. Perhaps a combination of a before spray plus an after spray would do the trick, minimizing the odors that do occur, and then dealing with them after the fact as well. Febreze works wonders in this department, with a patented system of covering up the odor molecules with Febreze molecules so your nose can’t detect the odor.

One thing to keep in mind is that sprays like these can be used in your own home, not just while on the go or in someone else’s home. Getting into the habit of using it every time you go will help you remember to use it when you’re out and about.

Final Bathroom Secret Review

The final verdict on Bathroom Secret is that you can safely pass on this one, as there are better product available at better prices. Consider Just a Drop which gets pretty good reviews and uses a drop format instead of a spray so that it has a better chance of actually coating the top layer of water in the toilet. But even this has gotten some people that say that while it might reduce the odors, it doesn’t eliminate them completely, so always have your backup ready.

Our Recommendation
When it comes to using the bathroom in socially awkward situations, there’s only so much you can do. A one-two punch of using a pre-product like this to prepare the toilet for what’s about to happen, as well as using an air freshener when it’s all over, is the best method we’ve found to date. Keep in mind also that if you’re following a proper diet and have a clean and functioning colon your feces is supposed to be coated with a layer of mucus so it’s not supposed to smell.

What do you think? Does Bathroom Secret work or not?

6 Customer Reviews on “Does Bathroom Secret Really Work?

  1. 1: Take a can of cheap air freshener (Glade or Renuzit are good ones)
    2: Spray into toilet.
    3: Do your business
    4: Flush as soon as business is finished.
    Works about as well and is a lot cheaper. Also, you can mix a little baby/cooking oil with water and a few drops of essential oil and it will work too. All these products are is oil that is trapping scent. Oil spreads on water, poop hits water, helping to release fragrance. Oil on top of water helps to keep odor from leaving the water.

  2. Probably the most common problem is the bathroom stinking up the place after using it. Spraying Lysol can only get you so far before the smell inevitably returns. This is definitely something I need for my bathroom just to keep it smelling pleasant and fresh. But I do have to agree with LS and Barb. Wouldn’t freeze get the job done more effectively? I guess I’ll have find out and see.

  3. This is a really funny product, but one that I think a lot of people would use in certain situations. Most people are embarrassed by going to the bathroom, especially when they’re not at their own house. And for people who live with other people, or live in a dorm situation, something like this might just save them a lot of embarrassment.

    Of course, pooping is natural, and it’s a little funny we’re so hung up on people not knowing we did it. But besides that, it’s just nice to not have to smell it afterwards, whether you’re embarrassed or not. So this would be a pretty good product to keep in your purse or in your bathroom for certain situations. Even if it cuts the smell somewhat, it wouldn’t hurt.

  4. This is a pretty funny concept, and I have never heard of it before. I guess it is a great idea if you are planning on using the bathroom in a public place, but if you are home, why not just use a product like Febreze that will mask the odors just as effectively and actually work? I think that this product sounds like a lot of hype right off the bat. It just does not make much sense that you have to spray it beforehand so that you can mask the odors that are about to occur.

  5. Seriously!!! I’ve never heard of such a product and just reading the article makes me laugh! Half of the time I don’t even know that I’m going to have a BM until I’m actually sitting on the toilet! I just can’t imagine telling myself, “Oh wait! You need to spray first!” Too funny. I am good about spraying afterwards. I keep a can of Febreze in the bathroom for that purpose. And IF someone uses up the Febreze and doesn’t tell me, then spraying hairspray is the next best thing. If anyone has used Bathroom Secret I sure would love to hear his/her opinion on it!

  6. I love this and it actually works, as I like a lot of people I know, find it really uncomfortable to go to the bathroom when there are other people around. Now, the only problem here is that those other people become familiar with the scent of the spray and therefore know that you’ve been to the toilet anyway, but it’s definitely better to have the smell of the spray rather than the smell of, well… you know. This is great for me because I live in a shared house. Recommend this for anyone in a similar situation.

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