Does the HM Digital Water Quality Tester Really Work?

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Does the HM Digital Water Quality Tester Work?It used to be that we would just take the quality of our water for granted. Many people who are now becoming more health conscious are becoming aware that their water quality may not be what they expected. Now with modern technology it means that water testing can be a simple and inexpensive process when using a product like HM Digital Water Quality Tester to do the job.

The HM Digital Water Quality Tester is a portable, digital water tester designed to make it easier to test your drinking water and for many other water related tasks.

The Claim
The claim is that this simple and very easy to use water quality tester will make it easier to determine if your water quality is up to standards.

The Hype
The hype is that by giving homeowners, or anyone concerned about their water quality the opportunity to test their own water on a regular basis negating the need to send water out to be tested by third parties which was the way of the past.

The Cost
The cost of the HM Digital Water Quality Tester is a very reasonable $14.65 at which is a very small amount considering the importance of the function and the ramifications that poor water quality can exact on an individual or a family.

The Commitment
The commitment required for the HM tester is quite minimal indeed. The small size allows one to simply store it in the kitchen drawer for when the need to further test the water comes about.

The HM Water Quality Tester is a TDS or Total Dissolved Solids tester designed for ease of use. You simply need to put in the AA batteries and set the unit to test for levels of salt, metals or minerals in the water being tested. The tester will provide the tester with a readout in PPM or parts per million of the amount of these contaminants in the water. This was traditionally done by sending the water out to a lab for a test with the results not being available for a minimum of a few weeks. The ability of the individual to get a readout of the quality of their water instantly is of great importance to those who currently get their water from a well system. The tester can also be used to test the water in your spa or hot tub and even for adjusting your fish tank to the proper and optimal levels. You can even use it with hydroponic systems to get a full picture of the quality of the solution you are growing your plants in.

Final HM Digital Water Quality Tester Review

All in all the HM Digital Water Quality Tester is a fine piece of equipment for anyone who is concerned about the quality of the water that they are drinking or using for a variety of other purposes. The economical cost and ease of use make this an invaluable piece of kit for anyone on a well system. The unit works very well, is easy to read and use and provides a great service. Overall we are prepared to give this a Thumbs Up rating.

Our Recommendation
The very low cost and ease of use make this practical unit a great value for the money and an essential item to have especially if you get your drinking water from a well or have any concerns about the water that you are being provided with from your local utility. In the wake of situations like Flint, Michigan where the water was of a quality that was far less than desirable this unit is a must have. Looking at water in a very different aspect did you know that there may be one form of water that helps you sleep at night?

What do you think? Does the HM Digital Water Quality Tester work or not?

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