Does Plumber’s Hero Really Work?

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Does Plumber's Hero Work?Nothing is more frustrating or potentially expensive to correct than a plugged drain. There may be a quick fix now for this problem called Plumber’s Hero, so let’s find out if its the average homeowner’s hero.

Plumber’s Hero is a hand held device that you are supposed to be able to just press down over the clogged drain, and it will instantly become open once again. It comes with a special container that contains the product responsible for unplugging the drain. It is being promoted as being able to be used up to 20 times, and that this product will last up to 10 years.

The Claim
The promoters are saying that Plumber’s Hero comes with some special attachments so it will create the perfect seal on all types of drains. They promote its use for toilets, sinks, bath tubs and even garbage disposal units. They are also saying it leaves a nice odor to the drain after it has been unclogged.

The Hype
The focus is being put on the ease of use, but most importantly how it can replace the need for a costly plumber. Anyone that has had to deal with a clogged drain just dreads the thought of having to call in this type of professional.

The Cost
You can expect to pay $19.99 for the kit plus $7.99 shipping and handling. The kit is comprised of one Plumber’s Hero Can, one large and one small rubber attachment, and the toilet extension handle.

The Commitment
Most likely once you have ordered this and it arrives you are going to tuck it away in a safe place ready for use. As soon as that first drain clog arrives you will be rushing to get the Plumber’s Hero out and into action. Be sure to read the instructions properly so you don’t waste the product in the can.

When most people are first faced with a clogged drain they have a couple of options that they resort to. They go for the plunger which is an attempt at using pressure to release the clog. If this fails then they turn to drain cleaning products. Both of these attempts are done with intense hope that they will work. When you look at the Plumber’s Hero this is actually a combination of both product and pressure at the same time, and this may prove to be quite effective. It would appear that the Plumber’s Hero product is being driven into the drain with the pressure action.

Final Plumber’s Hero Review

Plumber’s Hero has been around for a while but seems to be getting a big push by its promoters. We’re going to give the product a Try/Buy as it has has also been featured on HSN, and has been reviewed by 8 people giving it a 3 star rating. Some of the complaints focused around the canister losing its pressure. The biggest complaint of those who did not like the product was that they waited until too late to send it back. Probably they ordered it to use when needed, which ended up being beyond the purchase return point, which most people would find themselves in the same situation. It is not too likely that if you have a plugged drain that you are going to wait for this product to arrive.

Our Recommendation
If you are dealing with a clogged drain let’s face it you have got to do something about it. The positive reviews on the Plumber’s Hero were quite good, so probably it comes down to just how clogged the drain is, and what’s in there. There is another option and that is to snake the drain, but this is not the most pleasant method. If its of interest then you may want to take a look at our Turbo snake review which has gotten some thumbs up for its performance.

What do you think? Does Plumber’s Hero work or not?

10 Customer Reviews on “Does Plumber’s Hero Really Work?

  1. The sewer cameras take every one of the guess exercise off the diagnosing a problem.
    The reasonns behind these mega-clogs are wide ranging, but it is typically an international body.
    You can always check a firm or even an engineer at
    Andd finally, before youu sign the clntract to the wortk to commence, contemplate the question.

  2. I bought Plumbers’s Hero at Ollies discount store for 5.99 and at that price, I was willing to take the risk that it might not work. I made sure to read (several times) the instructions and it worked!! This is my new go-to product when I have a clogged drain. No more splashing caustic liquids for me!?

  3. I bought this product very skeptical I’ve tried everything this Was my last resort to getting my bathroom sink to unclog I have tried taking it apart and cleaning the pipes I’ve used all types of chemicals and even plunged the sink nothing so I decided why not one last try and guess what it completely cleaned it out and my sink is now back to normal I will be buying more and recommending this product to everyone thank you so much just saved me another 500 on a plumber to fix this problem

  4. It was a little tricky to use first but once I figured it out, it works amazing. I love this stuff.

  5. Don’t waste your money. It did not work at all and after several tries I must have not had a tight seal. I was a mess and so was my kitchen!!

  6. Yippee, it worked the first time. I held it a little longer than I should have. So, the can won’t last 10 years, but it cleared my bathroom sink.

  7. I didn’t expect much when I bought this product because all the other drain clearing products I bought in the past never seemed to work, but surprise! surprise!, Plumbers Hero actually worked. I have used this product twice for my toilet and I love it. It immediately got the job done and best of all I did not have to call a plumber and spend a lot of money.

  8. This product was just OK until I figured out exactly how to use it. It is mandatory that the blue top of the can is covered in water when you turn it upside down prior to use. Also, you MUST cover/plug any overflow drains where the pressure could escape to keep it from going down the drain. I did use almost a whole can before I read and re-read the instructions. Once I did, it is PHENOMINAL!!! I’m ordering another can right now. Thanks, Plumber’s Hero! 5 Star!

  9. Plumbers hero Does NOT work like it shows I bought this for my bathroom sink that was not draining and used all 15 shots from the can and still did not even drain the little bit of water that was int he sink before I bought this . It is a waste of the $15 dollars I paid for it at the store.

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