Does the Bentgo Kids Children’s Lunch Box Really Work?

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Does the Bentgo Kids Children's Lunch Box Work?There are a several different items that have to be purchased to equip the kids for back to school. Some will manage to last the full school year, while others will need replacing by at least half way through. Lunch packing for the school kids can always be a challenge. The Bentgo Kids Children’s Lunch Box may make it a whole lot easier.

The Bentgo Kids Children’s Lunch box is just one of several products that the Bentgo company focuses on. However, the majority of these all revolve providing a means to be able to tote a healthy lunch for work, play or school. The Bentgo Kids Children’s Lunch Box is structured for the age groups three to seven. It came to market in 2014.

The Claim
The promoters of the Bentgo Kids Children’s Lunch box claim that the 5 compartments that separate the various food choices are portioned just for the size that this age group would consume.It can carry warm or cold foods and has a take out microwavable tray for foods that need to be heated.

The Hype
The hype really focuses on the ease of use for the young ones. The proportioned sections really does give you a good idea as to just how much of each lunch item you should pack. It is also structured so the food choices are kept separate making them far more appealing when it comes time to dine.

The Cost
Depending on where you buy the Bentgo Kids Children’s Lunch box it will cost you around $27.99.

The Commitment
There really is no extra commitment when it comes to using the Bentgo Kids Children’s Lunch box, as you need to pack the school lunches anyway. What it may do with its five separate compartments is spur you into adding a variety of food choices instead of going with just two or three. It is a great way to remind yourself that you want to add versatility in nutrition for the little ones.

We like the different sizes of the compartments in the Bentgo Kids Children’s Lunch box. There is enough space to pack a sandwich plus some fruits and even enough space for the morning and afternoon snacks. The other good feature is that it is durable. This is important as well know that the kids are not exactly gentle with some of their items.

Final Bentgo Kids Children’s Lunch Box Review

We are going to give the Bentgo Kids Children’s Lunch box a Thumbs Up review. Of course it is an item that is also sold on Amazon, and it has gotten some really good reviews. Our of 1,695 reviews it has been given a 4.6 star rating. While the positive reviews are great there are a few negative comments.One focused on mold forming around the rubber seal, while another felt that it was just not sturdy enough. The positive comments definitely outweigh the negative ones though.

Our Recommendation
Being able to pack a healthy lunch is really important. When we are not there to supervise how much of the lunch the kids are really eating can be a little concerning. By making and keeping the lunch foods appealing it does gives us an extra opportunity to entice the kids to eat. Another neat lunch box that we talked about is the Funky Lunch.

What do you think? Does the Bentgo Kids Children’s Lunch Box work or not?

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