Does the National Tree Dunhill Fir Hinged Tree Really Work?

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Does the National Tree Dunhill Fir Tree Work?It is that time of year where we have to start thinking about the Christmas decor. So is this the year you switch from a real tree to an artificial one?

The National Tree Dunhill Fir Hinged Tree is an artificial tree that really looks natural. It is currently a best seller on Amazon and probably for many good reasons. It is 7 1/2 feet tall and comes with 750 clear lights.

The Claim
The promoters claim that this is a flame resistant and non-allergenic tree that comes with a five year warranty, and that it has a hinged branch construction for the easy assembly of the tree each year.

The Hype
The fact that you don’t have to brave the cold or pay a fortune every year for a pre-cut live tree is very appealing to many. Plus, you don’t have to spend hours struggling with stringing the lights.

The Cost
You can expect to pay $242.99 if you purchase this National Tree Dunhill Fir from Amazon.

The Commitment
You will only have the big commitment of motivating yourself that it is time to put up the Christmas tree. Some love this time of year and can’t wait for it. So it will all depend on your frame of mind and whether you are in the Christmas spirit yet. Don’t forget this is a good sized tree, so you are going to want to have some time to decorate it as well as a good selection of Christmas ornaments.

In the past we have had some reservations about these pre-lit trees. Often the problem was if one light burned out then they all went out and replacing them was a nightmare. With the National Tree Dunhill Fir you are not going to have that problem. If one light burns out you can replace it, and the others remain lit.

Final National Tree Dunhill Fir Review

We are going to give the National Tree Dunhill Fir a Thumbs Up rating. It is a #1 best seller on Amazon with a 4.3 out of 5 star rating based on 235 reviews. Some of the questions that have been raised is whether the lights are LED, and apparently they are not which might be an issue with some people. There have been some that prefer this tree to the spruce. While there are some complaints, the odd one has been about the tree being too sparse.

Our Recommendation
Once you have made up your mind to go with an artificial tree there are a few things that you want to keep in mind. If you are really going to love it then make sure you buy one that reflects the type of tree that you like. For example, this National Tree Dunhill Fir depicts a fir tree, but if you really love spruce then you may not want to make this one your first choice. There is all kinds of decorating that can be done at Christmas and you can put as much effort into it as you like. To extend this you may want to look at what we had to say about decorating with wreaths.

What do you think? Does the National Tree Dunhill Fir Tree work or not?

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