Do Bed Bands Sheet Straps Really Work?

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Do Bed Bands Sheet Straps work?Bed Bands sheet straps are here to save the day if you’re at your wits end trying to keep your fitted sheet fitted to the mattress. For many this will be a big help in getting a good night’s sleep, so we checked to see what users think of this and whether or not they work as well as they claim.

Overview of the Problem
Unless the sheets fit your mattress just right, they can come undone while you sleep, causing you to wake up in the middle of the night and put them back, only to have them come undone a short time later. Sheet straps have been around for awhile, but sometimes the clasps end up tearing your sheets, and often the elastic wears out, and the effectiveness is lost.

The Claim
The makers of Bed Bands sheet straps say that while they may not be the first mattress straps ever made, they’re made a cut above everything else that’s available. They’re using high-quality materials to make these, and selling them at a price point that matches or beats lesser-quality straps. Their clasps are nickel-plated, but they have a rubber grip that protects the fabrics while still holding them firm. And the elastic is so rugged that it can be used to keep all sorts of things tied down, even for outdoor use so it’s definitely up to the challenge of holding your sheets in place.

The Hype
This probably struck a chord the first time he saw it in action, and that’s because most of us have the experience of getting really frustrated when putting on a fitted sheet. The satirical website The Onion even ran a fake column about the phenomenon of the angst felt by putting it on. Even though it is tongue-in-cheek, it does shed light on just how aggravating it can be to have a corner of the sheet pop off.

The Cost
You can pick up a set of 4 of these for around $14 at Amazon. They are right on point with other mattress straps, but you are getting the advantage of a more well thought out design, and a higher quality of product. Since it’s a set and forget type of product it’s great to think that for $14 you wouldn’t have to worry about your sheets coming undone anymore.

The Commitment
The basic premise here is that you’ll be able to spend less time putting the sheets back on the corners of her bed, which means when you put your sheets on, you’ll only be doing it once and not again and again. On a more philosophical level, the less time you have to waste thinking about your bed sheets, the better. You’re freeing your mind up to ruminate on more pressing matters.

It’s nice when you see that a company has looked at what is already on the market, determined what isn’t working, and then goes forward and makes corrections to it to come up with a product that not only works, but is designed to last and last. The inventor of the Bed Bands sheet straps pointed out that the clasps are made so as not to harm your sheets, and the elastic is purposefully made with a round strap because they hold up to wear and tear and washings better than the flat elastic straps.

The extra thought and attention translated to success in the real world, with users overwhelmingly saying that these do the job and do it well. This means that the improvements they came up with in the design phase were not lost during the manufacturing process, and they’re produced a product that won’t just work the first time you use it, but for the long term as well, and at a price that makes this an easy buy.

Final Bed Bands Sheet Straps Review

There’s little doubt about it, Bed Bands sheet straps work and are getting our Thumbs Up rating. It’s not as if they’re a groundbreaking invention, since straps like these have been around for quite some time, but there are a few features that these have that others don’t, and that makes all the difference. There are so few naysayers on these straps that it can be chalked up to user error and very unusual cases, which is no surprise considering the wide array of mattress sizes and sheet sets.

Our Recommendation
If you’re tired of your sheets coming undone and have tried other straps before with no luck, it’s definitely worth getting a set of these. At this price point, and with so many people saying that they work as described, there’s a high chance that you’ll be able to fix the problem once and for all get on with the rest of your day.

What do you think? Do Bed Bands Sheet Straps work or not?

226 Customer Reviews on “Do Bed Bands Sheet Straps Really Work?

  1. Just used this product called Bed Scrunchie and it really works for me. Couldn’t ask for more product that can keep my sheets tight..

  2. These sometimes work and sometimes dont, I sampled the Bed Scrunchie and that really solved my problem once and for all.

  3. Bed Bands Sheet Straps do work. I have sheets that like to come up each and every night. What a nightmare when you are trying to sleep and the sheets curl up. The Bed Bands Sheet Straps are easy to use. You just clip them on and you never have to worry about the sheets coming loose again. I purchased mine at Walmart for under ten dollars and it’s the best ten dollars I have spent on my bedding. It makes a comfortable sleep and easier to make your bed each morning. I recommend the bed bands straps as they absolutely work!

  4. I agree that these are an improvement on the old-school suspender type bands that you see and that are rather less effective. I agree on the other uses that were listed to this review as far as outdoor uses like the grill cover. They would certainly keep a home neater longer with kids and a dog as well. As for the price I believe it is a small investment, even for multiples if it gets your home to run a bit more efficiently so you don’t have to stop and remake beds all the time. This is a good investment.

  5. I have several sets of bed bands. Love them on my bed, they work and I don’t have to completely remake beds everyday from the mattress up. I also use them to hold the cover on my grill outside, they are great to take on a picnic – holds the cover on the table. There is no elastic on the band to wear out, even the weather outside doesn’t bother them. I wise and inexpensive choice.

  6. Looks simple and functional, even the commercial for it has no hype. I like it. 4 boys (including my husband) and with 2 dogs in the house things can get very messy very quick. If I could reduce my workload around the house, I welcome any gadget or contraption no matter the cost 😀

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