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Does Dash Lane Work?Anyone that has anything to do with a computer knows that they soon end up with a bunch of passwords to remember, and trying to find some convenient way to store and access them. This is where Dash Lane can really help.

Dash Lane is a Password manager that allows you to securely store and access all of your passwords.It will help you to generate passwords that are secure and complex enough that nobody will be able to figure them out. Then these are stored so you can easily access them as you need them.

The Claim
The company claims that with Dash Lane that you will be able to log into any site quickly and easily using Safari and your fingerprint. You can also quickly fill in forms with this program as well.

The Hype
The fact that Dash Lane makes generating, storing, and using passwords quick, easy and secure is about all the hype anyone needs that is fairly active on the internet. One of the biggest fears that most people have is somebody getting ahold of their passwords. This may be passwords for their email, or banking information which is all highly sensitive and personal information. Dash Lane stores all your data in a highly secured encrypted vault.

The Cost
If you want to use just the standard version of Dash Lane then you can do so for free. They have a premium version which allows you to sync to all of your devices, as well as provides a backup. The cost for this is $39.99 a year. For larger needs like for a team, there is special pricing available.

The Commitment
As with any internet software these always come with a learning curve and Dash Lane is not different. However, it has been built to be user friendly and it shouldn’t take you long to master it.

With the way that hackers can access personal information and the lack of security knowledge that many of us have, then a program like Dash Lane could really be important. It is a constant hassle having to store passwords and then keep changing them just because we are worried they will get hacked. This program really seems like a simple solution.

Final Dash Lane Review

We are going to give Dash Lane a Thumbs Up rating. We like what the program does. We also like the fact that you can try the free version and if you find that you really like it then you can upgrade to the paid version. The price for a year is most reasonable. Just think of the time you will save and the peace of mind you will have.

Our Recommendation
Anything you can do to increase your internet security is well worth looking at, and if it is good then implementing it. You can never be too careful. Most people generally worry about their password security but at the same time really want to be able to access many of the sites that require a password log in. We have looked at other types of computer and internet security in the past that relates to computers becoming attacked with viruses and spam. One of these was win cleaner.

Official Website: Dash Lane

What do you think? Does Dash Lane work or not?

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