Does the Flip Jack Pan Really Work?

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Does the Flip Jack Pan work?The Flip Jack Pan looks like two frying pans stacked on top of each other. It’s supposed to be able to make a perfect pancake without worrying about slopping it all over the place when you flip it. So how well does it actually work at getting a pancake just right?

There’s something about pancakes. Everybody loves them, but few really enjoy making them. They’re the kind of food that you’ve got to keep an eye on to get that perfect golden brown tinge to them, and flipping them just right is essential for even cooking. The flip is where the majority of pancakes go bad, and that’s exactly the aspect that this pan is trying to overcome.

The Claim
The Flip Jack Pan is made by the same company that produces Orgreenic non-stick cookware, so the claim is you’re getting the same level of non-stickness. They also say that you can use your own pancake mix, either a secret family recipe or a simple just-add-water mix. It makes pancakes that are the same size as the kind you’d get at a diner. They say you can not only make flawless pancakes with this, but that you can also use it to make eggs without worrying about breaking the yolks, thanks to the double pan design. They say you don’t even need to use a spatula.

The Hype
Several products now exist that attempt to provide the perfect pancake experience. Who knew the pancake market was so big? While most of us have figured out our preferred method for making pancakes, there’s always room for improvement, and that’s just what these products try to convince you that you need.

The Cost
You can get one Flip Jack Pan for $28 which includes shipping, or you can upgrade and get an additional unit plus a pitcher to help pour the batter onto the pan for an extra $13. What’s nice is that you’re not forced into buying the upgrade, and you can choose which one you’d like to go with. Also, if you don’t like it and take advantage of their money back guarantee, you’ll get your $20 and just be out the $8 shipping.

The Commitment
This should allow you to make pancakes more easily, and with less mess and cleanup, than the way you currently do. Clean up should be easier since both pans are non-stick. You may find yourself eating more pancakes than you used to if there’s less of a headache involved.

The concept for the Flip Jack Pan is solid. It takes away the possibility of spills and messes, but you’ll still have to pay attention so you know when it’s the right time to flip. We have yet to see a device that is set and forget and that delivers perfect pancakes with little involvement on your part. But as far as making the process mistake-proof, this is one of the better ways of going about it. Keep in mind that if you’d rather make four smaller-sized pancakes using the same basic concept you should opt for the Perfect Pancake instead.

One point to consider is whether the top pan gets hot enough while the pancake is cooking. After you flip it it might take time for the top pan to heat up enough to cook the other side of the pancake. This might be a minor inconvenience, and shouldn’t effect the overall cooking time too much.

Our Readers Weigh in On Orgreenic
Since one of the major selling points is that this is made with Orgreenic non-stick material, it’s important to note that out of 126 people surveyed, 90 of them gave it the Thumbs Down when asked whether it works or not. And while some say they work great, others say that they’re junk and that everything sticks to it. One tip is to make sure you season the pans according to the directions before making your first pancake.

Final Flip Jack Pan Review

We’re giving the Flip Jack Pan a Solid Try rating due to it being a good technique, and an easy ordering process. With the money back guarantee in place, most of the risk is on them if it doesn’t work the way you expect it to. And at this price point if it can continually deliver the sort of pancakes you can usually only get at a restaurant, then it would be worth it. We’re still a bit skeptical about the Orgreenic cookware after so many mixed reviews, but as long as you coat the pan beforehand they should come out just right.

Our Recommendation
If you’re a pancake nut but don’t really like the stress that comes from making them, this could be one way to make them more easily and in a foolproof manner. If you typically don’t eat pancakes and were just wowwed by the commercial it might be smart to take a pass on this and let that desire subside.

What do you think? Does the Flip Jack Pan work or not?

27 Customer Reviews on “Does the Flip Jack Pan Really Work?

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  2. I loved my Flip Jack, but I did have to spray each side before cooking. I made two to four egg omelets every day in it and many many pancakes. Unfortunately my granddaughter thought she’d turned off the burner and had set it on high and burned my pan up. Now, I can’t find one in any of our local stores, and I will send for one on Ebay, but in the meantime, I really miss it. My secret to success is to cook on medium low heat. I have even fried a potato in it.

  3. My husband bought me this pan for Valentine’s day. I love it . Still haven’t made pancakes but omelettes are great just butter both sides of pan. Another use is cake mix add fruit tgey nake great individual desserts.

  4. Here’s a follow up that may help.

    Get a can of PAM non stick spray and fo lightly around both pans..
    Cook at very low heat, on my electric that’s one notch under medium.
    Time was 1 minute 20 seconds then flip for another 1 minute 20 seconds.
    You may want to spray again for next pancake.

    Anyways using this technique, I finally got mine to cook and slide out perfectly.

    Still cant endorse this product, but if you do get it working they cook up real nice.
    I use hungry Jack complete mix.

    Good luck!

  5. I was very excited to get this as we have pancakes often. I seasoned it as per instructions and tried it out and the first pancake cooked fine on the bottom, but stuck when I tried to flip it over. I reseasoned the flip jack and had no better luck. It has never turned out a decent pancake as they all stick when flipped over. A waste of money!

  6. I love pancakes and bought this at Wallgreens.

    I followed the directions, seasoned it, then cooked up the large pancakes with
    Hungry Jack mix.

    I opted for 12-16 Pancakes (box directions) with 2 cups mix and 1 and 1/2 cups water per directions.
    This gave me 4 very large pancakes. Nice for my appetite.

