Does Win Cleaner Really Work?

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Does Win Cleaner Work?This product is comprised of a USB that you are able to purchase and then use to clean up your computers to rid it of any viruses as well as optimize and clean it. It is meant to allow your computer to start up faster and speed up your access to the internet.

The Win Cleaner is touted as being a simple to use USB stick that has the capability of making your computer operate faster by cleaning and repairing it as well.

The Claim
The promoters of Win Cleaner say in their promo material that their USB device will clean, repair, and optimize your computer so it will run much faster. They say it will also protect it. They are claiming that 97% of the users of Win Cleaner noticed an immediate improvement in the way they PC performed.

The Hype
According to the promo material after using the Win Cleaner you should be able to access the internet much faster and your computer will load much quicker at start up.These are always problems that a lot of people have to deal with in regards to their computer. These usually are the reasons that many people will take their computer in for repair.

The Cost
You will be expected to pay $19.95 which includes shipping and handling. Or you can get two for $19.95 plus a $7.95 fee.

The Commitment
One of the biggest issues that comes with computers is many people don’t know how to maintain and clean them. They are worried about damaging the registry because they don’t know about the technical side of their computers. Usually they will take it to their computer tech to have it cleaned, and if needed upgraded. Or use some use online computer cleaners which often doesn’t help. To use Win Cleaner it is just a matter of following the instructions and prompts. Win Cleaner is only applicable for one computer. The product comes with a registration key which is used when you first use the USB. The product is then downloaded onto your hard drive so you can access it whenever you want. It doesn’t run automatically so you are going to have to get into the habit of remembering to run it on a scheduled basis.

When first considering the concept of the Win Cleaner it seems like the perfect solution for the many computer owners who are not comfortable cleaning their computers. It seems like a way to save some money from having to have it serviced.Win Cleaner comes across as being a new and innovative product, but it has actually been around for awhile. It is showing reviews on Amazon as far back as 2009. The product actually dates itself when it mentions that it works for Vista and XP as well.

Final Win Cleaner Review

After checking out the reviews and other comments about Win Cleaner we have decided to give it a Try/Buy. Mostly what you are paying for is the convenience of being able to go through all the steps of cleaning your computer without having to have any knowledge or the time to perform each step. Most of what is on the Win Cleaner is already on your computer as part of your utilities program or you can get free access on the web to it.

Our Recommendation
While the marketing hype comes across as offering something special in regards to cleaning and optimizing your computer, it should be looked at more as just a easy to use method of what you already have access to. This is a good thing for individuals who really are nervous about performing some of the maintenance functions that are needed to keep the computer optimized. We have looked at other USB computer products like the Pocket Desktop. Its objective is different as it is more of high security data storage device. It is just an example of how more conveniences are becoming available in the easy to use form of a USB.

What do you think? Does Win Cleaner work or not?

42 Customer Reviews on “Does Win Cleaner Really Work?

  1. I thought I re-subscribed to the Win Cleaner for my Computer – but I do not see the Startup Software Program here on my Computer to use it. Is there anything else I forgot to do to access the Startup of the USB and use it? Please let me know. Thanks!

  2. There is a misconception about this product, as it does not remove any viruses or malware infecting your computer systems and does not claim to at all ! This ad is making false claims and on the product box or enclosed literature does it state it will do so ! It is a “computer cleaner” of sorts and worth the price. It removes junk files, internet clutter and unwanted and unsolicited ads from your PC. It was originally $ 19.99 and now has popped up in Dollar Tree stores around the North-East for only one dollar ! One device lasts a full year and at one dollar, buy a few ! I have had it 6 months now, use it once monthly, and it clears internet clutter, all unwanted files, broken shortcuts, etc. These things definitely slow your computer down over time if allowed to buildup ! WinCleaner is a fast, cheap and effective way to do this for regular maintenance….and not a nasty virus infection remover !

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