Does Swivel Brite Really Work?

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Does Swivel Brite Work?We all need to use our mirrors for a variety of reasons and often they don’t help us to see what we are looking at as good as they should. Swivel Brite may be a product that can help with this.

Swivel Brite is a 5x magnification mirror that you can just stick on your standard mirror or any smooth surface to magnify what you want to look at.

The Claim
The company claims that Swivel Brite easily sticks onto any smooth surface and then is just as easily removed. They say that it will magnify up to five times. They say that it is distortion free and presents a clear magnification.

The Hype
Not having to use a small hand held mirror to magnify what you want to look at in a mirror is a real bonus and appeals to those that have a need for this. The fact that you don’t have to permanently attach it to the mirror or any other smooth surface is also another advantage.

The Cost
You will pay $14.95 for the Swivel Brite and another $6.95 for shipping and handling. If you want to pay another $6.95 then you will get a second Swivel Brite free.

The Commitment
Most likely if you wanted to you could leave the Swivel Brite attached to your mirror for easy access. Otherwise you are going to have to put it on the mirror each time you want to use it.

There is little doubt that there is not a need for this type of mirror. There are tons of them available on the market and certainly lots of buyers. We like the fact that this one allows you to get a close up look at what you want with your hands free. You don’t have to use this just on your standard mirror either. It can be used on any smooth surface.

Final Swivel Brite Review

We are going to give the Swivel Brite a Thumbs Up rating. Our only concern would be the suction cup that is required to hold the mirror in place. It may require that the surface that you are adhering it to be clean and dry. There are a lot of good features about the Swivel Brite. It has some built in lighting and it swivels.

Our Recommendation
If you decide to invest in the Swivel Brite keep in mind that you can carry it with you. It would be ideal to have this mirror with you for makeup touch ups no matter where you are. If you decide to go with the free second option then you could consider giving it as a gift. If you didn’t want to part with it then you could keep one at home, and the second one in your vehicle so it goes with you. If you are in need of some extra vision support in your vehicle you may have been thinking about the Xtra View Mirror, however it is not receiving that good of a feed back.

What do you think? Does Swivel Brite work or not?

Customer Review on “Does Swivel Brite Really Work?

  1. I love the concept behind this mirror, but even if you use the mirror sparingly and shut off the light immediately after you use it, the batteries weaken quickly. I find myself not using this mirror to its full advantage because I want to preserve battery life. I always use top of the line batteries, and the lights grow dimmer and dimmer with each use of the mirror.

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