Does the Bell+Howell Flame Heater Really Work?

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Does the Bell+Howell Flame Heater Work?Most would agree no matter whether they are living in the USA, Canada or the UK that there have been some significant changes in the winter temperatures. There are some that may not be prepared for this. It might be worth looking at something like the Bell+Howell Flame Heater. Just the name of it alone may make you feel a bit warmer. But, it is worth the investment?

The Bell+Howell Flame Heater is a mini heater that plugs into any standard electrical outlet. It is remote controlled and supposed to deliver comfortable heat.

The Claim
The promoters of the Bell+Howell Flame Heater say that is a 600 watt space heater that is compact in size. It comes with a remote for control. It has a fan that can be set to high or low. It can also be set to come on or shut off with a timer. It is classed as a zone heater.

The Hype
Probably the biggest hype revolving around the Bell+Howell Flame Heater is the price. That is when comparing it to other heaters. However, keep in mind that is only 600 watts.

The Cost
The cost of the Bell+Howell Flame Heater is only $29.99 which includes shipping and if you want to throw in an extra $6.95 you will get a second Bell+Howell Flame Heater free.

The Commitment
The commitment that comes with the Bell+Howell Flame Heater is the same as with any heater. You have to exercise caution and make sure that nothing is put near the heater. Being as this heater plugs into a wall socket extra caution has to be taken. If it set to automatic someone may not realize it is a heater when it is off and butt furniture up close to it. Extra caution is necessary.

If one sets the proper expectations on the Bell+Howell Flame Heater then it may be a good investment. Keeping in mind that one water of power can heat about 10 square feet of space. So with 600 watts you can expect heat that will help in a ten foot by six foot area. Not very big you may be thinking, but it may be enough to take the chill off in an area that is being used. Some people find it chilly in certain areas of a room like when they are working at their desk for example. Using common sense as to where this heater would be efficient is what is needed here.

Final Bell+Howell Flame Heater Review

We are prepared to give the Bell+Howell Flame Heater a thumbs up provided the purchaser is looking at this product realistically. It does come with a good brand name but Bell and Howell doesn’t seem to be producing the top notch products that it once did.

Our Recommendation
If you are interested in other Bell+Howell products you may want to check out a few that we have talked about. A good example is the Tactool.

What do you think? Does the Bell+Howell Flame Heater work or not?

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