Does The Coconut Oil Secret Really Work?

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Does the Coconut Secret Work?The Coconut Oil Secret is a large collection of information on how and why you should start using coconut oil as part of your daily diet. This was once an oil that was classed as being bad for you because it is a saturated oil, but this viewpoint may be changing.

The Coconut Oil Secret is a book that offers a ton of information about coconut oil. This is an oil that is really becoming one of keen interest now. All indicators are that the oil got a bad rap a few years back when everyone became intent on eliminating the saturated oils from their diet, because of the many negative health factors it could have. This book is being offered by Jake Carney of the Alternative Daily. The whole concept behind this book and for others who advocate the use of coconut oil, is getting back to what Mother Nature gives us.

The Claim
The promotional material is claiming to reveal 9 reasons why you should use coconut oil on a daily basis, and at the same time tells you about 4 oils you should never use. The book is meant to cover how included amongst the many uses of coconut oil, is that it may be beneficial in helping to protect you against bacteria, infection, viruses, and cancer. It is also indicated that it can be helpful for the thyroid and brain. It doesn’t stop there, as it is being indicated that it can also help to burn fat.

The Hype
The biggest factor about the The Coconut Oil Secret that could be perceived as hype is that it is giving credit to Mother Nature for any potential healing powers that coconut oil may possess. So many people are looking for natural alternatives to fit into as much of their lifestyle as possible. When there is a potential alternative such as coconut available that fits right into this, then it appeals to many consumers.

The Cost
There is a lot of information that has been compiled in the The Coconut Oil Secret, and along with your order you also receive two bonus books,”20 Aging & Anti-Cleansing Ways to Use Coconut Oil, and “11 Super Delicious & Super Healthy Coconut Oil Recipes”. So you get all three for the price of $10.

The Commitment
Not only are you going to have to read all of the material contained in the Coconut Oil Secret but make sure that if you are in doubt of anything that is being said that you research it further. There is so much controversy around many of the things that we consume, that it is difficult to know which side is right. The only way to get past this is to do your own research on a topic and then come to your own conclusions.

Whenever something becomes popular really fast and the hype begins to build quickly around it, its almost like a rumor where its hard to know who started it. Sometimes all it takes is someone in the spotlight like Dr. Oz, or Dr. Mercola, to mention something is good for you then all of a sudden it becomes the next big health food. There is more and more evidence showing that Coconut Oil has some excellent benefits to it. However, this is something you are going to use for your body, so you are the one that needs to come to the conclusion that you believe its packed full of benefits that you want. There is a ton of information available, but a good selection of it has been accumulated in the The Coconut Oil Secret, so it would be a great place to start.

Final Coconut Oil Secret Review

We are going to give The Coconut Oil Secret a Thumbs Up rating. Mostly because it gives you a really good starting point to help you make the decision as to whether you want to incorporate this into your daily life. There is a lot of evidence showing that this oil has some excellent benefits, although you will also come across information that negates this. The only way you can make an informed decision about it is if you are knowledgeable about it, and this book will be a big help with this. You can’t beat the price of $10. and it could turn out to be a very valuable investment.

Our Recommendation
Coconut oil is being promoted to have many benefits both for internal and external use.You will often see coconut oil or milk being used in many cosmetic products and with good results. One of the biggest interests that is growing in the benefits of coconut oil is the possibility it can fight fat, which is spurring the interest of those who are dealing with weight problems. You will have to be the one that decides whether coconut oil is all that it is cracked up to be, and is it for you?

Official Website: Coconut Oil Secret

What do you think? Does The Coconut Oil Secret work or not?

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