Is Beano Going To Help You Pass The Gas Quietly and Painlessly?

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BeanoNowadays people are trying to look after themselves better, and this includes exercising more, eating healthier and even taking dietary supplements to help with their digestion. There is a lot of talk to what these dietary supplements can do for you right now, and even though there are many products on the market, Beano is one particular brand that is still getting a lot of attention. It originally hit the shelves in the early 1990s and after several revisions throughout the years, it has been found that it works better than ever and is very user-friendl.

What is Beano?


It originally hit the shelves in the early 1990s and after several revisions throughout the years, it has been found that it works better than ever and is very user-friendly.

Beano is a dietary supplement that is enzyme-based and is helpful in reducing gas in the body’s digestive tract.  This means there is less bloating, less discomfort,  less flatulence and it really helps to improve digestion.

What Ingredients Is Beano Made Up Of



First and foremost there are no ingredients in Beano that are harmful to the body in any way.

The scientific breakdown of Beano includes an enzyme called a-GAL which is a derivative of the fungus Aspergillus niger.

It is this enzyme that works in your digestive tract that helps to break down certain complex sugars in various foods.


It also reduces certain starch molecules that bacteria thrive on which produces the excess gas in the digestive tract. Beano allows you to absorb these molecules preventing the bacteria from being able to build up and produce the gas that causes you your discomfort.

How Does Beano Work?


There have been some studies conducted that did show some reduction in gas with the use of a_GAL. But one study indicated that could interfere with acarbose which is a medication for treating diabetes.

Understanding Flatulence

gas pain

If you are going to put any faith in a product then you may want to understand the condition that it is treating. In this case Beano for the use of gas.

Not everyone gets the same amount of gas, nor at the same times as it occurs

  • Morning
  • Afternoon
  • Evening
  • Night
  • All Day

So Whats The Cause Behind It?

food consumption


As food is being consumed it is constantly getting digested by the stomach enzymes and the waste gets dumped into the colon.

The bacteria in the colon thrive on this waste. So when they are attacking the waste the bacteria is emitting the gas As the gas is being formed then the stomach begins to expand This is because the lactose sugar builds up in the intestines.

What Are The Dietary Culprits That Are Causing This Reaction?



Depending on the type of dairy it will cause different symptoms and intensity.


  • Aged Cheeze Sour Cream
  • Whipped Cream
  • Butter


  • Ice cream
  • Pudding
  • Milk


  • Regular milk
  • Chocolate milk
  • Eggnog

(These are full of lactose)



  • Pasta
  • Potatoes
  • Beans
  • Peas

These are foods that end up going to the lower intestine more –  so more food for that bacteria



Not all of it is absorbed by the body most of the fibre is in the skin of the fruit or vegetable. So again more food for the bacteria


Causes extra air from swallowing

Added Sweeteners

The Symptoms

There are several symptoms that come with this process that the body is going through

  • The discomfort from the bloating
  • The odours from what the bacteria is creating
  • The appearance of the bloating
  • The sound effects with the gas escaping

These are all symptoms that Beano is being claimed to deal with.

When Should You Take Beano

  • To get the best results from Beano you are advised to take the supplement before you decide to eat foods that could cause you gas or other symptoms.


  • Originally Beano was introduced in a liquid form but this was discontinued and now you can get the same dose in a tablet form and strawberry flavoured “Meltaways”.


  • Another way you can take Beano is by crushing the tablets and actually mixing them into your food.


  • Generally, two to three tablets work well enough to take care of the symptoms listed and you should do this anytime you are going to consume gas-forming foods.

Beano Reviews

It is a product that has been around for a while so it has had plenty of testing. The most current reviews based on 156 rating it has been given a 4.4 out of 5 stars with 71% giving it the 5 and only 7% giving it one being the most dissatisfied. This is a pretty impressive ratio.

Compared to other over the counter drugs for the same type of problem, the price is comparable at around $16. For 150 tablets which is all going to depend on where you buy it.

A Workable Gas Attack Plan

  • Have Beano on hand before you are going to consume any of the foods mentioned above


  • Watch what you are eating and when and the amount


underwear for gasDepending on how bad your gas is and it is causing an embarrassment for you then you may want to see if these specially designed pants are going to help you deal with the odour problem.


Let us know about your Beano Experience or something else you may have tried.














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