Does Zip Recruiter Really Work?

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Does Zip Recruiter Work?Finding a job is always a big challenge and now many job seekers are forced to apply for jobs online which means they have to choose the proper resources. Then for those that are hiring they too are faced with this same task. So how does Zip Recruiter stand up to these challenges.

Zip Recruiter is a multi facet company that caters to both job seekers and employers. Job seekers get the opportunity to sift through many job postings that they can potentially apply for. For employer’s they get the chance to post their jobs on this platform.

The Claim
Zip Recruiter claims that they post to over 100 job boards so this gives employers a lot of exposure. They claim that the services they provide creates a great environment both for job seekers and employers.

The Hype
The hype for the employers is that they don’t have to go to tons of different sites to list their job postings. The same can be said for the job seekers in that they have one major resource they can rely on to find potential job openings.

The Cost
There is no cost for job seekers who are using Zip Recruiter. Job seekers can submit as many applications as they like. For employer’s there are different plans that they can utilize. The first time experience at Zip Recruiters begins with a two week free trial. After that the pricing plans vary on the specifc package that is being taken.

The Commitment
The commitments are going to differ depending on whether you are a job seeker or employer. As a person looking for work you will want to take the time to really use all the assets that the Zip Recruiter site has to offer. By doing this you can really narrow down your job searches to those that are most applicable to you.

For the employer’s there is work involved in setting up your job requirements so that they are accurate and precise so that you get the most qualified applicants.

Looking at what Zip Recruiter has to offer from both sides leads us to a positive evaluation. There are a lot of good reviews posted by employers that are happy with the Zip Recruiter services. What many of them focus on is the good customer service that they receive. There are fewer reviews from successful job applicants, and there are a few negative ones that have complained about the job postings not being totally accurate. There could be explanations for this such as the job requirements changing over even a typo error.

Final Zip Recruiter Review

We are going to give Zip Recruiter a thumbs up based on a few factors. We like that the job postings end up on a lot of job boards. Plus, we like the fact that the site they have built is so user friendly and that job seekers can really use all of the resources here to their best advantages. Also, when looking at some of the reviews from people who actually work for Zip Recruiter there is little doubt that this is a Company that knows how to treat their employees well.

Our Recommendation
To help you with your decision making about applying for jobs online you may find this post useful.

What do you think? Does Zip Recruiter work or not?

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