Does the My Secret Bidet Really Work?

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Does My Secret Bidet Work?Some subjects may be a little touchy to talk about but nevertheless cannot be avoided. One such subject is personal hygiene after using the washroom, and the My Secret Bidet may be a great tool to enhance this.

The My Secret Bidet is a toilet attachment that allows you to thoroughly clean yourself with water after going to the toilet. It is a device where you hook up the line to your water line,then the device itself rests on the rim of the toilet. When you are ready to use it you just turn the dial to the desired pressure setting, and the device emits a controlled spray to help clean yourself properly.

The Claim
The company claims that the My Secret Bidet is really easy to install as well as use. They are claiming that with the controlled pressure you can easily clean yourself whereas before you may have been using tons of toilet paper to achieve the same results.

The Hype
Many individuals are really into their hygiene and having a unit such as the My Secret Bidet is something they are really interested in. In the past it meant having a separate unit as a Bidet set up which could be costly.

The Cost
You can expect to pay $19.99 plus $7.99 for shipping and handling. If you want to pay an extra $7.99 to cover the S & H you will get a second My Secret Bidet free.

The Commitment
You may have to get used to using this device as well as instruct other members of the family as to how it works. You also want to make sure that the kids understand the true purpose of the My Secret Bidet and don’t amuse themselves with it by spraying water all over the bathroom.

Overall anything that can help you feel fresh and clean after using the toilet should be seen as a good thing. It certainly is a popular item in general, as there are many different versions of the Bidets available on Amazon.

Final My Secret Bidet Review

We are going to give the My Secret Bidet a Thumbs Up rating. There are some good aspects to it. It will fit on almost any toilet. It certainly steps up the hygiene. It is great for the kids getting cleaned properly. It also cuts down on the use of toilet paper, and the potential of this clogging up the pipes. The price is reasonable and it is very similar both in looks and price to the best selling Bidet on Amazon.

Our Recommendation
We really think that this is a product well worth looking into. It is not the only bathroom project that we have looked at in the past. A big pet peeve of many women is when the guy’s leave the toilet seat up. We found a solution for this called the Aqua Seat which has gotten mixed reviews. Overall though the price for the My Secret Bidet is quite reasonable when you look at what a separate installed unit like this would cost.

What do you think? Does the My Secret Bidet work or not?

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