    Did it work? (for me)
    I used an electric stove at just below medium heat, for 3 minutes each.
    About 1 and 1/2 minutes then flip. When I opened it up on the flip it did NOT
    flop to the other pan. What?

    So, nope, nada, it does not work, it did not stick badly but it did stick and I had to use
    a spatula to force it out when done. In doing so I lost the perfect shape and could not stack them up.

    I am disappointed, I would rate this at a solid C, only because the pancakes themselves
    cooked to perfection.

    After all you could use any pan to cook them right, right?
    But as for the non-stick hype, didn’t work for me at all.

  7. I bought this pan for Mother’s Day, as my wife is always looking for something she can quickly cook eggs with – one for each of our kids. We don’t cook pancakes as much. But the commercial demonstrated that it could be used to flip eggs without a spatula, and then it would slide around and not stick.

    This claim is very wrong. I seasoned the pan with olive oil – both sides – but the egg stuck badly. After flipping it ripped down to the bottom, releasing uncooked yolk which proceeded to dribble and ooze. If I flip it again the yolk sprayed out of the crevasse between the pans and made a huge mess.

    I then tried cooking an egg in olive oil. This helped the stick problem to a degree, it still stuck, and also when I filled the pan it flung oil all over the stove.

    My wife stopped using the pan after a day. I made a valiant effort at different strategies and finally gave up, at least for eggs. What a disappointing mother’s day gift this was.

    Another point against the pan is that you can’t cook anything with the lids open without holding both handles, otherwise it falls off balance and spills its contents.

    Frankly I think this pan is a waste of $20.

  8. Pan must be seasoned like cast iron. stuck first time used. recleaned and seasoned. still sticks. worse pan i ever bought.

  9. I bought this about a month ago to see for myself if this would work. I put it on medium heat on a electric burner until hot, then put vegetable on both sides and when it was cool I wiped it with a paper towel. I spray it lightly each time I use it with vegetable oil. I have cooked pancakes, cornbread cakes, eggs (soft yolks and hard) on low heat and they turn out great! It is fast and my family loves it. I use it about everyday and wipe it with a paper towel. Every other day I wash it in detergent. The outside is stained but inside is great. It does NOT work as advertised, but I love it and would buy it again.

  10. So … I was excited to purchase this item … when I got it home, read papers inside … I’m thinkin’ … if I have to set this over a low-medium heat for 3-5 to heat to make a pancake … what happens when I flip it to the other side … does it have to heat for another 3-5 minutes to get it up to speed to brown the other side … wow wee … I could drive to McDonald’s and get a take out order within the same amount of time … it’s going back to the store not my cupboard …. $20 bucks is $20 bucks … I like my spatula

  11. This is a great product. It doesn’t stick. You have to keep an eye on it to make sure you don’t burn it but if you do that’s your fault not the pan’s! Use it right and you will love it.

  12. This product sucks. Frost wash and my pan’s like 2 pans stapled by stapler. I would never recommend any one buying it. If it was a good product Walmart would be carting them.

  13. I disagree with Chet. Gordon obviously made a typo by saying “handleS” instead of “handle”.
    “Undo stress” is not wiping a metal pan with metal hinges for crying out loud! This product is obviously very cheaply made. They don’t show you needing to hold on to both handles at all times, Gordon, does it say you have to in the directions? You didn’t have an “accident”, it was caused by poor workmanship. Good luck getting your money back and keep us posted!

  14. How did you wipe out the inside while holding on to the two handles which means the maker was closed. Holding onto one handle is going to place undo stress on the handle you are holding while wiping out the unit.

  15. In the commercial for this pan, you need to look closely. The food is cooked thru before they flip it. The pancakes look all bubbly and dry before they close the lid. A good seasoned cast iron skillet or griddle works just as well, set at the right temperature. And you can make more than one at a time. Don,t waste your money on this pan.

  16. I recently ordered a flipjack pan and have received it and much more than I expected. I received two pans in lieu of the one I asked for. In addition my account was charged twice. Once for a flipjack pan and once for an allumawallet which I never ordered nor have I received one. I have contacted them by phone as there is no way to contact them via email. On the first call I was told that a supervisor would contact me. No one ever did. So in essence I received the flipjack pan and was billed twice for it. So be aware that these people will steal from you. The product is not all that great either.

  17. LOL~ I’m sorry that happened to you, but everything’s made in China nowadays. Consumers have craved for cheap goods and we got them with the Chinese slave labor. Anyways, enough politics. It’s a simple idea and it should work. I do however think it would take extra few minutes for the other side of the pan to heat up properly after you flip, so it’s not all convenient without downside either. But I suck at cooking and I’d get one.

  18. I have owned a Flip Jack for less than a week. I seasoned it per the instructions and used it to make
    pancakes, an omelet and a fried egg. It worked pretty much as advertised until this morning, when .
    I made a pancake.

    I slid the pancake onto a plate, then tried to wipe the Flip Jack out with a paper towel while while holding onto the handles. To my surprise, one of the handles broke and the Flip Jack fell to the floor, bending one of the hinges.

    I read the warranty information and it lists a number of things that it does not cover, including accidents. I haven’t tried to make a claim on the warranty yet, but even if they honor it, my disappointment will not be appeased because I believed their statement that “You will never need or want another cookware set again!”
    p.s. at the bottom of the Instruction guide it says this product is made in China.

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